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What is Artificial Intelligence with Example?

What is Artificial Intelligence :  You can get to read many articles on this subject, but here you will get complete information about Artificial Intelligence, after reading which you will not need to read any other article.Through this blog, I want to provide you a complete guide about making a career or other information as well in Artificial Intelligence. We all are witnessing a huge wave of technological advancement in our life which has simplified our day to day activities.

In these technological innovations, Artificial intelligence is a fundamental element which itself deals with the simulation of human intelligence in computational devices and systems. Almost every industry is using Artificial Intelligence techniques to implement the digital revolution which has made it the most sought after career in today's world. Now I am going to tell further that what is this Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a sub-division of computer science and its foundations are completely based on computing systems. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to create devices that can act intelligently and independently and reduce human labour and manual work. It uses machine learning to precisely understand and mimic human intelligence. Siri, Alexa, Tesla cars and digital applications such as Netflix and Amazon are some of the best examples of artificial intelligence technologies.

In the last few years, to take the technology to a different level, some computer science scientists had put the Artificial Intelligence concept in front of the world. Its original purpose was to create such computer controlled robots or software that could think like humans and solve a problem.

But many scientists believe that such development in technology can make machines super intelligence, which will later pose a threat to human existence. How much Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning will be beneficial for humans, only the future will tell.

Through Artificial Intelligence, there is a plan to make such a computer controlled robot or software, which can think in the same way as the human mind thinks. In this, continuous preparation is being done to make Artificial Intelligence perfect and accurate. In its training, it is taught experience from machines, to adjust to new inputs and to perform human-like tasks.

So overall, with the use of artificial intelligence, some types of machines are being made which will understand more than humans and which can interact with their environment and act intelligently on the data obtained. That is, if the Artificial Intelligence concept becomes stronger in the future, then it will be like our friend. If you face any problem, then what to do for it, it will tell you by thinking itself.

If we talk basically Artificial Intelligence (AI) which provide the ability to a machine or computer program to think and learn. This concept is based on the idea that machines should be able to think about a problem like humans, work on that problem and find solutions and learn from it.

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Example of Artificial Intelligence

Today Artificial Intelligence is a very popular topic, which is discussed a lot in the fields of technology and business. Many experts and industry experts believe that Artificial Intelligence or machine learning is our future. But if we look around us, we will find that this is not our future but the present. With the development of technology, today we are connected with Artificial Intelligence in some way or the other and are also taking advantage of it. Yes, it is a fact that Artificial Intelligence technology is in its first stage.

Many companies are working fast on machine learning and have also invested heavily. Recently, many AI products and apps have become available to us. Now I give you some such AI examples used today, so that you will be able to understand Artificial Intelligence better. 

some examples of Artificial Intelligence is Intelligent Robot, BrainBox AI, Top AI Inventions of 2020, Computer Gaming, Speech Recognition, Expert System, Natural Language Processing, Vision System, TrailJectory, Beewise Beehome, Krisp, Lovot, Embodied Moxie, Kasisto, Liveperson, L’Oreal, Perso, Wint

1. Siri

You must have heard or even used Siri, it is the most popular virtual assistant offered by Apple. This type of services is only only available on iPhone and iPad. We can say that this is the best example of AI, just say 'Hey Siri' and it sends the message to you, can find information on the internet as per your wish, make phone calls, You can open any application for this, even help you in tasks like setting timer and saving events in calendar.

Siri uses Machine Learning technology to understand your language, any types of problems and questions. Experts believe that It is the most compatible voice activated computer. There are also related devices Alexa and Google Assistant which are used for the same task.

2. Tesla

Artificial Intellegence

Automobiles are also moving very fast towards Artificial Intelligence. You must know about Tesla, Tesla has achieved great achievements in the automobile sector by using Artificial Intelligence. The Tesla car is equipped with self-driving features like productive capabilities and complete technological innovation. Self-driving cars are being made with even more features using artificial intelligence, which is going to make the future times smarter.

3. Google Map

Google is using Artificial Intelligence in many of its fields, the best use of Artificial Intelligence is currently being done in Google Maps. Along with AI mapping, the giant's technology scans any kind of route and tells us the correct route using algorithms to show any kind of route by Google. Google is always working on improvements and new technology, such as planning to further enhance the artificial intelligence in its Google Maps by improving its voice assistant and creating augmented reality maps in real time.

4. Nest

In 2014 Nest was bought by Google which was one of the most famous and artificial intelligence startups. The Nest Learning Thermostat delivers energy savings based on your behaviour and routine. It uses behavioural algorithms to do this. It's such an intelligent machine, that it can find out the useful temperature for you in just a week. If no one is in the house or has forgotten to switch-off by mistake, it automatically turns off to save energy.

