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Why are my blog getting hundreds of visitors from India?

There would be nothing wrong if it is said that 'there are other sorrows in this world besides love'. People who work online often have to face new updates. There are some problems about which nothing is told. People search every nook and corner of the internet to find its solution, yet they are unable to find the solution. Like this problem often occurs on blogs - Why are hundreds of visitors from India coming to my blog?

Often my dear readers ask whether the traffic on your blog comes only from India and the clicks on advertisements also come from India only. Everyone has the same question that why are hundreds of visitors from India coming to my blog? But the answer is nothing.


Why are my blog getting hundreds of visitors from India?

First read some of the words below to see what is happening with one reader, there are many other readers who are giving almost similar interpretation.

' Without any ads I am getting hundreds of visitors from India. India has never been a country where I provide products or services. Without any ads, I have 1 visitor from USA, 1 from Canada, 2 from UK and 127 visitors from India.'

You know that page views or CPC are not going to achieve anything in India. CPC, CTR or RPM is very low in India due to which bloggers feel disappointed. Some bloggers write that earlier they used to earn 200-300 US dollars every month but now they earn only 20 US dollars per month. In such a situation, how can a blogger depend only on blogging and spread his knowledge to the whole world through Google.

No one has any problem with any kind of update from Google, please also tell the solution to the problem caused by Google's update. Write a mail to the website authority and tell them about the problem occurring on the website and its solution. But there is no solution to this problem in sight.

From the image below you can see what kind of problem this is. As the earnings are decreasing, there is disappointment in the life of the blogger. There are many bloggers who get frustrated and want to quit blogging. If anyone has a solution to this problem please share so that I can bring those bloggers out of the darkness of despair.

It is not that this problem is already there, this problem started 4 months ago. Earlier, more visitors and clicks used to come from countries like US,UK, Canada etc. due to which the earning was good. We all know how hard all the bloggers work to prepare an article so that they can provide the best information to their readers, but Google has disappointed them a lot. All of you are requested to tell me the solution to this problem.


YouTubers have the solution

Most of the YouTubers say subscribe, like, press the bell icon, my dear YouTuber friend, if your channel is informative then you will not need to say all this. The visitor will subscribe himself. Most of the YouTubers share wrong information, their only aim is to increase the views.

They create imaginary solutions to any type of problem, make a video of it and present it to the public. They don't even care how upset someone is with such videos. Far from finding a solution, the problem keeps increasing.

YouTubers may also have a solution to this problem, but without thinking that the solution is hurting anyone's sentiments. All YouTubers are requested to provide correct information in their videos. If anyone has correct information please share with us.

Last Word

Especially I hope that my friends from US, UK, Canada can tell the solution to this problem that why are hundreds of visitors coming to my blog from India? If you also do not have the solution then share it with your friends to solve this problem. Together we can overcome the problems of many bloggers and benefit from the information given by them.

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