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Top 14 Free VPS Hosting - 2023

Finding a reliable free VPS hosting provider is not an easy task but in this article I am going to discuss about Top 14 Free VPS Hosting Providers-2023. I will provide complete information about VPS hosting here, so that after reading you will not have any confusions.

Here it will also be given information that why it is a good option for high traffic website? There are many hosting companies that provide free VPS hosting service. The VPS hosting providers support a variety of operating systems. This makes it easy to switch between different OS depending on your preference.

Top 14 Free VPS Hosting

Top 14 Free VPS  Hosting - 2023

First of all, it is necessary to tell what is VPS hosting, then we will discuss about Top 14 Free VPS Hosting. VPS hosting is such a hosting in which a physical server is divided into parts through virtualization technology.

The same server is divided into different parts which work like different servers. Actually there is only one server, but many different servers are received from the same server, which perform different functions as per the requirement.

With an easy example, understand that if the hard disk of a computer is divided into different parts and different operating systems are installed in each part, then the same computer will start working on different operating systems.

The physical server which is divided into many servers, those servers do not exist physically, hence these servers are called Virtual Servers.

Also know here that in VPS hosting a virtual server is given to only one user. In this, privacy and resources are provided like a dedicated hosting, that is why this type of server is called Virtual Private Server ie VPS.

Now below I am going to discuss about the top 14 companies providing free VPS hosting which you can use to host your website.

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Best Free VPS Hosting

Now below Top 14 Free VPS Hosting will be discussed then other information related to VPS hosting will also be given-

1. VPS.ME Free VPS hosting

VPS.ME Free VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link- VPS.ME

The VPS hosting provider available 100X server power and absolutely least downtime. The free VPS.Me plan comes with RAM-348Mb and  CPU speed up to 0.6GHz, which is enough for fast page loads.

It also offers disk space of 5GB, 10GB bandwidth and I core CPU. VPS.ME ensures that you get the best website management and server control.

Important features of VPS.ME Free VPS hosting

  • Provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Provides full root access.
  • It also holds a dedicated IPv6 address.
  • It provides RAID-10 data protection.
  • It provide Bandwidth: 10GB.
  • It has Memory limit: 348MB.
  • It has Disk space: 5GB.
  • Its CPU speed is: 0.6GHz.

2. Codero Free VPS Hosting

Codero Free VPS hosting
Click here and open the link- Codero

Free VPS hosting is also provided by Codero in which you can customize your infrastructure without compromising on its capabilities. Codero Free VPS offers sophisticated and unmanaged VPS hosting solutions as per your business needs.

It also comes with C-Panel which guarantees excellent site control unlike the usual command line control used by other hosting providers. Codero Free VPS Hosting provides full root access for administrative level control. It gives you the flexibility to run all the applications which are not supported by the managed hosting system.

Important features of  Codero Free VPS Hosting

  • It comes provisioned with Windows and Linux Operating System.
  • It has easy controls and management.
  • Faster page loading due to SwiftServer high-performance system.
  • It provide Root access with SLA requirement.
  • It has 20GB storage.
  • It provide Free SSD.
  • It has 2TB transfer rate.
  • It has 1 CPU core.
  • It has 512MB RAM.

3. DeskTone – Vmware Horizon Air

DeskTone  Vmware Free VPS Hosting
Click here and open the link- Vmware

Desk Tone free VPS hosting guarantees regular software updates, security monitoring, and hardware maintenance as part of its free package. It also provides a dedicated and isolated server environment to each user.

It ensures complete website, server and database management. Some of the added perks that come with VMware Horizon Air free VPS hosting include 24/7 expert customer support, regular Host Node server updates, and security improvements.

Important features of  DeskTone – Vmware Horizon Air

  • Provides 24/7 customer support for all complaints and inquiries.
  • Easy control through C-Panel.
  • Website migration absolutely free.
  • It provides a 2GB RAM, 25GB storage space and a 1 core CPU.
  • Full root access for better site control.
  • RDP-Display protocol.

4. OHosti Free VPS Hosting

OHosti Free VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link- OHosti

This is a good web hosting option for those who are in dire need of a free VPS hosting plan. You can also earn credits with each referral made. Apart from the free VPS plan, OHosti also offers shared hosting.

