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Countries Using The Ultra Fast 7G and 8G Network

Many countries of the world have started 5G, 6G but according to the feedback the consumers of that country are not happy with the 5G or 6G network speed. Recently some countries have launched 7G and 8G network but till now there is the same problem that internet speed is not available according to the generation. In this article we will discuss that which Countries Using The Ultra Fast 7G and 8G Network.

Countries like Norway, United States, China and Japan have launched 7G and 8G networks, in some places it is commercial and in some places it is still in testing. The customer is being misled in the name of Mobile Next Generation. 5G network has been commercially launched in Maldives but internet speed is worse than 4G.

Countries Using The Ultra Fast 7G and 8G Network

Countries Using The Ultra Fast 7G and 8G Network

At present, China is working on 5G communication network technology with two prominent Chinese companies, Huawei and ZTE, working on hardware solutions.The Chinese Minister for Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei has announced the beginning of research into the next-generation of mobile communications networks, 6G.

However, internet around the world is typically much better than you think — and, believe it or not, even emerging countries have some of the fastest internet speeds.The countries with the world’s fastest average internet speed.It doesn't mean that these countries using the 7G or 8G network. Infact So far 5G and 6G networks in any country are not fully operational or commercially implemented. Fastest internet speed in below mentioned countries-

1. South Korea – 28.6 Mb/s
2. Norway – 23.5 Mb/s
3. Sweden – 22.5 Mb/s
4. Hong Kong – 21.9 Mb/s
5. Switzerland – 21.7 Mb/s
6. Finland – 20.5 Mb/s
7. Singapore – 20.3 Mb/s
8. Japan – 20.2 Mb/s
9. Denmark – 20.1 Mb/s
10. United States – 18.7 Mb/s

These countries offer the best of the best in terms of average speed and provide a framework for internet users that is reflective of today’s most advanced technology.Don't think that these above countries using 7G or 8G network because 6G is still a proposed network than how we can say that some countries using the 7G and 8G network.

What you can think about the internet speed in NASA??The space organization's shadow network can transfer 91 gigabits per second, or 91,000 megabits per second.

For comparison, the average broadband connection speed in the U.S. is 6.6 megabits per second - or more than 13,000 times slower. Which type of G-Generation is using there??NASA's Internet connection is 13,000 times faster than yours. Just imagine about that G-Generation.

You read this :

Sixth Generation (6G)

6G is proposed to integrate 5G with satellite networks for global coverage.It is considered to be a cheap and Fast Internet Technology to provide unbelievably high data rates or very fast Internet speed access on air through wireless and mobile devices possibly up to 11 Gbps, while travelling or in a remote location.

Advantage of 6G Technolog

  • Ultra fast access of Internet.
  • Data rates will be up to 10-11 Gbps.
  • Home automation and other related applications.
  • Smart Homes, Cities and Villages.
  • May be used in the production of Energy from galactic world.
  • Space technology, Defense applications will be modified with 6G networks.
  • Home based ATM systems.
  • Satellite to Satellite Communication for the development of mankind.
  • Natural Calamities will be controlled with 6G networks.
  • Sea to Space Communication.
  • Mind to Mind Communication may be possible.

7G Deals with Space roaming

After 4G the next generation 5G aims a real wireless world with no limitations while 6G integrates 5G with satellite networks. Due to variable technologies and standards, with 6G handoff/roaming will be an issue. This drives the 7G of mobile wireless networks which aims to acquire space roaming.

Some people write that 10G networks are working in many countries.I am sorry that such people do not know the difference between 10G (Generation-10) and 10G Network Ring.

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  1. WHY ARE SELLERS SELLING IPHONES IN THE u.K WITH A 7G NETWORK WHEN 7g network does not exsist in the U.K ?

    1. Why are car makers make cars that can go 300km/h when most max speed is 130km/h?
      Because they can and people will buy it just for bragging rights.

    2. Yes you are right, maybe they are introducing new features that they name as 7g,it might be possible, i also read a article on 7G network i hope you find it informative.

  2. From
    Ministry of communication.

    As per the last session of parliament our
    government was going to allow telecommunication sectors to built 7th generation connectivity to the whole country . So first of all we were trying to bring awareness to the people by bringing 7G mobile.

    With regards


    2. are you all retarded as the writer of this little assay? or this from year 2030 cause 6g ?,7g?.8g does not exist as of 2024 6g is under development maybe some commercial or perhaps the gov might have 6g but does not exist for commoners like me and some asshole is selling u an iphone with 7g network they r straight up lying to ur face cause i mean shit best we got its 5g lte advance but that's not even 100 percent everywhere either or 100 percent functional

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  5. 7g or 8g 0R 10G? we want fresh air, radiation free life plz believe in risk free technology. if 100 % human against radiation are available.... in this time telecom sector growing so fast without hassle. but tons birds are dying in this advanced radiation... plz stop G …

  6. Last time I was in Hong Kong my internet speed was 45Mb/s

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  8. Why are these companies moving faster not minding the health hazard of associated with radiation, please slow down to save the environment.

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  11. Not sure if data are correct - my current 5G in US (Sacramento CA) on T-Mobile operate with speed 172Mbs/11.7Mbs and that's inside my home

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