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What is Virtual Reality - Full Details

Do you know what is Virtual Reality? How does this virtual reality work? So let us tell you that with Virtual Reality we can create an artificial world and we can experience it by being present in that world. Like we can go to the moon. Can swim in the sea, fly an airplane. Can move among dinosaurs and do a lot more with virtual reality. In this article What is Virtual Reality - Full Details will be provided.

An imaginary world has to be created in which the person using VR feels as if he is in that world in real, although the truth is that that world has been created through Virtual Reality. He also gets the experience of being himself in that virtual reality and can do action-reactions. To create Virtual Reality, you have to wear a very special kind of glasses. The view (pictures) is visible on the glass of that glasses. Also the user has to wear gloves made of fiber so that he can control the movements. Virtual reality creates a live view in front of the user.

What is Virtual Reality - full details

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a word made up of two words 'virtual' and 'reality'. Where 'virtual' means near and reality means the experience we humans feel (like truth). Hence 'virtual reality' means like reality. This means that it is a specific type of reality simulation.

Virtual Reality is a type of imaginations or real dream that is experienced only with the help of computers software and hardware. There is such a believable, interactive 3D computer-created world that you can feel both physically and mentally.

Making humans the real experience of the virtual world created by computer technology is called virtual reality. During this, with the help of software and hardware, the real environment is created with 3D graphics. Which is experienced with the help of virtual reality equipment.

Our brain perceives this virtual reality as more of the five senses than sound and visuals. Real environment (stereo surround based) sounds and scenes are created using computer technology. So that the human mind can be made a real experience of the imaginary world.

Types of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is experienced in many ways. It is a world based entirely on the technology used. Therefore, the kind of hardware and software technology used to create the virtual world, the human gets the same experience. Based on the virtual experience there are three main types of VR technology.

1. Fully Immersive VR
2. Semi-Immersive VR
3. Non-Immersive VR

Fully Immersive VR (Virtual Reality)

It is high technology to create a real experience of virtual world. In which an attempt is made to give a real sense of truth to the human senses through head-mounted displays- HMDs and motion detecting devices. Real user experience is felt in this VR technology.

Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are display devices that are worn on part of a helmet or on a person's head. In which there is a small display optic in front of one or both eyes. Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are used in many fields such as engineering and medicine, gaming, aviation, etc. It is used in many fields.

Virtual reality headsets are head-mounted displays (HMDs) that are paired with an IMU. There is also an optical head-mounted display (OHMD), which is a wearable display. which shows projected images and allows the user to see through it.

Semi-Immersive VR (Virtual Reality)

In this virtual world, man is able to experience the real world partially. You can equate it to video game technology. High performance graphical computer systems and large screen projectors or televisions are used to create this virtual reality.

The technology is also known as desktop virtual reality, this technology is a new achievement in the field of technology. In which computer desktop is used and allows the user to work on a large screen. Screen One can watch on a larger screen even without using a larger monitor. This technology is built at a lower cost than immersive virtual reality.

Non-Immersive VR (Virtual Reality)

It is the least perceptible experience technology of Virtual Reality. Which is perceived by the person through a high resolution monitor. It is an experience like watching a 3D painting. Apart from the above virtual world, web-based virtual reality is also in vogue nowadays. Which is prepared by VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language). This technology can be made an experience for more people in less time, less cost.

Also known as projection virtual reality, this type of projection theater is designed with multiple computers at once. In which pictures are shown on all the walls of the theatre. Which gives a feeling of free movement in the virtual world. For example, the CAVE 3D Real Projection Theater is made up of 3 walls. The first CAVE was built in the Electronic Visualisation Laboratory at the University of Illinois.

Equipment used in Virtual Reality

There are different types of equipment used in Virtual Reality

Head Mounted Displays - HMDs

HMDs Virtual Reality

Friends, as mentioned above, Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) are a display device that is worn on the helmet part or on a person's head. In which there is a small display optic in front of one or both eyes. Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are used in many fields such as gaming, engineering and medicine, aviation, etc.

Virtual reality headsets are head-mounted displays (HMDs) combined with an IMU. Another tool an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) is also combined which is a wearable display. which shows projected images and allows the user to see through it.

Immersive Rooms

As discussed above, an immersive room is a space created with embedded or portable technology. Which provides or enhances a highly immersive multimedia experience. Once inside the Immersive Rooms, one can freely move around the immersive room, experiencing the real world up close.

The immersive room has a VR CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment). Which works to provide a 360-degree visual experience using a high-resolution projection screen. These immersive rooms are equipped with the latest hi-tech hardware and software, ST Engineering AntiShip (formerly known as AntiShip Simulation) is a four-way immersive virtual reality room that can be used for both VR and 3D visualization.

