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what is management information systems (MIS)

Friends, today in this article we are going to talk about what is Management Information System? How does this work? What does it mean? Friends, along with increasing technology and changing economy, there is a lot of discussion about Management Information System. Perhaps all of you must have heard or read about Management Information System many times.

Information systems are the use of various human resources, business articles and technical solutions by people associated with management and as producers to solve problems occurring in business as a cost of service or as a comprehensive strategy of business. Management Information System is an attempt at complete control and internal control.


what is management information systems (MIS)

Management Information System is called MIS in short. User, technology, and procedure work together to get solutions of many types of business problems, and the system formed by the union of the same user, technology, and procedure is called Management Information System.

MIS stores and serves data using information technology, people and business processes that is used by managers to make day-to-day decisions as information makers.

A MIS is a computer-based system that provides a tool for managers of any organization to evaluate, organize, and manage efficiently.

Management information systems are software used to obtain past, present and future information that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, hardware resources of systems, decision support systems, people management and project management. applications, and any computerized processes that provide the ability for a department to run efficiently.

Management information systems are very different from other information systems in that it analyzes all the information systems that are related to the operational activities of an organization. A management information system is a system that helps managers make decisions for the successful operation of a business.

The main objective of Management Information System is to provide information to the managers of the company at their different levels like top, middle and lower etc.

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Definition of Management Information System

When all parts of an information system work together as a discipline to solve problems facing a business, that process is called management information system.

Actually it is not a new word, before the advent of computers, planning and controlling all the activities in the business was done through this system. Earlier it was a manual system, now it is all computerized.

Presently computers have incorporated data completeness into the management system with the help of many new dimensions like accuracy, speed etc.

Management Information System ie Management Information System shows that it is made up of 3 words. First management, second information and third system, let us know what these three mean.

Management information systems serve as an automation method for managing information in various organizations involving computers. To analyze it in the field of MIS, each of its elements has been defined, which is as follows:

Meaning of Management

Management- The work done by the manager to plan, set, design and control the operations in various organizations is called management. Plans are prepared to set different types of strategy and goals. Managers properly organize the necessary work according to the plan laid down, and implement the system accordingly with their employees.

After this the managers of the company set a standard called performance standard to check the progress of the work Management Information System fulfills the need of planning, organizing and controlling the work of any business.

Meaning of Information

Information is obtained by processing the entire data under the information system. The separation of friends, information and data is necessary to serve our purpose. Data is an existing record, which is then processed and stored in the form of reports for the decision support system.

Furthermore, the result obtained from obtaining data from stock reports and processing it for decision making and forecasting is called information.

Meaning of System

System means to do a task using a newly made plan to accomplish a task.

In other words, a group of departments used to accomplish some objective is called a system. Large systems can have many subsystems, such as an organization can be a system, and the following parts are subsystems.


Functions of Management Information System

I hope that by now you must have understood about Management Information System, what work can be done by it. Management information system is concerned with the generation of reports for the various operations to be performed to meet regular and irregular objectives.

It serves to mark the answers to the questions asked by the managers involved in the task of management.Management information systems provide assistance in making important decisions in various activities related to business.

Components of Management Information System

According to recent information, MIS can have many components, but the major components of a typical Management Information System are explained below-

1. Data

From the above image you can understand that data is a major component of management information systems. According to this system, data includes all the data, which is reported under management information systems.

2. People

People in management information systems (MIS) refer to all the people who use the management information system.

3. Hardware

Hardware in management information systems (MIS) is all those things that help in preparing and operating this system, such as workstations, networking equipment, servers, printers, etc. Without all these hardware, it would be impossible for management information systems (MIS) to come into existence.

4. Software

Each system has different software that is meant to work within that system, similarly MIS has a program to handle data, it includes database software, spreadsheet programs, etc.

5. Business Processes

Business Process is the name of an idea, a brainstorm, an idea, under it the way of recording, storing and analyzing data is considered.

Types of Management Information System

In all the different organizations the management functions are performed in a certain way. This type of management working in the company takes decisions after getting certain information and plays an important role in getting the work done.

In management plan do the same thing with database and micro computing software. Information systems play an important role in this environment. Management information systems (MIS) is divided into two main types-

1. Decision Support System (DSS)
2. Information Reporting System (IRS)

Decision Support System (DSS)

DSS is a completely computer-based applications that is used to collect, organize, and analyze business data. These data used to facilitate quality business decision making for operations, management, and planning. This enables decision makers to take decisions easily.

DSS certainly helps in decision making but never takes decisions by itself, whereas those who are managers or decision makers solve the problem by gathering information from raw data and from various sources and based on their knowledge and Then decide. DSS MIS converts data into information by processing it and by processing the information helps the manager to take decisions.