This provider has a secure platform backed by a firewall to protect your files and web data. It supports multiple programming languages ​​like PHP, Perl, Java, Python etc.

Important features of  OHosti Free VPS provider

  • Virtualizor c-panel provide control and website management.
  • OHosti is a very secured and safe VPS provider.
  • It supports 64-bit and 32-bit applications and operating systems.
  • 90 days free trial available.
  • It provide monthly transfer: 1TB to 5TB.
  • It has RAM: 2GB to 6GB
  • It has unlimited disk space.
  • Dedicated IPs available: 2 to 5.
  • It provide Unlimited bandwidth.
  • It also provide unlimited domains.

5. X10 Free VPS Hosting

X10 Free VPS Hosting offers a C-Control Panel that shows how much control you have over your website's features. Top servers and industry-leading private cloud software ensure this is the best free web hosting out there.

To provide any kind of technical support, there is a 24/7 customer support team that is always ready to help. It has advanced web hosting tools like c-Panel, X3, X10Housing Basic etc. for simplified site management.

Click here and open the link- X10 hosting

Important features of  X10 Free VPS Hosting

  • X10 Free VPS has very scalable resources that provide the necessary control to manage the site.
  • It has a very stable network.
  • X10 Free VPS provides a daily data backup.
  • It provide advanced web hosting tools.
  • It provide 5TB bandwidth, 0.75GB RAM, 0.5GB VSwap.
  • It also provide 1 CPU core, 100Mbps Uplink, 1 IPv4 Address.
  • It has instant setup and Full Root OS access.
  • It provide easy file edits and uploads via FTP.

6. Zettagrid Free VPS provider

Zettagrid Free VPS

Click here and open the link - Zettagrid Free VPS
Zettagrid free VPS offers free site migration for new customers. It provides 24/7 technical support. Zettagrid offers free VPS plans, 2 core CPU free, with up to 1TB of monthly bandwidth and 100GB of SSD space. It guarantees very fast website loading and 100% uptime. It provides 30 days free trail and also provides daily backup data facility.

Important features of  Zettagrid Free VPS provider

  • It provides the facility to install in one click.
  • It provides 24x7 technical support through email and chat.
  • It provides faster website loading time.
  • It provides Instant website setup.
  • It provides Free web migration.
  • It provides 25GB bandwidth and 1GB SSD space.
  • It has weekly data backup.

7. InstaFree VPS Hosting

Instafree VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - InstaFree

InstaFree provides free hosting services like VPS hosting, shared hosting and reseller hosting. It was established in 2004. It also offers a lot of services in a very small package, along with free hosting services.

Important Features of InstaFree

  • It provide C-Panel control panel.
  • It has 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It provide Free website migration.
  • It has 1IPv6 address.
  • It has very helpful community.
  • It provide DDoS protection.

8. Free VPSHosti

Free VPSHosti

Click here and open the link - Free VPSHosti

FREE VPSHosti is a hosting company that provides free hosting and domain services. This hosting provider does not charge money from its users for its services. Their free managed VPS plans come packed with a surprising number of useful hosting features.

Important Features of Free VPSHosti

  • It has very reliable email services.
  • It provide free domain name.
  • It provide SShield Protection.
  • It provide 99.9% uptime.
  • It provide free site migrations.
  • It provide backups and snapshots.

9. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Click here and open the link - Amazon Web Services

Most hosting providers offer free VPS packages for a limited number of days, but Amazon Web Services offers the same plan for a whole year. The virtual server hosted by Amazon is also called Elastic Cloud Compute. This free plan comes with Linux t2.micro and Windows t2.micro for Linux and Windows users respectively.

Important features of Amazon Web Services

  • It provide supports Windows Server t2.micro, RHEL, SLES t2.micro and Linux OS.
  • It provide 15GB bandwidth spread out across all AWS services.
  • It provide Customizable memory, vCPU, SSD storage.
  • It provide the facility of server monitoring.
  • It provide One-click RDP access for Windows.