Data gloves

Data gloves, also known as wire gloves or cyber gloves, are an input device that enables communication between humans and computers. Users wear this device like gloves.

Finger movement data is captured by a variety of sensors and technology. Motion trackers are magnetic tracking devices or inertial tracking devices. In motion tracker that detects the position and rotation of the data gloves. and serves further recognition for sign language or other symbolic actions.

Expensive high-end data gloves can provide a decent response, which simulates the sense of touch very well. It also allows a data glove to be used as an output device. Traditionally, data gloves have only been available at a hefty cost, with the finger bend sensor and tracking device purchased separately.

Data gloves are often used in virtual reality environments. And the motion of a human hand is used by the robot to move the data forward.
Data Gloves Virtual Reality


It is a kind of stick. The device has a motion sensor and touch point. All these buttons are used to keep the user connected to the virtual world.

Applications of Virtual Reality

Before knowing the applications of virtual reality, I want to tell that it is not just a dream like experience or entertainment technology, we can use it to find solutions to many real world problems. For the last 20-30 years Virtual Reality is being used by scientists, doctors, dentists, engineers, educationists.

Virtual reality can be widely used in the following areas-

  1. VR in Entertainment
  2. VR in Education
  3. VR in Medical
  4. VR in Defense
  5. VR in Art and Design

The use of VR technology in the field of entertainment

Entertainment is one area where new technology is first welcomed with great enthusiasm. VR technology is also mostly used in the entertainment industry. Examples are 3D movies, shows, games, etc.

In addition to the above areas, VR technology is expanding its scope. and ensuring its use in new areas.

Use of VR Technology in Education

This technology can be used in the field of education to teach difficult, complex and risky subjects. An example of this exists in the form of flight simulation and understanding the complex structure of the human body.

There is a huge potential for VR technology in risky tasks like training to jump from an airplane, climb a mountain, fly with the help of a parachute, learn swimming, train driving.

Use of VR technology in medical field

VR technology is being widely used these days in operations, practical training for delicate and complex brain surgeries, such as life-threatening and costly medical procedures, virtual operations in which a doctor resides and robots sent to perform the operations. Which is handled by the doctor. Research is ongoing to support its use on mental disorders as well.

Use of VR Technology in Defence

Both human and financial savings are possible with this technology in service and defence operations. Instead of actual maneuvers, soldiers should be given maneuvers on a virtual battlefield, with real training in driving vehicles, operating weapons and preparing training grounds for targets.

Use of VR Technology in Art and Design

Artists are using this technology to create their artworks and engineers are creating realistic models of buildings to give clients a sense of reality.

Similarly, due to the low cost of producing original models of cars, bikes and other vehicles, this technology is being used in the industry. Other industries have also started following this pattern in prototyping their products.

Challenges of Virtual Reality

VR technology has yet to prove itself. Because it's a new technology right now. whose promotion is still limited. But it is being used for a long time. So there are still many challenges left. which has not yet been resolved.

The biggest challenge of VR technology is health. Various researches and studies have shown that people have had some health problems. Like headache, neck pain, tension, burning eyes, dryness, even at times people have confessed to adjust to the real world. Which in itself is a big puzzle.

History of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been understood and used by different devices in different eras, this technology is not new but still it is not fully used commercially because there are still some challenges with it. There's some history to Virtual Reality that I'm going to explain.

1956 Sensorama: This is a device that begins virtual reality. Which gives the impression of being your body from the things seen in front of the eyes. In 1956, to build such technology and use virtual reality was considered a major achievement.

1961 Head Sight System: This head-worn device provides a real-time impression of difficult experiences encountered during real life.

1965 The Ultimate Display: The device was created to experience real-world experiences through virtual reality, combined with visuals and voices that correspond to that scene.

1967 First Force Feedback System: This device was used to give a virtual feel of driving a number of inertial devices at the time, such as aircraft and racing cars.

1977 The Sayre Gloves: Using this device with gloved hands, one can hold virtually anything. Through this device, experiences impossible in real life can be experienced.

1987 Visual Cockpit: Education or training of virtual experience similar to the actual experiences of operating an aircraft or war aircraft through a visual cockpit device through this technology.

1990 Sega VR Head Set: This is a type of glasses in which the user feels that the real experience is happening in front of the eye. And that person starts being present in that scene or environment.

2007 Google Street View: This technology is used to view unknown routes and places and everything around it in virtual reality.

2022 There has been a lot of development in the field of virtual reality and still work is going on very fast on this technology. This technology is being used in many areas as mentioned above. Through virtual technology, every difficult task of a human being is becoming easier.

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