5. Echo

Echo was launched by Amazon. It's a revolutionary product that can answer your questions, read audiobooks for you, tell you traffic and weather conditions, provide local business information, and even provide sports scores. could. Can do. Even more major changes are being made to the Echo, due to which new features are being added to it. Hopefully the times to come will make the Echo even smarter.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

As we know AI is the fastest growing technology in the whole world. Artificial Intelligence is a type of artificial thoughtful/consciousness/brain that works on the instructions of human beings. Even though artificial intelligence was developed by humans, but there is no doubt that AI works more efficient, better and less cost than humans. This is the reason why AI is now being used in the field of many business industries.

Right now our life is not completely based on AI, AI has interfered in our everyday life but the day is not far when we will start using this technology completely. It is true that in the coming era AI has a very bright future all over the world. In the coming era, most work and many sectors will depend on AI. But experts also believe that it can have a very bad effect on the lives of humans. There are some main goals of Artificial Intelligence which are discussed below-

Enhancing decision making power: The first goal of AI is to make machines that think like humans. Who can solve any human problem by taking his own decision. Some achievements have also been achieved on the basis of AI technology. Recently a female AI robot (Sofia) has been created. Which has some degree of decision making power and can easily answer any of your questions. You will also find some such AI concepts in smart devices like Google Home, Siri, Alexa etc.

Work Efficiency: It is commonly seen that we humans are very lazy in doing any work, due to which we spend too much time in completing our work or are not able to complete the work on time and they also have more mistakes. Is. Seeing the negligence and carelessness of humans, researcher has started working very quickly in this direction.The basic objective of AI technology is to make AI such that it can do any task rapidly without hesitation and carelessness with minimum mistakes.

Time Saving: The purpose of all the machines that man has invented so far has been time saving and perfection. This is also the purpose of the invention of AI. Because it is a kind of machine, it never gets tired of working and never takes a break like human. Keeping all the above issues in mind, many such AI machines are being made, which will work better than humans and will take the place of humans.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI is important as it can help solve difficult issues in various sectors such as entertainment, education, health, commerce, transportation and utilities. Looking at AI applications, it can be divided into various categories. 

1. Education : When it comes to the education sector, AI has brought about significant changes in revolutionizing the traditional methods of teaching. Digital technologies can be effectively incorporated for assignment grading as well as providing smart content through online study material, e-conferencing etc.

In addition, AI is also being used efficiently by admission portals like Leverage Edu to help students find the best fit courses and universities as per their preferences and career goals. There are myriad other applications of Artificial Intelligence in education such as online courses and learning platforms and digital applications, intelligent AI tutors, online career counselling, virtual facilitators, among others.

The ability to present information about the world on the basis of knowledge. Such as fraud prevention, medical diagnosis, financial market trading, purchase prediction, drug manufacturing, media recommendation, etc.

2. Business : Businesses are using Artificial Intelligence to build better relationships with their customers as well as tackle tasks that would be performed by humans but could be done increasingly using robotic process automation. In addition, websites are using machine learning algorithms to figure out the best ways to serve customers.

Among the diverse applications of Artificial Intelligence in the business sector, websites include chatbots to ensure instant services to the customers. AI has the potential to drive sales, drive predictive analytics, enhance their overall experience with consumers as well as create efficient and effective work processes.

Ability to solve problems through reasoning deduction based on Artificial Intelligence. Such as business managements, calculations, financial application processing, financial asset management, legal valuation, autonomous weapon systems, sports, etc.

3. Health Care : Artificial Intelligence has proved to be an important and effective technology for the healthcare sector as it has revolutionized medical equipment, diagnostics, research etc. Apart from using computing technologies for better and faster diagnosis of diseases, Artificial Intelligence has various important applications as complex algorithms can be used to simulate human cognition for analysis and interpretation of complex medical and health related data.

AI systems can handle large chunks of data and analyze them to suggest the best course of treatment. Many healthcare companies have also designed digital applications like Lybrate, WebMD, etc., where patients can report their patients and seek medical help from healthcare professionals.

4. Banking : The applications of artificial intelligence is also growing rapidly in the banking sector. There are many banks in the world that are already leveraging artificial intelligence to facilitate online banking along with detecting fraud related activities of credit cards. Almost every bank is providing its users with online apps where they can track their account transactions, make online payments as well as detect payment frauds along with anti-money laundering patterns . Well-known companies like Mastercard and RBS Worldpay alike rely on AI and Deep Learning.

