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What are the careers of information technology?

Our life is somehow based on information technology. Backbone of the computer technology is Information technology. This is a major area of ​​specialisation for engineering students pursuing a career in the technology industry. Engineering in Information Technology is a combination of skills and knowledge-base to acquire, process and store meaningful information with personalised digital assistance.

Information technology is a major part of our life. We use it in almost every aspect of life. Information is paramount in today's society and information technology affects all kinds of human activities. Today in this article we will know what are the careers in Information Technology? Read this article till the end to get complete details about Career in Information Technology.


What are the careers of information technology?

Information technology is not a small field, rather it includes many areas, for example if we look at the IT department, there are many jobs and responsibilities under it, which are performed by people with different qualifications. There are many sectors under the IT department which depend on different skills.

Information technology is the field that deals with the use of computers or other physical devices (hardware and software) to create, process, secure, and exchange electronic data. In simple definition, under Information Technology (IT), we study and use systems like computers and telecommunications for storage, retrieval and exchange of information.

The term Information Technology was invented in 1958, since then there has always been development in this field, due to which career in this field has always been successful. In the modern era, man is completely dependent on information technology, hence the possibility of career in this field is also very high. In any country of the world, people working in the field of information technology also get huge amount as salary.

Modern advancements like computers, Internet, websites, email and e-commerce all come under IT. All the miracles in technology that we are seeing around us have become possible only because of the progress in information technology. That is why IT is known as the information superhighway, it opens up ways for us to access technology and information from all over the world.

The real purpose of writing this article is to help those people who want to make a career in Information Technology but they are not getting the right guidance, so this article is only about What is a Career in Information Technology? Which department of Information Technology is good and which department gives more salary will be discussed.

Career Opportunities in Information Technology

Information technology is the most popular and fast growing field today. If you are interested in computers and technology and love working with them, then choosing information technology as a career would be the best move for you.

Information technology is not a good career just because of the high paying jobs available here. Rather, the career options in it are much more than any other type of career, that is, there is no dearth of options. There are many courses under Information Technology, which help you in getting a job in fields like programming, business consulting, development, sales and marketing.

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If you are a graduate in Information Technology, you can find jobs not only in core sectors like IT sector and telecommunication, but also in financial services, real estate, manufacturing and other industries, many opportunities open up for you. Overall, Information Technology is a good career option and will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Some major job profiles in the field of Information Technology are given below in which making a career proves to be better.

  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Technical Support
  • Computer System Analyst
  • IT Security
  • Network Engineer
  • Technology Consulting
  • Technical Sales
  • Software Engineer

You can make a better career in the above mentioned jobs under Information Technology. Very good salary is given for these jobs. IT sector is one of the highest paying industries in the world. If you succeed in getting a job in this field then you can get a good annual package.

Salary is given on the basis of job position in the field of information technology. If you are in a good profile then your salary will be more. Average Salary in Information Technology Sectors in the United States of America can be $69,440 – $78,345 per year.

Benefits of a Career in Information Technology

Today information technology is mainly related to computer technology or telecommunication such as internet. Most of our work also depends on the computer. Our life is impossible and incomplete without information technology, making a career in information technology is beneficial as it has become an important part of our life.

Telecommunications or Network Technology

Information technology has revolutionized the field of communication, today we can communicate, do business with anyone with the help of messages, voice calls, video calls. To fulfill all these facilities, telecommunication network technology will have to be established. In this process a network is created by connecting all the electronic devices together. Wire can be used for this. For example, the connection can be established via Ethernet cable or fiber optics and or wirelessly such as WiFi. Therefore, there are very good career prospects in this field also.

Opportunities in business sector

The development of information technology has also taken business to a new dimension. Today it has become easier for companies to reach their customers. This allows us to conduct our business online, which makes it easier for us to sell our products. Today's business is completely dependent on technology, due to which many facilities have become available in business.

As I told above today's business is completely dependent on technology than ever before. From better telecommunication to important options like online payments, we have to adopt information technology (IT). If we want to expand our business then we can reach our customers through online advertising.

To complete all these tasks, a person with knowledge related to information technology is hired, hence there is a good scope for career in information technology even in the business sector.

Similarly, in many other fields like- Education, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Security, there is a lot of scope for making a career in Information Technology. There is no field in which information technology does not contribute, hence choosing a career in this field is a wise decision.

Components of Information Technology

Today's era is of technology, technology has contributed in every field to make our life easier. Information system also has an important role in this, which is related to collecting and organizing data and information. There are five major components of this information system.

Computer hardware technology

This technology is called physical technology, which deals with information. Hardware is the parts of the computer that we can see and touch. For example CPU, motherboard, keyboard, mouse etc are called computer hardware. Apart from this, microcomputers, mainframes and storage devices also come under this.

Computer software technology

Software is a way of instructions that convey to the hardware what to do. In simple language you can also call it a program. For example, a programmer create software actually write commands or instructions for hardware. According to which the hardware works. It has two main parts. The first is the operating system in which the hardware is made usable. On the other hand, application software is designed for a specific task.

Telecommunications or network technology

In this process, a network is created by connecting all the electronic devices together. Wire can be used for this. For example, connection can be established through ethernet cable or fiber optics or wirelessly such as WiFi. If all the computers of a specific area like office, school have to be connected together, then a Local area network (LAN) is designed for this. If the connection has to be made far away, then Wide Area Network (WAN) is designed for this. The Internet itself is a network of networks.

Database technology

The rest of the components reside under this component. All types of data are stored in the database. This data can be of many types. Such as document, file, worksheet etc.

Human Resources

The most important component of Information Technology (IT) is human resources. The people required to run the system, be it employees or system analytics, programmers, chief information officers, all of them have a major contribution in information technology. It is an essential element for all IT.

Information system is studied under IT course, in which information is taught to store, protect, process, transmit and secure using software application and computer hardware. We all know, today the whole world is dependent on computer and IT promotes this type of computer technology. In this, everything from installing the application to database development is taught. Information Technology courses help you advance your career.

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I hope that this post would have given complete information related to career in Information Technology, practically I want to tell one thing here that there is no job stability in any sector as it is in Information Technology. That's why all of you should try that your career should be in information technology only. IT is not a single subject, rather it is a huge industry. We hope, after reading this post, you must have got all the information related to information technology career.

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