With the help of decision support systems, managers can create their own information systems. DSS includes a variety of tools for organizing data and obtaining information. With the help of which the manager compiles the information.

Information Reporting System (IRS)

The earliest form of management information system is called information reporting system. In this there is management of pre-selected information, in this system decisions have to be made on the basis of pre-determined information.

In this system the information is received from the computer, for example the monthly statement of our bank account shows the reports received from this system. Furthermore, inventory reports are also an example of information derived from information reporting systems.

Advantages of management information systems (MIS)

There are many advantages of MIS in our daily life but I am going to discuss some of the advantages below-

1. Helps in data management

MIS helps in maintaining and managing critical business data to aid in complex decision making by the management. Important information is stored in an organized manner, and can be accessed quickly whenever required by the administration.

Management information systems help maintain and manage important website data to aid in making many difficult decisions. Collects important information in an organized manner. And whenever the administration needs it, it can be delivered at the earliest.

2. Analyzes Trends

Management needs to prepare forecasts and set future goals for strategic planning. Thus, in order to build such a strategy, it is essential to have accurate reports on the prevailing trends of the market.

MIS uses various mathematical tools to analyze current market trends and predict future trends based on such information.

Management information systems help management in political planning, forecasting and setting future goals. Thus, to build such strategies, it generates very accurate reports on the prevailing trends of the market. MIS uses a variety of mathematical tools to analyze current market trends and predict future trends based on such information.

3. Helps in strategic planning

MIS reports play a vital role in the strategic planning of the company. It helps in determining the future needs of the company and helps in formulating goals and strategies on the basis of such information. 

Management information system reports are also helpful in identifying the resources needed to meet the company's objectives. Thus, it is more important that all the information provided by MIS and reporting is accurate and more reliable.

4. Goal setting

For any organization, setting a goal is a very important matter, and it requires a lot of research and development. Setting one goal at a time is very important for any large business or organization. A lot of research and development is required to make this work. All type of information given in MIS report is based on current data analysis. Hence it is considered suitable for goal setting.

We can also include current market trend analysis and future trend forecast in MIS reporting. But it is very difficult to expect MIS reporting for such a company.

5. Identifies problems

MIS reports provide all kinds of information related to every aspect of the activities taking place in the company. So if a problem comes to the notice of the management, the Management Information System reports are very helpful in identifying the problem. 

Therefore, if the management is faced with a problem, the MIS report is of great help in identifying the source of the problem. Also, MIS and reporting are really useful in finding a solution to this kind of problem.

6. Increases efficiency

The relevant information and reporting provided by MIS is used in formulating company's goals and strategy. Also, with the help of MIS reports, the business can be increased by assessing the performance of the business. Therefore, MIS plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the company.

7. Comparison of business performance

All types of business related data and company information are stored and maintained in MIS database. This MIS database can be accessed any time as and when required. By this the present performance of the firm can be compared with the previous year's achievement to measure the growth of the organization.


There are many such questions related to management information systems (MIS) that you must be trying to know. In this article, I will also write the answers to some such questions that you all want to know.

Why MIS is important for businesses?

The corporate environment being dynamic, involves uncertainty and risks plays an important role. These uncertainties and risks lead business organizations to take complex decisions to survive in the market. Since the primary goal of any organization is to improve and maintain its profitability in the long run. Hence, no business establishment can afford to ignore the importance of MIS.

How to prepare MIS reports?

MIS reports are very important for taking decisions regarding any business so it should be prepared with due care. An incorrect MIS report can seriously harm the business, so the accuracy of the statement must be ensured with care and attention. A firm can either hire employees to prepare MIS reports or outsource the process.

Rent employees for MIS and reporting can prove to be very costly for the company, accuracy of reports cannot be ensured by outsourced employees. It is better to hire permanent employees for this process as the company will get the services of experts at minimum cost as compared to hiring employees for MIS reporting. Moreover, engaging permanent employees for MIS reporting process is cost effective and saves valuable management time.

What is the specialty of MIS?

MIS collects and uses all types of data to record, store and process data that information makers can use on a day-to-day basis for decision making.

What is the importance of information?

MIS is important because it can process and interpret large amounts of data from multiple sources, and generate detailed reports that companies use to make business decisions.

How old is MIS?

Maturity of Post Office MIS is five years, Premature closure is possible, however, you can withdraw money only after completion of one year from the date of deposit, MIS account has nomination facility.

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In this article, we learned what is Management Information System? How does this work? What does this mean? Know about its types and benefits. In this article, I have tried my best to give complete information about Management Information System. I hope you all have liked the given information about Management Information System. How do you like this post? Do give us your opinion in the comment, as well as share this post with your friends on social media.

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