5. Finance Sector : Also in the financial sector, artificial intelligence is playing an important role for determining the future patterns of the market. The main aim and objective of AI-based technologies in the finance sector is to analyze the dynamics of stock trading thoroughly. Using various applications of artificial intelligence, the finance industry is incorporating adaptive intelligence, algorithmic trading and machine learning into financial processes. Based on the prediction of market prices, they help individuals to take right decisions.

6. Agriculture Sector : There are many issues related to environmental change which are badly affecting the lives of farmers and crop production. To address the agrarian crisis, several AI-based machines are at the fore, be it robots and algorithms, which are helping farmers in sustainable agricultural production. They help farmers find more effective means of protecting crops from weeds.

Effectively harnessing the applications of artificial intelligence in agriculture, 'Blue River Technology' has set a fine example as it has created machines that can detect pesticides on cotton plants. These automatic machines spray the plants with the help of computer vision techniques which help in protecting them from herbicide.

7. Autonomous Vehicle : Smart cars are the best example of autonomous vehicles.The application of artificial intelligence in the automobile sector is growing very rapidly and is also becoming popular. There are prolific companies like Waymo, which have conducted many test drives to make their product successful. They included systems to produce and control signals for vehicular movement, cloud services, GPS as well as vehicles with cameras. Tesla's self-driving cars based entirely on artificial intelligence are another great example of autonomous vehicles.

In addition to all this, the ability to understand spoken and written language in the field of communication. Artificial intelligence technology is also being used very fast such as real-time translation of spoken and written languages, real-time transcription, intelligent assistant, voice control etc.

The ability to set and achieve goals is also determined by artificial intelligence technology. Such as physical and digital network optimization, inventory management, navigation,  portion forecasting, predictive maintenance etc.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in other applications such as medical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, surveillance, the ability to infer things about the world through sounds, pictures, and other sensory inputs.

What is Artificial Techniques?

AI technology is a method that uses derived knowledge. so that its error can be rectified. AI technology is a model composed of advanced forms of statistical and mathematical models. These models make it possible for a computer or machine to calculate the amount of work a human can perform. some examples are:

➤Artificial natural network
➤Markov decision process
➤Natural Language Processing.

Types of Artificial Intelligence 

In this era of technology, artificial intelligence has started to dominate all industries and many sectors. The biggest reason for this is that machines is more perfect than humans and does more work in less time. It is being speculated that very soon robots will dominate our world like a Hollywood movie. AI or what we also call machine learning, it is divided into two main parts.

1. First Part- Weak and strong Artificial Intelligence 

Weak AI : Weak intelligence, also known as narrow AI, focuses entirely on narrow work tasks. Weak AI is to meet a particular problem.. As general this machine is not very smart in doing its work like normal artificial intelligence used to be. But they are made to look smart. For example, when you play computer mode in Ludo Game, the tokens from one side automatically increase. To do its job properly, all relevant rules and moves are already fed into the software.

Strong AI : Strong AI is the creation of such a machine that can really think and act like a healthy brain person. Strong intelligence which is used to describe a fixed mindset of AI development. Its goal is to develop artificial intelligence to the point where the intellectual capacity of machines is functionally equal to that of humans. There isn't a proper example of this right now, but some industries have come very close to building strong AI.

2. Second Part

Reactive Machines : Experts say that this machine works very basic because it does not store memory and cannot even use its past experiences to do any work in the future. This machine work only as reactive machines simply see and react to it. IBM's Deep Blue that defeated chess grand master Kasparov is a good example.

Self-Awareness: This type of artificial intelligence has its own consciousness, self-awareness and super intelligence. It is just like humans, this type of bot is not available yet. If this is possible in the future, then it will be a big achievement for AI.

Limited Memory : It is a system by which AI systems can use past experiences to inform future decisions. In this type of system self driving car some decision making functions were designed.

Theory of Mind : This type of AI machine is designed to be able to interact with people's feelings, beliefs, thoughts, expectations and socially. Although a lot of experiments have been done in this field, but till now no such thing has come to the fore which can make this possible.

Education Required for Artificial Intelligence

To work in the field of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to complete certain types of courses. Qualification to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence - Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree with Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Applied Artificial Intelligence as well as Diploma in Robotics and Automation Engineering are preferred.

