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What is Data Center? Complete Explanation

Data Center : Today I will give you complete information related to what is a data center through this article. Have we ever noticed that where social media networks like Google, YouTube, Facebook store the data of so many millions of people? After all, how we get the answer to our question with a single click. Video, text or photo We get answers on the Internet immediately according to our search. This is possible only because of the data center about which we are going to get complete information.

Data center means the place where data is stored. Data centers are built in a very large space. A large number of computer servers are used in a data center. These servers process large amounts of data and store the information in their servers. Google Data Center is the largest data center in the world. Where the data of all the people using the Internet in the world is present.

Data Center

What is Data Center?

All the information available in the Internet is kept in a big hard disk and where all this hard disk is kept, we call it data center. Data center is the name of the place where all the data is kept secure. Like we search anything on Google, the article we are reading right now, all this is kept in one place with the help of data center. Similarly, we upload anything on Facebook, upload something on YouTube, watch videos, all this data is kept in the data center with the help of hard disk.

In simple language, just like we keep our photos, audios, documents in our mobile's memory card and computer's hard disk, similarly big company's data center uses to store data of people around the world.Whenever we upload anything on the Internet, whether it is Facebook or YouTube, or download something from there, it all gets saved through the Internet in the data center of Facebook and YouTube.

History of Data Center

In the year 1940, large rooms were used to keep computers. At that time mainframe computers were used. Which was as big as a room in size. The data was handled in the mainframe itself. But from the year 1980 the microcomputer started. which was driven by a man. Due to the increase in the number of these computers, it was planned to build a data center from where the data center started. For your information, let us tell you that in the beginning, the data center was used to protect the information related to the work related to the army.

How many types of Data Centers?

Data centers are divided into different types to meet the need. There are two types of data centers which are as follows-

1. Personal Data Center - Private data center is also called as enterprise data center.
2. Public Data Center - Public Data Center is also called Internet Data Center.

How is data stored in a Data Center?

Big companies like Google YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, Facebook all these websites have their own data centers. Because the data of billions of people is collected on these websites. After all, how is the data of so many people stored in the data center?

The data center consists of 3 layers for collecting massive amount of data. Through which the data is passed and after computer processing it is stored in the data center. These 3 layers are as follows.

1. Management Layer
2. Virtual Layer
3. Physical Layer

1. Management Layer : The management layer mainly focuses on controlling and monitoring the data. Whatever the user searches for. All data is handled by the first management layer.

2. Virtual Layer : The queries asked by the users are accessed in the virtual layer. Also, using SQL (Structured Data Language) makes the information visible to the user. This virtual layer itself does not collect information.

3. Physical Layer : The physical layer is directly related to the hardware or we can say that the physical layer is related to the real things. Bits form data is converted into signal key form. We can send signal data through cable. Hence the data in the form of Bits. For the transmission it is necessary to convert it into a signal. Like optical fiber cables, data is sent at the speed of light. So through the electrical signal in many cables. The physical layer has three layers which are as follows -

(a) Network Layer : The network layer uses IP addresses to transmit data to the host (computer). The network layer transmits information from one computer to another. Now the IP address of each host comes in handy here that a user has access to the same information through the IP discovery of the query through the data center.

(b) Computation Layer: In this mainly computer resources are used for calculations.

(c) Storage Layer : The data is managed through the hard disk. The data center is specifically designed for storage by most companies.

How is a Data Center built?

Usually large companies build data centers. The site is selected to build the data center. This center is kept away from the hustle and bustle of the public. So that anything related to safety can be handled easily. Google handles almost all of the world's data in its Google data center.

All those things are taken care of in the Google data center so that people do not have to lose their information or compromise anything related to the information. In addition, Google has also built cloud services and advertising data centers in countries such as the United States.

What are the things that companies take care of the most in building a data center, let's know-
1. Power
2. AC (Air Conditioning)
3. Server Room
4. Data Center Monitoring Team
5. Security

1. Power : There is electricity for 24 hours. The power is never turned off in the data center. For this a diesel powered backup generator is used. Also, if for any reason the system fails, the UPS unit is kept running. The UPS unit provides backup to the generator in the event of a power outage. Due to which there is never any power cut in the data center.

2. AC (Air Conditioning): The information of crores of people is present in these data center savers. People are always searching the internet. The exchange of information keeps happening. Due to which the load on the server increases. The heat increased in the data server room. That's why air conditioning is used. Air conditioners play an important role in these centres. These air-conditioned equipments keep running 24/7.

3. Server Room : Server room where data is stored. Special care is taken of this server room. Hard drivers are checked periodically. Replaced in case of mistake. No fault of the driver. It is destroyed by taking backup in the same center.

4. Data Center Monitoring Team: IT (Information Technology) officers are looking after the data center 24/7. This entire team monitors everything from the server room in the data center to the air-conditioned equipment, electricity.

5. Security: Cameras made of modern technology are used for security in the data center. Cameras are being monitored everywhere. Along with this, security officers guard these centers round the clock. Any officer has to show his/her card for admission. After verifying who gets access to the data center.

Maintenance of Data Center

The following things are necessary to maintain a data center.

1. The place where the data center is built should be very large and the place should be such that the chances of natural calamities like earthquake, flood and storm are less, which should not cause any damage to the data center.

2. Due to the presence of too many hard disks and machines in the data center, a lot of heat is generated there. The data center should be in a place where the temperature is cold. Otherwise there must be multiple ACs which should be running all the time.

3. The data center must also be powered by electricity to run, and that too round the clock.

4. The data center has round the clock internet access, so there should be well managed internet.

5. There should be a lot of security guards in the data center, so that no one can enter there and do no wrong.

6. Most of the work in the data center is done by electricity, so there is also the highest risk of short circuit, which can also cause fire there. That is why it is very important to have fire safety equipment there.

Data Pathway of Data Center

Data Center
Data Center to our PC

Now we will know how the data from the data center reaches our computer or mobile. This process is called the data pathway. Here we will try to understand the process step by step..

1. Data Center : When the user searches for any information on the Internet. So all the data comes to the data center. The information comes out in the form of bits from the disk driver installed in the data server.

2. Networking Cable : The data in the data center is then processed through these networking cables. Networking cable like optical fiber Let us tell you that this optical fiber cable is the most important link for transmitting data in your computer. Data from these cables reaches internet service providers at the speed of light.

3. Modem : Modem is hardware. Which allows one device to be connected to another device. Just like connecting a computer to another device, a modem does this.

4. Router : After the modem, the data reaches your computer directly with the help of the router. The router works to send the path to the other network.

In this way the whole process continues. You search for information from a computer. It carries a networking cable from the data center, then the modem to the Internet service provider, then the router and direct data to the computer.

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As the world advances in science technology, every company is paying more attention to build its own server data center to protect people's data information. Complete security is maintained by IT (Information Technology) executives in the data center. How did you all like this information, tell me by commenting and share this information with your friends also.

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