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How to play Wordle game?

There are some interesting facts behind how Wordle is played and why it is so easy to play. Wordle Game has been designed/developed by British software engineer Josh Wordle. Josh made this game for his wife, who loves Word Game and key word puzzel. Picking up his wife's choice, Josh Wordley introduced the game to the world.

Josh Wordle filled simplicity, ease, interest, love and faith for his wife in the Wordle game, which was brought to the public in October 2020. Now in no time it has spread all over the world. Recently The New YorkTimes has bought Wordle Game. In November 2021, only 90 people were playing Wordle Game, while today the number of people playing it has crossed 8 million, in which the maximum number of people are from USA.


How to play Wordle game?

Wordle game is a daily basis word game that we can play online in our browser. As I mentioned above this game is very easy and simple. Wordle Game is easy to play, for this you have to guess the word. You get only 6 attempts in a day. In this you have to guess the best word as per your best sense. The words will change in 24 hours and you have to guess 5 words.

You do not need to open any App nor use any App to play Wordle Game. To play it, you must have Chrome browser or Safari in your smartphone. Your smartphone must have an internet connection to play Wordle Game.

To play Wordle Game online, first of all you have to search by typing Wordle Game in Google, which will be the first link or you have to click on any other link on which you trust and open it. Now here you have to guess the word with 5 alphabets.

After typing Word, you have to press Enter. After pressing enter, your alphabets will change to yellow, green and black colours.

1. You also guess a word and type it in the box.
2. After that you enter.
3. After that the words will look yellow, green and black colours in front of you.

Black colour means that - that alphabet is not present in today's word.

Yellow colour means that - that alphabet is present in today's word but not in the right box so green did not come.

Green colour means that - that alphabet is present in today's word and also in the right place.
Meaning of colours Words in Wordle game
Wordle is an online game that doesn't require any special skills to play. But to play Wordle you have to do a lot of brain work because it is a game of words, it can be played only using the mind and Wordle is also a very fun game. So let's know how to play the word game.

  • You can play this game easily on Google, for this it is necessary to have internet connection in your phone.
  • Along with this, it is also necessary to have Chrome browser in Android smartphone.
  • If you have both the above mentioned things in your phone, then you are now ready to play Wordle online.
  • Now go to the Chrome browser of your phone and type Play Wordle in the address bar.
  • After this go to the website of Play Wordle Game.
  • Now here you have to guess a 5 letter word and type the letters accordingly.
  • The game starts with a 5 letter word guess and here you will see three colors indicating how close you are to the correct word.
  • As you keep typing the 5 letter word the colors of the words keep changing accordingly and this is where the adventure begins.
  • If you guessed the word correctly the words will turn green.
  • If the color of any letter is yellow, then understand that this letter is correct but not in its right place.
  • Apart from this, if any letter turns gray then it should be understood that it is not a word at all.
  • When you type the correct word, the boxes will turn green.
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How do you get the words?

Wordle Game is a challenging game. For this you have to work very wisely and patiently. Hastily typed words will lose both your score and your Chance. You can share the score obtained in this game on social media.

Nowadays Wordle Game is making a splash in USA and some other countries. Everyone keeps increasing Wordle's score by making their guesses. You have to find the words yourself. Let me tell you that you have to answer this yourself because you get new words everyday.

How to guess the word?

Its rules have been explained in detail in the official website and according to those rules word search has to be done. For this reason, Josh Wordle has named this game Wordle. This puzzle is also called the game's syncja and this puzzle has also been called the word of the day.

Is Wordle just a word game?

Yes friends, Worlde is just a word guessing game but in recent times it has become very popular in USA, UK and many other countries. Although Wordle is still not very popular in some countries, this game is played a lot in USA, UK, Canada etc.

You can gauge its popularity from the fact that according to a New York Times report, more than 300,000 people play the Wordle Game daily.

Last Word

I hope that now you must have fully understood that how to play wordle game? Comment me how you liked this article. If you have any problem related to wordle game then contact me, I will try to solve your problem related to wordle game. If you like the article, then share it with your friends too.

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