Those who have qualifications in this type of sector are given a chance to make a career in Artificial Intelligence. Here are some of the key topics I think you can expect to study in AI courses:

➤ Artificial intelligence design
➤ Cloud computing
➤ Application of artificial intelligence
➤ Artificial intelligence programming
➤ AI System
➤ Network analysis

Since Artificial Intelligence encompasses multidisciplinary education and training and touches many areas, curriculum offerings vary and are designed to meet the needs and requirements of individuals with backgrounds. In this regard, we have included and matched a list of not only the main AI courses but also the broad ones:

Bachelor of Science in AI
➤ BSc Mathematics
➤ Bachelor of Computer Science [Major AI]
➤ Master of Science in AI
➤ MSc Mathematics
➤ Masters in Machine Learning
➤ Master of Engineering (ME)
➤ MBA in Data Science
➤ MS in Mechanical Engineering
➤ PhD in Artificial Intelligence
➤ PhD in Computer Science
➤ PhD in Mathematics
➤ Artificial Intelligence Ability

To get admission in Bachelor's and Master's level courses in Artificial Engineering, students should have minimum 10+2 schooling with PCM background from a recognized school. It is essential that your English Literature is very good and
must pass GRE and tests like IELTS and TOEFL etc. Students must have a bachelor's degree in computer science or related subjects. In addition to the degree and required requirements, it is preferred that candidates be equipped with knowledge of various software applications such as TensorFlow, Cortana, IBM Watson, Hadoop, Those who want to opt for Master's degree to establish their career in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and its career prospects

As mentioned, quality education in artificial intelligence prepares you for positions in industries and for a range of roles from entry to senior level. Companies which are working in the field of information technology and gadgets like Apple, data analysis, business analytics, health care administration, financial wealth management, etc are the top employers. Leverage Edu reviews the following job profiles from among the top people.

➤ Research assistant
➤ Machine learning engineer
➤ Big data analyst
➤ Advisor
➤ Software analyst
➤ Algorithm expert
➤ AI expert
➤ Statistics scientist
➤ Programmer
➤ Business intelligence developer

Job Profile under Artificial Intelligence

After successfully completing a degree in Computer Science or related fields, you can explore a wide range of career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To further aid you in your research, I have listed below some of the prominent profiles for which you can apply for a career in Artificial Intelligence.

➤ Machine learning engineering
➤ Statistics scientist
➤ Robotics scientist
➤ Business intelligence developer
➤ Algorithm expert
➤ Software Analysts and Developers
➤ Engineering consultant
➤ Surgical technician
➤ Computer scientist
➤ Manufacturing and Electrical Engineer
➤ Mechanical Engineer and Maintenance Technician

Top universities offering Artificial Intelligence courses

In the broad field of artificial intelligence, AI robotics courses are offered that can prepare students to build upon the necessary knowledge and mind-set technological innovations. The table below lists some of the leading universities and their possible programs that are designed for those aspiring to make a career in Artificial Intelligence:

Universities Offer AI degrees

History of Artificial Intelligence

1950 was the year when artificial intelligence research began. Research in AI began with the development of electronic computers and stored program computers. Even after this, for many decades, no link could be made to a computer that could think or act like a human mind. After some time, but at the very beginning, AI was first created by Norbert Wiener. The initial discovery proceeded very rapidly and it has developed very rapidly.

He theorized that all intelligent behaviour of man is the result of a reaction mechanism. Another step towards modern AI was the creation of logic theorists. It can be considered the first AI program designed by Newell and Simon in 1955.

After many researches, the man who finally laid the foundation for artificial intelligence was an American scientist, the father of AI, John McCarthy. To further develop AI, he organized the conference "The Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence" in 1956.

In which everyone interested in machine intelligence can participate. The purpose of the conference was to attract the talent and expertise of interested people to assist McCarthy in this task.

Few years later the AI Research Center was established at Carnegie Mellon University as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Despite all these efforts, AI also faced many challenges. The first challenge before him was to create a system that could efficiently solve a problem with very little research. The second challenge is to create a system that can learn a task on its own.

The first breakthrough in artificial intelligence came when a novel program called General Problem Solver (G.P.S) was created by Newell and Simon in 1957. This achievement of Newell and Simon was based on the extension of Wiener's feedback theory. Through this more and more common sense problems can be solved. The LISP language was created in 1958 by John McCarthy in AI History. It was soon adopted by many AI researchers and is still being used today.

Last Word

The job of Artificial Intelligence is to design machines that can mimic human behaviour. Robots use instructions designed by scientists. Artificial Intelligence is studied and designed by intelligent agents. Artificial intelligence uses many field tools and prefers to be perfect in terms of human-like consciousness. It also overlaps for tasks such as the Robotics Central System. The energy efficiency of Artificial Intelligence in a modern machine or learning machine is 2 watts. It takes a long time to teach the system on each responsibility.

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