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Why should children stop playing PUBG?

Why should children stop playing PUBG? : By the way, children should not play any online game, I will tell the reason why they should not play. Over time, there have been some such games online, due to which the player loses his mind balance and something untoward happens, due to which the whole family has to bear the brunt. The exploits of those playing PUBG in different corners of the world are becoming very scary.

Nowadays PUBG game has become a new sensation among teenagers and youth. It is an online game that people playing it very quickly become addicted to it and after that their behaviour starts changing which can lead to many types of mental problems. Do you want your child to lose mental balance too? Stay tuned with the article, you will be given very good suggestions.

Why stop playing PUBG

What is PUBG?

As mentioned earlier, PUBG is an online game. Its full name is Player Unknown Battle Grounds. An internet connection is required to play it. If you want to play PUBG in mobile then you must have Android mobile.

The PUBG game was developed by the Korean video game company Blue Hole. It is believed to be influenced by the Japanese film Battle Royal in 2000. The game was launched in the market on December 20, 2017. Initially it was only available for Windows, but due to the rapidly increasing demand it was later launched for Android and iOS as well.

Why is PUBG so popular?

This game increases the curiosity a lot and it is very easy to download, even children can download it very easily. PUBG game can be easily downloaded in any computer or smartphone. The reason for this game becoming increasingly viral is that it is quite addictive. Parachute landing, moving around in the car, collecting weapons, killing enemies and avoiding them yourself make the game extremely interesting. Meaning if someone plays it once, then he does not feel like leaving it.

Why is it addictive?

If children play it as a time-pass game till then it is not addictive, children enjoy a lot from this game. Gradually, children get emotional about this game and start seeing themselves in the character of the game, then the problem starts i.e. children are not addicted to this game until they play it only for fun. But when kids start playing it for  RP Level (a part of the game) they get addicted to it. They worry that their level may go down. Sometimes its addiction is so bad that they keep playing it all day long.

Why shouldn't kids play online games?

The most important thing is that the children play online games, they do not have any physical exercise and gradually they become dull. Kids get so absorbed and lethargic in online games that they don't like real exercise games.

The mind of kids playing online games is always attracted towards online games, they discuss about the same everywhere. Due to which their mind starts to spend less in studies and more in online games.

People or kids playing mobile games constantly sit in one place and put all their attention in the game, due to which they are not able to do other important work like studies, homework or any other work.

If you keep the body in the same position at one place for a long time, then many types of body changes start taking place. Some people do not drink water for hours while playing PUBG or other online game, while some people stop their urine and stool for several hours. Keep it until the game is over. Due to this too many diseases start in the body.

According to fitness experts, no person should stay in one position for more than 45 minutes. Mobile games have a very bad effect on the brain, if you win in the game you can be very happy or if you lose you can be very sad.

Cases caused by PUBG

It is often read in the news about the bad effects of playing PUBG in different parts of the world. Some countries have even banned this online game, yet bad cases are heard.

According to a report, more than hundreds of cases were reported in NIMHANS, in which the adverse effect of PUBG game was seen on the mental health of children. The PUBG game is not just limited to children, but from the age of 6 years to the youth of 30-32 years, there is a tremendous craze about this game. Due to the increasing addiction of this game, thousands of youth are seeing behavioural problems. some cases are given below:

Case-1. This is the case of India, just a few days ago on 07/06/2022, a boy shot his mother dead in Lucknow because the mother had banned playing PUBG.

Case -2. A fitness trainer from Jammu (India) has lost his composure while playing PUBG.

There are such cases in many countries of the world, it is not possible to explain them in detail here.

How dangerous is PUBG game

By the way, there are many complaints about PUBG from different corners of the world continuously. Cases of death or suicide due to PUBG have also been reported in different parts of the country. Actually, the format of PUBG game is such that the player playing it is also violent and gets filled with negative emotions.

Those who play PUBG say that when I am free, I play PUBG. I play PUBG even when I am busy. From this you can guess how dangerous it is to play PUBG. Violent and negative thinking dominates the mind by playing PUBG and this game has the opposite effect on the mental health of children.

It becomes the mindset of the people playing PUBG that it is right to kill others to keep themselves alive. During the game, negative thinking increases in children because by killing others in the PUBG game, there is a feeling of victory, that is why many people have died due to this game so far.

Violent Tendencies : Like other video games, PUBG is also a violent game in which players kill other players. By playing this game continuously, the violent tendency of humans can increase. Due to the fear of being violent, many countries have banned PUBG. Anger, violent thinking and violent behaviour are being seen in people due to this game.

PUBG game addiction : Due to playing pubg game people are busy throughout the day and are keeping their other work aside. According to a report, video games are the biggest reason for divorce in Britain. In video game addiction, you waste your time and drift away from real life and the world in search of fake victories.

Away from society : While playing PUBG, chatting with the players of the game itself. In such a situation, you are isolated from the world and society. Whenever you get time, you just play the game. You have nothing to do with society. You start liking being at home. In such a situation, you are not able to meet outsiders.

Poor mental health : Sitting in one place and playing games continuously is not good for health under any circumstances. Whether you are playing games on the phone or on the computer, both the conditions have a bad effect on your eyes and can also cause damage to the eyes. In such a situation, you may also have a headache problem. Apart from this, you may also complain of back pain.

No sleeping habit : There are two reasons behind this. The first is that you do not go to sleep because the game is not over and the second is that you cannot sleep because of staring at the screen for a long time.

Poor performance in studies : The worst effect of PUBG is on education. You are not able to study because you are constantly busy playing games. As a result, the test result also gets spoiled. Before playing this game, you should think about your life that how many losses you are going to. How fast the world is moving and you are wasting your life in a fantasy world so stop playing online games or PUBG immediately. Always remember this, it's just a video game and the world won't end in it.

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How to play PUBG?

In PUBG, 100 players are simultaneously parachuted into an island. One of these 100 players wins. After disembarking from the parachute, all the players collect weapons and items to keep themselves safe from the homes. They all find weapons and start killing each other. In this, players can also form groups of 4 people. The ultimate goal of every player is to stay alive. In this half hour game, the area gets reduced. In this fixed amount of time players have to annihilate their enemies.

Disadvantages of PUBG Game

Do you think I will still have to point out the disadvantages of the PUBG game? Do not worry, even after reading this much, I will tell about the damage caused by PUBG game.

PUBG is such a game which is addictive. It is a kind of addiction. This makes you lose control of yourself. It distances you from your family and friends.

➤ The rays emanating from the mobile due to continuous playing of PUBG can damage the retina of the eyes. This can lead to the need for children to wear glasses at an early age.

➤ The light emitted from the mobile spoils the eyes. Along with this, playing games throughout the night does not make you sleepy, due to which irritability remains throughout the day. Your routine may be disturbed.

➤ People play PUBG to remove tension, but sometimes this game becomes the reason for tension. In this game people are completely isolated from the world. They are cut off from the world, which creates problems of stress and depression, which can lead to problems of depression.

➤ A 16-year-old boy killed his own mother for refusing to play PUBG in Lucknow. After this, the body of the mother remained in the house for three days. Later, when the foul smell started spreading, he made a video call to his father in the night and informed about the incident. After all, what is PUBG and why do children get addicted to it.

Last Word

Dear Reader, I have not written this article because you do not know about PUBG, I know that you know very well but You ignore it because of your love for your children, the untoward incident does not come by foretelling it. Be careful about your children. I do not say that you should keep your children imprisoned or suppressed but it is your responsibility to keep an eye on their activities. Refrain from playing PUBG or any kind of online game and divert their attention towards studies.

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