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What is Google Gravity?

Nowadays the word Google Gravity is very much discussed, this word is not new, you all must have heard it before. This article will discuss what is Google Gravity? How do I open Google Gravity? And what is google gravity trick? All kinds of dilemmas related to Google Gravity will be discussed.

The word gravity is related to the attraction of the ground. It is a natural force of the ground which is very important for anything to remain on the ground or above the ground. Without gravity, nothing can remain stable in its place. Is Google Gravity related to  Earth Gravity? Read the article completely, you are going to get to learn something new.


What is Google Gravity?

This is a unique and very funny trick. You might have used this trick before, when you type in google gravity on Google's homepage and—I'm feeling lucky—tap the button, Google's page will change. And the google page will fall down as shown in the above image.

This is one such trick of Google that you will definitely like and if you are bored and want some fun then you can use it. With this trick you will not even know when the time has passed. 

If you want to experience gravity virtually, you can use Google Gravity. Let me tell you - this is a special project that appears on the Google home page. All you have to do is follow the simple steps to use it then you will be able to enjoy it.

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How do I open Google Gravity?

How to open the Google Gravity page is a frequently asked question, it's a very simple process. To use Google Gravity, start by visiting the Google homepage in a web browser. Type "Google Gravity" into the search bar, then click "I'm Feeling Lucky" to load the Google Gravity page. As I have already mentioned that this term is not new this trick was first introduced in 2009, it is still very popular.

As soon as you type Google Gravity and enter, a link opens in front of you, on which you have to click. Here you see the home page of Google, but within a few seconds it collapses and collapses like a building. You can enjoy crashing the Google home page.

The special thing is that you can pick up its tiles like a stone and throw them. It's a lot of fun to drive and you can try it if you haven't used it yet. It gives you a chance to virtually feel the gravity.

Who invented Google Gravity?

Google Gravity was introduced in 2009 by Mr. Created by web designer named Dobbins. This is a fun and interactive trick on the Google search engine. Famous games like Beach Balls, 3D Waveform, GLSL Sandbox, Voxels etc. have also come into existence by Mr. Dobbins.

If you want to open the Google Gravity page, then you can click on the given link and you can see the Google homepage falling on your computer / laptop by the Google Gravity trick. Google Gravity

Google Gravity trick in your browser

You have to follow only three steps to open Google Gravity in your computer or laptop, which is mentioned below-


Open a JavaScript-enabled web browser. Launch a browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox, all of which support JavaScript. You can also use the browser on your smartphone. If you have JavaScript disabled in your browser, you will need to enable it to use Google Gravity and other Google games and Easter eggs.


Go to in your browser. You have to be on the main Google search page and type Google Gravity like below image.



Type Google Gravity in the search bar and click on I'm Feeling Lucky. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, which is just below the search field, takes you directly to Gravity's version of the Google search page.

At first, the search page will look normal! But once move your mouse, Google home page will drop down, mimicking gravity.

If you don't see the "I'm feeling lucky" button, you can just press Enter and then click on the top search result (Mr. Doob site).

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Last Word

Friends, all kinds of information related to Google Gravity have been given, I hope that you will be completely satisfied with this information. After reading the article What is Google Gravity, try to enjoy Google Gravity, you will enjoy it very much. If you like the article, then share it with your friends too.

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  2. Google Gravity is indeed an entertaining experiment that allows you to experience the effect of gravity on Google's homepage. It's a fun way to explore physics and play around with digital elements in a playful manner.