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How can I get AdSense approval in 2022?

AdSense approval : Any blogger has only one dream that how to get approval from Adsense and how to monetize his site. Bloggers have to face difficulties for many days / months in approving Adsense account, but still the Adsense account is not approved but there is nothing to be disappointed. After reading this post you can approve adsense account in few days.

This is not a new topic, many people have written articles on this subject according to their own experience. I am also sharing a very accurate experience with you, which is getting approval from Adsense very soon. To get complete information you have to read the complete article. We all know that when it comes to earning money online, the name of Google Adsense comes first because we all know very well that there is no one better than Google Adsense to earn money online. This is an advertising network that pays the most money for placing ads on the blog.

AdSense Approval

What is Google AdSense?

All YouTubers and bloggers are well aware of what is Google Adsense and how to earn money from it. Hardly any blogger or Youtuber will have to tell about Google AdSense, what is Google Adsense, but it is also true that very few people in the new user know what exactly Google AdSense is and how it works.

Google AdSense is an advertising network that shows ads on your blog or YouTube channel, it is a product of Google that automatically shows ads for text, images and videos. These ads are also not only from Google AdSense, they are from small companies, apps or websites, all these companies pay Google AdSense to show their ads.

Google AdSense alone can't create a website where it shows ads, so it shows ads on your or our blog. Since this is your blog, you will not put ads for free, so Google AdSense pays you, which means that the company's money goes to Google AdSense, out of which you get some percentage.

By now you must have understood what is Google AdSense, how it works, now also know how much and how bloggers get money. A blogger gets money by viewing ads and clicking on it, meaning any user who comes to your blog sees the ads and clicks on the ads, then you get more money.

Talking about clicks, it depends on the CPC, if I talk about the average of my blog, a click is 0.08 to 0.20/click, which I have seen, if you look at it in Rs., it is around Rs.5 Is. Rupee. 15. One click.

If you talk about watching ads only, then you get 1 $ for watching at least 1000 ads. Google Adsense only shows Ads for Blog or Youtuber Channel, for which Blogger or Youtuber has to get Approval from Google AdSense which has some term and condition. 

As far as the term and condition of the blog is concerned, I am going to tell you how to approve Google Adsense for a blog. Youtube has to meet the term and condition of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime, in this way you must have understood what is Google AdSense, how it works and how you earn money from it.

What is Google Adsense Approval?

Google Adsense Approval is a process of Google where your blog/website is inspected whether the blog/website is eligible for Google Adsense Approval or not, only after that Approval is received on your Blog/Website then you can get Google Adsense. As can be used on your blog/website.

When you create an account for Google Adsense, you have to submit this account for approval by linking it with your blog/website, then Google Adsense team inspects your blog/website then you get approval or approval The request gets rejected.

Google AdSense team does all the work of Approval or Rejecting by looking at your blog/website. Everything is seen about the quality of your blog, unique content, etc. Approval is available on your blog/website only when everything is correct.

Have you written unique content in your blog? Is your article 700-1200 words? There are many other factors which will be discussed further. We have only known here what is the AdSense approval.

How to get google AdSense account approved?

It is very important for every blogger to have Adsense account approval because it starts earning our income and motivates us to work. But there is a slight negative effect of getting the account rejected from Google Adsense again and again. Therefore, before applying for Adsense approval, you should check your blog properly, create all the necessary pages, choose the right theme, then apply for approval.

According to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense, to get Adsense Approve on a blog, it is mandatory for the blog to be 6 months old in "Google AdSense Approval Requirements" but you buy a suitable domain and apply for the AdSense if everything is fine then you will get AdSense approval withing 3-7 days. To get Approval from Google AdSense, it matters how to create a blog and what kind.

Blog Design & Navigation System

After creating a blog, first you have to design a blog. Designing a blog better is a very important task, the better design of your blog, the sooner it is likely to be approved by Adsense. So design like a professional blog.

After designing the blog, simplify the navigation so that it is easy for the user to understand and find the things they need. Because Google AdSense always gives more importance to a blog with a good user experience.

Remove Extra Link

In those using free themes or templates, you get some extra links which can have a negative effect on your blog, so you should apply for Adsense only after removing these extra links.

Blog favicon & logo

Favicon and logo are the identity of any blog, which makes your blog professional and as we told you that Google Adsense gives quick approval to a professional blog, Therefore, according to the blog, use a good favicon or logo which makes your blog more professional.

Important Pages

To get Adsense account approved, it is most important that you should have four promotional pages on your blog. Because without this the approval of Adsense cannot be obtained, so according to the guidelines of google, it is necessary to have these three pages on your blog.

About Us, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Make at least these four pages in your blog, this increases the chances of getting approval to a great extent and the user knows what the blog is about and what he will get.

Sometimes, other than these four pages, approval is also obtained from Adsense, but it happens in very rare cases or it is a matter of luck. Here you have to depend on smart work and not on luck. Therefore, make sure to make the four pages given below-

1. About Us
2. Privacy Policy
3. Contact us
4. Disclaimer

1. About Us : In this page write about your blog in a professional way so that anyone can get maximum information about your blog.

2. Privacy Policy : According to the privacy policy of Google, you have to prepare the privacy policy of your blog so that your blog proves to be correct according to every criteria of Google, you can also use the Privacy Policy Generator tool to prepare this page in a professional manner.

3. Contact us : For visitors to your blog who want to contact you or have any suggestions, you will need to create a separate page and name it Contact Us. You can use "Contact Us generator tool" to generate this page.

4. Disclaimer : This page is also very important for the approval of Adsense, you can use the disclaimer generator tool to prepare this page in a professional way.

How many post required to get AdSense approval?

