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What is Task Manager and why is it important?

Task Manager : Maybe Task Manager is not a new word for you but you are reading this article it means that you are trying to get complete information about it, I assure you that you will not be disappointed after reading the complete article. In this article complete information related to Task Manager will be given. It will also be explained why you should know about Task Manager, What tasks can you use it for, what is it useful for?

Task Manager is a kind of computer tool designed to improve the performance of the computer. With Task Manager, you can see which program is running in your computer, that is, which program is in processing. Task Manager tells you which programs are running in the background of your computer, all this you can see by going to Task Manager.

Task Manager

What is Task Manger?

First of all we try to know about the task. Whatever work we do in the computer, all that work is done through the software in the computer and when the software is run or we work in the computer. They are called Task of computer. Without software we cannot do any Task from computer or laptop.

Task Manager is the one who manages the task. Task Manager is a utility software that comes with the setup of Windows itself. Task Manager comes in every version of Windows, but the features differ according to the version of Windows, the newer version has more features.

Task Manager is the inbuilt computer software in the computer which is installed in the computer along with windows. It shows the complete performance report of the computer, whatever background process happens on your computer, whether it is software or network, you cannot see it without Task Manager.

Windows Task Manager can close any program with force. If a program hangs your computer, then it becomes difficult to close that program, but if you use Task Manager to close that program, then it closes very quickly.

Why is Task Manager important?

The importance of anything is from its work, so the importance of Task Manager will also be from its work. So let's now take a look at what Task Manager does. By reading the article till now, a blueprint must have been prepared in the mind about what Task Manager does and why it is important. 

With the help of this, you can close the programs running in the background, all the programs running in the computer i.e. running programs are shown here.

If a program is repeatedly hanging your computer or you want uninstall something from your computer and it is not happening, then you can close or uninstall it from here.

In this you can also see how is the performance of your memory, disk drive, how much memory it is taking and at what level we have to maintain it so that the computer does not slow down, you can check it from here.

In this you can also check the internet connection connected in your computer, it also shows the speed and connection status of your WiFi connected link.

For all these reasons, Task Management becomes a very special and important software for any computer or laptop. The second most important reason is that it creates a lot of ease for the users.

Where is Task Manager on the computer?

Where is Task Manager on Computer?

There is a very good way to open Task Manager in Windows computer, with the help of which you can open it, it also has some shortcuts by which you can open it, let us know how to open Task Manager.

1. The first way is to open Task Manager on your computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt and Delete keys simultaneously.

2. To open Task Manager in another way, you can open Task Manager and work in it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc key.

3. If you go to the empty places in the taskbar of your computer, ie a long line is given at the bottom, right click on it, then you will get the option of Start Task Manager from where you can launch Task Manager.

4. In this tips, to open Task Manager, go to the search box of your computer and search by typing Task Manager, your Task Manager will open.

5. In this way you can open it in your PC by giving run command. First of all, type run in the search box and press enter, which will open the command. After typing taskmgr and pressing enter, Task Manager will open. With these methods, you can easily open Task Manager on your computer.

6. To open Task Manager in this way, you have to open CMD Prompt. Which you can open on the computer either by searching CMD directly or you can open it by searching CMD by pressing Window + R.

After this, when your CMD Prompt will open, you will have to give the task manager command here, for which you have to type taskmgr and press enter, after which the window task manager will open.

7. For this method, you have to open My Computer, now you have to open Drive C, after that you have to click on Window Folder and click on System32, now you will have to search Taskmgr in the list you will show and you click On this. Opening it will open the Task Manager on the computer.

Features of task manager?

The biggest feature of Task Manager is that it shows the list of all tasks and where we can see which program/process is using how much resources in the computer like what % of CPU is being used. And what % of RAM is being used and what % of network is being used.

Here we can close any process by using End Process button. Because if a process hangs and the software is not closed, it has to be closed from the task manager.

From Task Manager, we can get complete information about any process like from where that process is running, what is its memory location, with which user name it is running, what is its status, what is process id, What is its description?

Clicking on the Services tab in Task Manager gives you a list of the services installed in the computer, where you can get information about the computer's service and find out which services are running and which are off. where you can stop and start a service.

Start-up: This is a new feature in Windows 10. It contains a list of software and services that run when the computer is turned on. From where we can stop starting them by clicking on the disable button. In Windows 7 this option is not available in Task Manager.

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Last Word

Friends, all the information related to Task Manager would have been received through this article. hope you will be completely satisfied with this information. Friends, if you are a computer user, then definitely know about Task Manager and speed up the performance of your computer. Knowing this you can uninstall some unwanted software. How did you like this information shared by me, do tell in the comment, as well as share this post with your friends in social media.

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