10. Alavps Free VPS Hosting

Alavps is a hosting company and it provides free web hosting but very few people know about it because it does not share any kind of information about itself. In addition to free VPS plans, Alavps also offers shared hosting and dedicated servers.

Alavps Free  VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - Alavps

Best features of Alavps

  • It provide free setup.
  • It provide full root access.
  • It has C-Panel control panel.
  • It has pure SSD servers.
  • It provide weekly backups.
  • It provide DDoS protection.

11. SkySilk Free VPS Hosting

SkySilk Free VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - SkySilk 

Skysilk has a beta package plan that offers free VPS hosting. This plan is provided with 256MB RAM, IVCPU, and 2GB SSD disk feature. It provides full root access with no SLA requirements. It provides a dedicated server and other admin privileges for easy control and management of the site. Skysilk Free VPS also provides weekly data backup plan.

Best features of  SkySilk Free VPS

  • SkySilk Free VPS provide 5TB high-speed data transfer rates.
  • SkySilk Free VPS provide 24/7  customer support.
  • It provides 2GB SSD disk space, 256MB RAM and 1 core CPU.
  • It provides weekly data backup.

12. The InterServer

InterServer Free VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - InterServer

InterServer Free VPS Hosting is a US-based provider that offers a free 30-day package to its customers. After the expiry of the free plan of thirty days, you can continue with the free package or you can opt for any premium package. It supports operating systems including Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CENTOS, and Windows.

Important features of The InterServer

  • It support Windows, CentOS Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora OS.
  • It provide unlimited ultra SSD storage.
  • It provide free web migration.
  • It provide 24/7 chat and email support.
  • It provide very good uptime.

13. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Free VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides the best free VPS hosting. It supports various operating systems for easy control and ease; Unix, Windows and Linux. It offers 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer technical support. It offers a daily data backup plan to make sure your site data is safe and secure at all times.

Important features of Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure provide 24x7 customer support.
  • It ensure uptime 99.9%.
  • Microsoft Azure free package provide 150GB disk and 1.75GB RAM.
  • It provide 30 days free trial period.
  • It orovide daily backup plan.
  • It orovide free domain transfer.

14. DomainRacer

DomainRacer VPS Hosting

Click here and open the link - DomainRacer

DomainRacer is the cheapest and best web hosting company. DomainRacer is best for websites of all types of businesses, small or large. They provide VPS hosting at very reasonable prices. DomainRacer offers great discounts on VPS hosting plans.

Many VPS hosting companies are providing free VPS service but it is not for long time and it is available with limited resources. But you can make DomainRacer your first choice as it offers reliable, fast VPS hosting at very affordable prices.

Best features of DomainRacer

  • It provide unlimited SSD Storage and Bandwidth.
  • It is a very high speed VPS hosting.
  • It provide unlimited resources.
  • It is Cloud-Based Infrastructure.
  • It increase Business Reliability.
  • It provide support for Linux as well as Windows OS.
  • It very secure and safe for any business. 


Is there any free VPS?

Yes there are many companies providing free VPS hosting but no companies provide free VPS hosting forever. Some provide free vps hosting for 30 days, some for 90 days and maximum for one year.

What is the best VPS for free?

The truth is that nothing is good for free, then how can VPS hosting be good. Will you give permission to stay in your home forever with all the facilities? Your will be no no... Above given 13 free VPS hosting are all good only you have to choose according to your requirement.

How to get free VPS hosting?

Free VPS hosting provider's name, image and link is given below the image, you can enjoy free VPS hosting by clicking on that link and registering for free.

How to get free VPS 2023?

In this article, links for free VPS hosting have been given, by clicking on which you can get complete registration information and get free VPS hosting in 2023. By the way, all the companies have their own rules which you have to follow.

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Dear friends, Top 14 Free VPS Hosting - 2023 has been discussed for you. As I have already told that no company provides free VPS hosting forever. Some have a time period of 30 days, some 90 days and some for one year, after that you will have to take paid VPS hosting. If  you want to use VPS hosting for a long time, then you will get the last 14 no. DomainRacer VPS hosting would be appropriate. I hope you will be satisfied with the given information. If the information is good, then try to pass it on to others.

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