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Wordle Website - Why So Popular?

You all must have heard and read a lot about Wordle in the last one or two years. This is a type of game which has become very popular. Wardle created the game for himself and his partner to play, eventually releasing it to the public in October 2021. This game gained a lot of popularity in December 2021. Very quickly Twitter and other social media platforms were captured by Wordle, then everyone started searching for Wordle Website.

Wordle is a new online game that is very popular these days. In fact Wordle game is designed to test your vocabulary. The rules are very simple and straightforward, in this game all you have to do is guess the five letter word. But the question must arise in your mind that which website should be used for this Wordle game?

Wordle-Website- Why-So-Popular?

Wordle Website - Why So Popular?

In this article, we will try to know everything about Wordle which is related to Wordle or without knowing which Wordle will be incomplete. Like- what is wordal? Why is Wordle so popular? Which website to use to play wordle game?

After all, what is the speciality or quality in Wordle that has spread all over the world so quickly, even started ruling over Twitter and all social media in almost two years. It has often become the first choice of the people of the world. Millions of people search daily on Google about this game.

As the name suggests, Wordle is a word game - it's a free word puzzle with a simple twist. This game is like training your brain, test your vocabulary by finding as many words as you can in the given time.

You have to swipe letters to make words, you have to earn points by making words and swiping letters. If you are interested into word games and enjoy them, then you will love Wordle.

Wordle is a game that combines the best of word search and word games. Wordle makes the game a truly challenging and addictive experience.

Wordle game acts as a sharpener for the child's mind, if children play this game daily, their vocabulary will also become strong. Instead of playing other games like PubG, it is better that children should be allowed to play Wordle.

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Wordle Website

There are no official apps for the Wordle game, although you will find many fake apps that look like it. This game is very easy to play. To play this game, click on this link in your browser.

There is another Wordle website that you can use to play Wordle games, just type in your browser - This is also a website for playing Wordle games that frequently appears on unofficial organizations and sites. I am not verifying this site just giving an advice.

A third Wordle website that you can click on in your browser and enjoy this game - As I have already told that there is no official website for this game, but you can play Wordle game using the given website. The given sites are reliable.

You can open wordle game from your playstore. To open from playstore you have to click here - Wordle

What is Wordle Game?

Although there has been a lot of discussion about the Wordle game and all of you have also received information about this game, yet it is my duty to tell about this game in simple words.

Wordle is a daily brain-boosting and vocabulary-building word game that you can play in your browser using the website above.

As I mentioned above there are no official apps for this game, you have to guess the word of the day in six tries. The game changes words every 24 hours. To guess a five-letter word is the main goal of the game (it can be any word). If the correct letter is in the correct place in your word, that letter will appear in green.

If your guessed word includes a letter that appears in the word of the day, but is in the wrong place, it will be shown in yellow. Finally if the guessed letter is not available in the word, the gray colour it will be shown. Wordle Players can apply only six words in the game.

How to play Wordle?

To play the Wordle game, you need to visit the link Here you have to guess a 5 letter word. Type the word and press Enter, after which your letters will turn green, yellow or black. I have explained the process of color change above.

Appearing black means the letter is not present in today's word. Yellow means that the letter is present in today's word, but it is in the wrong place. Green means the letter is in the word and also in the right place. As shown in the picture below.


Wordle Why So Popular?

Wordle is a game with very simple rules that anyone can play, whether or not that person has played word-based puzzles before. A new five-letter word is chosen each day in the Wordle game, which the player is tasked with completing a target in six guesses or less.

Worlde's popularity is such that no one in this world is unaware of it. The best part of this Wordle game is that when you guess the correct word, you can even share it on your social media channels.

The best thing about this game is that when it is shared on its social media, it only shows the entire journey with a series of black, yellow and green boxes and not the correct word.

Furthermore, it is also a great way to start conversations with other players who are also playing the game. More importantly, you can only play one puzzle per day, which means you only have one shot at guessing the correct word on any particular day. For all these reasons, the word game has become very popular.


Dear friends, I hope that the complete information has been received by the article Wordle Website - Why So Popular? This information is sufficient to play the Wordle game. If this information is satisfactory, then share it with your friends and also on your social media. Wordle game enhances your curiosity, guessing and vocabulary power. Must play this game and enjoy.

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