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HAARP - Artificial Earthquake Technology

What is HAARP or HAARP Technology, this topic will be discussed because earthquake was a natural disaster till some time ago but now it has also become artificial. There is a technology known as HAARP or HAARP - Artificial Earthquake Technology which has just become more famous than the earthquake in Turkey.

Can an earthquake be created with HAARP technology? Turkey's earthquake was natural or artificial? Can a country destroy and ruin its enemy country by using HAARP technology? All these topics will be discussed in this article, you will get very valuable information by reading the article till the end.


HAARP - Artificial Earthquake Technology

The question is, what is this HAARP? It is an American project based at an observatory in Alaska that studies the ionosphere with the help of radio transmitters. In the year 2022, many big projects were started on weather, but never said that it has the potential to cause earthquake. Earlier also HAARP had been under suspicion regarding natural disasters.

The full name of HAARP is -High Frequency Active Aerial Research Program - a scientific program created in 1992-1993 in Gacona, Alaska by a joint expedition of the US Air Force, Navy, University of Alaska, US Defence Research Institute and scientists working in America. It was established to conduct research on the ionosphere.

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What is HAARP?

As I have told earlier HAARP means High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP was established in Gacona, Alaska in 1992-1993. An array of high-powered antennas transmits high-frequency radio waves and massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere, the upper layer of the atmosphere.

I would like to tell here that the ionosphere is the layer of the atmosphere extending from 80 to 1000 km above the surface of the earth, where a huge amount of ions and free electrons remain concentrated and which is capable of reflecting radio waves.

The project was funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It was operated jointly by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research.

The ionosphere region was controlled through HAARP's powerful antenna system. According to HARP's official website, HAARP was first used to measure a small local change in the temperature of the ionosphere region, then to study the reactions it caused with other instruments located close to the HAARP site.

Other experts believe that HAARP is a kind of giant heater, due to which large upheavals in the ionospheric region can occur. This can cause a hole in the Earth's protective layer, which can also result in a bombardment of deadly radiation.

According to physicist Dr. Bernard Estlund, it is the largest heater ever built in the ionosphere. HAARP is presented as a research program by the US Air Force, but military documents confirm that its main purpose is to manipulate weather patterns through modifications to the ionospheric region and to disrupt communications and radar Is. possible through.

Other countries tell about HAARP in such a way that the US is experimenting extensively through the HAARP program and making weapons that are capable of breaking radio communication lines and instruments of spacecraft and rockets. It also plans to provoke serious accidents in power networks, oil and gas pipelines, which will have a negative impact on the mental health of the entire region.

The HAARP system is fully functional. In short, existing conventional and strategic weapons systems are dwarfed by it. Although no concrete evidence has been found of its use for military purposes, Air Force documents indicate that HAARP is an integral part of the militarization of space.

How the HAARP works?


In fact, the scientists who brought HAARP into existence first understood nature and after doing extensive research on how nature works, they developed instruments that work exactly like nature, the only difference is time. Nature does everything on its own time.

Anything can be done by HAARP at any time in any weather. Earthquake, rain, drought or cyclone can all be brought with the help of HAARP.

Scientifically speaking, HAARP is a high capacity energy gathering center, large electromagnetic towers and antennas have been set up at the HAARP Institute to store it, where HAARP scientists store 'electromagnetic energy' and use it as needed. It can be used anywhere, transferred anywhere and left anywhere.

As mentioned above, in this technique, electromagnetic waves are released into the ionosphere part of the atmosphere, so that a limited part of the ionosphere can be controlled. Then by controlling the ionosphere in a limited area, it can be used for desired work, such as raining, causing floods by causing continuous rain and creating drought-like conditions by absorbing the vapor present in the clouds.

With the help of HAARP, desired changes can be made in the seasons. Nature can be played with in any way. It can rain anywhere anytime. Rain can be stopped. Disaster like earthquake can be brought.

As you have come to know that HAARP can create any type of situation like flood and drought. Snow can be dropped somewhere, can be stopped. Severe cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis can be brought about, that is, in short, scientists have now learned to carry out similar natural activities.

Is artificial earthquake possible?

This is a very important question, can artificial earthquakes be created? Study about HAARP shows that artificial earthquake is possible by HAARP but without any facts it is wrong to say that artificial earthquake has been used by HAARP to destroy any country.

A magazine published by the Russian military even claimed that HAARP's ionosphere test could jolt Earth's magnetic poles by releasing massive amounts of electrons. According to Nick Beggs Jr., brother of Alaska Senator Mark Beggs, HAARP can be used to generate earthquakes.

The official website of the HAARP program states that in this technique, electromagnetic waves are released into the atmosphere under high frequency, from which a limited part of the atmosphere can be controlled. This can lead to a flood or even bring a storm. It is clear that by controlling the environment it can be used as a weapon.

Has HAARP been used on Turkey?

Many websites and news channels have claimed that America has created an artificial earthquake using HAARP on Turkey, due to which such a huge devastation has happened. It is not right to talk such nonsense without any facts. The people of Turkey say that two days ago some strange colored clouds were seen in the sky which were not natural.

HAARP technology is based on Scientist Tesla's vibration technology, through which oscillators can be made, which can cause strong earthquakes and tsunamis at any place, but this does not mean that the US has used HAARP on Turkey.


The only purpose of publishing this article is to make information about this technique accessible to all of you and to tell the truth that no country has been harmed using HAARP so far. It is true that HAARP - Artificial Earthquake Technology is there but why would this technology be used for innocent public? Tell us by commenting how you liked this article HAARP - Artificial Earthquake Technology. If you like the information, then share it with others as well.

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  4. HAARP is real, I have met people who worked on it. Their job was compartmentalised, so they only knew a small part of what was going on, but they all agreed that they were able to do everything that they were trying to accomplish. There is a international treaty on the use of the weapons mentioned. Who knows if it’s been violated?

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