How many posts should be in the blog, this is a very important question, but it is also very important that what should be the quality of the content. 

Quality content means that the content you put on your blog must be originally written by you. So that people can get some help and get to learn something different and new. Adsense approval can never be obtained from someone else's copy paste. The biggest reason for not getting Adsense account approval is because new bloggers always copy-paste someone else's content and they do not even know how to check unique content.

It is also a very special question that how many words of content should be written. Some write content of 500 words and think that they have written a lot. You have to write content of at least 750 - 1300 words, less than that creates problems in Adsense approval.

It is also a very special question that how many posts have to be written to get AdSense approval. Different people have different stories, but I am telling you one very real and practical thing, which will give you AdSense approval in first attempt.

Most of the new bloggers want their Adsense account to be approved quickly after creating their blog, so they apply for Google Adsense after posting 5-7. In such a situation, their account gets rejected and the reason is said to be insufficient material or under construction.

First of all, you have to prepare the blog properly, applying for Adsense without preparing properly can have a negative effect on your blog, after being rejected twice by Adsense, you do not get approval for a long time in future, so always try to get AdSense approval in applying for the first or second time. So first 15 quality posts have to be published and only then have to apply for Adsense account approval, there is a lot of chances of getting Adsense approval.

Some Other Important Settings for AdSense Approval

Some other settings are also very important for Adsense approval, which you have to do in your blog. It can be foolish to give less importance to any point in Blogger, so complete each and every page mentioned properly.

Submit Sitemap : Submit a sitemap to Google and Bing after you've finished 15 posts with exclusive content. Which gets your post crawled and indexed in search engines. This proves to be very helpful in getting Adsense account approval.

Social Media account : To get traffic to your blog and increase its value in the eyes of Google, create an account on social media platforms like Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, Get Pocket, YouTube etc. You must use social share button in your blog page.

Professional email : Also choose your email according to the type of content you are going to write in your blog, that is, on which topic your blog will be based. Email address has to be used in many places in the blog like about page, contact us, privacy policy etc. Therefore, use the email address associated with your domain name.

Custom Domain : AdSense approval is available quickly through custom domains as compared to If the approval of Adsense account is not needed soon, then approval is also available on in 3-6 months. If you want Adsense approval in 5-7 days then you have to take custom domain for which you may have to spend some money.

Black hat Seo & fake Traffic : Most of the new bloggers do not have much knowledge of SEO, so instead of using White Hat SEO, they unknowingly use Balck Hat SEO which is contrary to the guideline of the search engine, so the adsense account of such blog is not approved. it happens.

Bloggers who bring Adsense account to their website to get approved also do not get Adsense approval, so understand these things very well and never use them.

Duplicate & Copy Content : Some people consider themselves to be very smart, copying content from someone else's blog and do some changes in heading and prepare own post. Never try to make foolish the Google, you should never use copy or duplicate content to fool google, because by doing this one thing is sure that you will not get adsense approval, as well as Google does not approve such blogs in future also, so never use such type of method.

You will have to write very Precious, Knowledgeful and Unique Content, if you do not do this then you will never get the approval of Adsense.

AdSense Approval
Use Unique Image : When it comes to unique images, people only understand that if they download images from websites like Pixabay or Pexels, their image will become unique and more people make the same mistake. To check a unique image, click on the link of the "Image Checker website", now you can find out whether your image is unique or not by giving the url of the image or uploading the image on the website.

Choose the right language : Google Adsense supports many languages ​​but some may not support the regional language of the country. So while creating your blog, choose the right language so that it will be easy to get Adsense approval.

Google Adsense Approval Tricks & Tips

My dear readers, if you are going to create a Google AdSense account, first of all, ful-fill all the terms and conditions mentioned above, then create a Google AdSense account. Apart from all this, some people also know the tricks of Google Adsense Approval.

1. Sometimes it also happens that your Google AdSense account has been created long ago, or was created a few days back, on which Google AdSense is not getting approved. If so, delete it and create another account.

2. If your age is less than 18 years then do not create Adsense account in your name, in this case you can create in the name of any member of your family whose age is more than 18 years.

3. Do not enter any information wrong while creating a Google Adsense account, Google definitely checks this thing, this makes it difficult to get your approval and there is a problem in earning money even after approval.

4. Always write posts on new and latest topics for your blog. 10 to 15 posts of 1500 words are enough to apply Adsense.

5. Don't forget to put required about page, contact, disclaimer and privacy policy in your blog and also give correct information in page.

6. Do not worry about the traffic on your blog, no matter how much traffic you apply, the quality of your post should be good even if there is 0 traffic.

7. After applying Google Adsense, do not leave your blog just like this, keep writing some post every day and keep putting it on your blog.

8. Before applying for Google AdSense, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of Adsense once because it is always changing.

Reasons for not getting AdSense approval

When you apply for Google Adsense, there are some reasons given by Google due to which your Adsense account isn't approved, so you should be apprehensive of them.

1. Due to inadequate content on the blog
2. Reasons for not friendly blog and their content
3. Reasons for the use of copyrighted material
4. Reasons to Use Black Hat SEO
5. Not having About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy pages.
6. Reasons for the blog being" under construction"
7. Reasons for not using Google Adsense policy.
8. Formerly having google Adsense account
9. Reason for not using clear navigation system
10. Reasons to use Fake traffic
11. Reasons for Hacking, Adult and Malware Use

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Last Word

Bloggers who do not get Adsense account approval. Many friends leave blogging after getting frustrated.It is true that Adsense approval is very easy, the only reason for friends who do not have Adsense approval is that they do not have enough information about Adsense. Therefore, in this post all the information related to Adsense approval has been provided, I hope you will be satisfied with the given information. If you are satisfied with the given information, then forward it to your friends also.

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