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what is trello and how to use it?

If you've been searching for a simple to-do list app to keep track of your personal tasks or discussed project management tools with your team, you must have heard of Trello. This article will discuss what is Trello and how to use it? Apart from this, we will get information about why and where Trello is used.

Trello is a most popular, easy and very simple-to-use collaboration tool that enables you to organize projects and everything related to them into boards. You can get a lot of information through Trello. Read this article till the end and enjoy the information.

what is trello and how to use it?

Trello is widely known for being one of the easiest project management tools to pick up and get started with. It is the ultimate project management tool. Trello is a web-based Kanban-style list-building application that provides a great project management system.

Trello was created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software, spun off in 2014 to be a separate company based in New York City, and sold to Atlassian in January 2017. Trello is popular all over the world for its features and has been accepted as the best tool for project management.

Through this article, we will get complete information about how to use Trello. Where and why is it used? To get all this information, you all have to read the complete article.

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what is trello?

Trello is a popular project management tool that lets you create and manage tasks, whether it's a team project or your personal to-do list.

Trello lets you set deadlines, leave notes on projects and tasks, and assign tasks to other project collaborators. Trello uses a Kanban board view to easily visualize how projects are progressing.

Through Trello, you can get all kinds of information like what work is being done, who is working on what, how the project is progressing etc.

Why is Trello so popular?

Trello always tries to make it easier for the users and provide more features. On the 10th anniversary of Trello introduced an app overhaul. It includes several new board views such as: Table, Calendar, Timeline, and Dashboard.

Trello is so popular because Trello lets users visually organize all their tasks in a way that makes sense to them and is easy for other people on the team to understand what exactly needs to be done.

Trello confirms that users will be able to move cards across different boards in each view. This will facilitate third party developers to build their own apps/services and integrate them with the various views on the board in future. According to Castanon, Trello has managed to stay ahead of the curve in several ways.

There are a few other features that make Trello so special, which are listed below:

  • Trello provide the facilities of boards, cards, and lists for project management.
  • Sub-tasks within a card can be done with checklists.
  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple members, so they will be notified of any card changes.
  • Tasks may include deadlines.
  • The activity log feature provided by Trello keeps the team up to date.
  • The inclusion of attachments enables efficient organization of resources.
  • Its built-in automation reduces the number of tedious tasks by harnessing the power of Butler automation.

Can I use Trello for free?

Trello provide a free sign-up and it can be used immediately after signing up. After which you get access to almost all its features. This is also a premium service, it does not provide free features forever, although important features are available with the free option as well.

All users of Trello can enroll their workspace without any cost for Trello Premium. With that trial your workspace will have access to create unlimited Trello boards, automate as much as you want, take advantage of timelines, dashboards and other new visuals, and much, much more.

It is mobile friendly. Trello's interface resembles a mobile application and is user-friendly. It also has a very popular mobile application which has the same features available in the desktop application.

How to use Trello for project management?

Now it will be discussed here how Trello is helpful in Effective Project Management. Some tips are given below to know it very well. 

Step 1: Sign up on Trello

You can click here to sing in to Trello-Trello. After clicking, you will get below page. Screen Sign Up Here When you log in for the first time, you will see the following screen. Under the Personal Board tab there will be an option to create a new board.

Step 2: Create a board in Trello

To create a board, under the Personal Boards tab, click on the Create New Board option because nothing happens without a board in Trello. Create a board and name it. You can choose a background pattern or color which can be changed later. If you have more than one team, you can choose which team you want to give access to the board.

Step 3: Build a Team

Now you need to create a team for professional purposes. Now click on the option: Create a team. You must name a team, describe its type, and include a short description. When you click on 'Continue' option of invite team members will appear. To invite your team member, you have to enter their email address and then click on the send invitation button. They will receive an invitation to join Trello.

Step 4: Create Lists in Trello

Open the board to create a new list. Click on the Add List option below the name of the board. Here mention the name your list, and then click on Add. Right below your list, you'll find the option to add cards.

Step 5: Create cards in Trello

Click on the Add card option below the name of the list. Before click Add Card Enter mention a title for the card . By clicking on card and here you can add a description for your team members. Here add checklists, labels, and attachments from the same screen.

Step 6: Assigning Cards and Giving Due Dates

Here you can add members and also due dates to Trello cards. When working with a team, it helps you to know who is working on a task. Due dates help keep track of when tasks are due.

You can assign a card to a person and see who is assigned a task. You can even add multiple members to a card to make sure everyone gets updates on a specific task. The steps to add someone to the card are as follows:
  • You have to Click on the card to the member you want to assign.
  • Click on the Member option on the right side.
  • Click on names to search for people on your team, and add them.
  • Next, follow these steps to add due dates:
  • Click on the card in which you want to add Due Date.
  • Click on the Due Date option from the list on the right side.
  • Select a Due Date from the calendar. Here you can also add time and then click Save.
Step 7: Add Label to the Card

Trello gives you the option of applying colored labels to cards to indicate the type or group of cards. Multiple labels can also be added to a card. The following is the process of adding a label to a card:
  • You have to Click on the card to which you required to add a label.
  • Click on the Label option on the right.
  • Choose a label from your list. It displays several pre-selected colors. Clicking on Edit button and allows you to add a label.
  • After you've added labels to your cards, you'll be able to see colored bars on cards in your lists.

Short Keys Used in Trello

When your list grows in size it can be difficult to see everything at a glance. To find what you're looking for, Trello offers several useful keyboard shortcuts. All those keys are mentioned below:

  • B: This opens the Boards menu to search for and switch between different boards.
  • /: For searching cards and lists, the search box is opened.
  • F: Opens the Filter dialog box to filter cards by labels, keywords, members, or due dates.

Who are the users of Trello?

Trello is a very simple and easy platform through which to provide unlimited project management facility. Its simplicity has attracted over 40 million users worldwide. Some of the notable companies using Trello are listed below:

1. National Geographic
2. Adobe
3. Google
4. John Deere
5. Coinbase

Trello Integration

Trello allows organizations to connect their Teams application to Trello workflows. Hundreds of power-ups/integrations available to ease workflow. Some are listed below:

1. Google Drive
2. GitHub 
3. Slack
4. IBM Connect
5. Telegram
6. Salesforce
7. Twitter

Advantages of Trello

Due to the simplicity of Trello, it is fast becoming a platform used all over the world, apart from these, some other features are also associated with Trello, which are discussed below.

  • Trello can be used immediately after signing up. Trello offers a free sign-up.
  • It's mobile-friendly.
  • All items related to the project can be viewed on one page.
  • It's easy to add, create and assign new members.
  • It's easy to add, create and assign new members to issues.
  • Trello is used for Effective Project Management.

Last Word

Due to its simplicity, adaptability and powerful capabilities, Trello has maintained a substantial market share for a long time. Want to tell you here that Microsoft's task management tool, Planner, is a strong competitor to Trello. After reading this article what is trello and how to use it, all the information would have been received. If you have any kind of dilemma regarding Trello, then contact me and if you like this article then share it with others as well.

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