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Best Tricks to Win Dream11 - 100% Successful

Best Tricks to Win Dream11 : Dream11 is prevalent in 90% of the youth these days and all the youth want to win somehow. Dream11 cannot be won only by wanting and hoping. To win Dream 11, it is also necessary to know some unique tricks about it, which I am going to tell in this article. You have to read the complete article to achieve the goal. Remember! Incomplete information always hurts.

The trick I am going to tell in this article is not any aerial firing, but after researching more than 100 winning teams, I am going to tell you this trick. This argument has been developed only after in-depth study and research. So understand this logic carefully. Many of you complain that we make the best team in Dream11 Grand League. We take good players, still why can't we win mega grand leagues.


Tips and Tricks to Win Dream11

I will not tell here what is Dream 11, how it is played etc. Apart from wasting time in all these things, it will seem that someone is trying to fool you. You are reading this article, it means that you know very well about Dream11. You do not need to give this knowledge about what Dream 11 is and how to play it. That's why I will discuss with you directly about the tips and tricks to win.

I know you make a great team, take good players, still why can't you win the Mega Grand League? Why do not get good results even after working so hard? Try the tips and tricks that I have mentioned and make sure your hopes of winning from today itself.

You all know that there are a total of 22 players in this match including both the innings. There are 11 players in one and 11 players in the other. If you see, there is such a way in Dream11 or any fantasy game where Selection Percentage is written in front of every player. In all apps the selection percentage is clearly mentioned in front of the players that how many people have selected which player. On the basis of that selection percentage, I am telling you this reasoning. You can use this logic to get good rank in Mega Grand League.

You all have to understand very carefully how to divide the team of 22 players into three parts. The 22 player team you have has to be divided into three parts. The first part out of 22 players is to pick the player whose selection percentage is 70% or more. When we researched the entire 100 team, we found that out of 22 players, there are 6 players who have a selection percentage of 70 or more. In the second part, those players are to be kept whose selection percentage is more than 30% and less than 70%. The number of such players is 9. In the third part, such players have to be kept whose selection percentage is 30% or less. After the lineup, new players coming into it will also come under its purview. Here you will find 7 players whose selection percentage is 30% or less.

Dream11 team of 22 players

Now you have divided the entire 22 players into three parts. When the full 22 players were studied, we found that there are 3 players out of 6 players in the first part, 5 players out of 9 players in second part and 3 out of seven players in the third part. In this way a team of 11 players will become a part of Dream11.

Rank-01 Tricks for Dream11

You spend your money again and again to win Dream11, but your efforts go in vain. You have tried many times but only disappointment has come, in the desire to win, you do not think what mistake you make. Today I will tell what mistake you do which only leads to disappointment.

You guys always include all 6 players from the first part in the team whose selection percentage is more than 70%. You include the remaining five players from the second part. You do not include any player in the team from the third part. Whenever you guys build your team, I see 98% of people make the same mistake. 

The same people complain that why we are not able to win the Dream11 mega grand league? Including the first and second part, each of the 15 players choose their 11 players. People will say that hey we have made a team of best players but still we are not able to win the grand league. Friends, choosing players just by looking at the high selection percentage is a stupid step which you guys do.

Everyone skips the third part while making Dream11 Team. This section is called the game changer section. The selection percentage of players is less in this part. Because of which people do not like to take them. This is the reason for their defeat. In the third part, their selection percentage is less than 30% and people who are new players leave them.

We have researched this very well and have found that if you want to win the Mega Grand League, then you will have to raise 3 players from there. If you do not pick these 3 players, then think that you will hardly be able to become a member of 8 players dream team. Out of 50 to 60 lakhs team, you can hardly come between 2 to 2.5 lakhs. Can you win Mega Grand League with 8 Dream Team members and the answer is no.

Winning Tricks of Dream11

If you want to get a good rank in the Mega Grand League, that is, to become the winner by getting the first rank in Dream11, then you will definitely have to do this work.

The third part which everyone neglects, everyone misses. After studying above this section, you have to choose the differential player. Like I told you there are 7 players, out of these 7 players, you guys always have to choose 3 players. Now for which 3 players they will be, you will have to do a little study. I will give a very super important tip to you guys. These new players who are added to the team are not added like this.

A team is sitting to form the entire strategy. The captain of the team is seated. The coach of the team is seated. The entire ground is studied, all the players of the other team are studied. It is seen what their Weak Point is. Which bowler or batsman do we have who can go against their Weak points? After doing complete study, new players are added to the team. You people would think that any players were picked up and put in the team but it does not happen. After a lot of study, this new player is decided.

There is a whole team, there is a captain, there is a coach. They have more information than us. He knows the actual condition which player is in good form. They know how the match is going to be on the ground. It is not the new player of your people, it is always the key players of your people. We see this new player as the key player in most of the conditions as part of the dream team. People leave these players while making a team because after seeing the selection percentage after the lineup, people ignore it due to low selection percentage.

That's the biggest mistake it starts. The second mistake we make is when we get emotional attachment with a player. There is definitely some attachment with everyone. Believe me, if Virat Kohli looks very good, then there is an attachment with him. I will carry Virat Kohli in every match. But one thing to see, if you guys take him in 10 matches, then in only three or four matches out of 10 he will be seen doing well. He will be a flop in all other matches.

Now which one is more beneficial in taking it or not taking it? Obviously, they are more flops, so it would be right to drop them. I know his selection percentage is 86% which means 86 out of 100 people are taking him. The same I drop him and put a new Key Player from here and that Key Player does well, then your chances of winning the Grand League increase.

Team to win Mega Grand League if you want from the first part in which more than 70% selected players have to drop and less than 30% selected players have to be included in your team. That's what less than 30% of the selected players can win the Mega Grand League for you.

Hope you guys have understood what I am trying to say. Friends, understand this thing very carefully. If you do not understand at once, then read this article again because in this article the success theory of your dream11 mega grand league has been told. If you do not pay attention to this thing, then hardly you will be able to succeed in the Grand League.

Do a little study on the team, apply your deep sense and follow the tips and tricks that I have told, 100% you will win Dream11 today.

Simple tricks to Win Dream11 and get First Rank

India's biggest fantasy cricket game has become Dream11, winning it has become like a dream for the players. Getting the first rank in dream11 is not so easy, it requires a lot of thinking. Because if you want to win in the Dream11 Grand League, then you have to reach the first rank out of millions of people, after which you can win prizes up to 20-25-30 lakhs. Using this method also will help you a lot in getting the first rank in dream11, so read this article very carefully.

The defeated player blames his luck and the player who won takes pride in his ability. Many people believe that it is very important for us to have good luck to win in Dream11 but this is not entirely correct as it is a cricket game that requires you to have the right information and knowledge to win. Because 11 players play in cricket and both the teams together become 22, now if you play Dream11, then you have to choose all those 11 players in both the teams but from the same types as mentioned above, the player will not have to select only by famous names.

The selection of the captain and vice-captain of the team has to be done right, so to win in Dream11, the most important thing is to have knowledge of cricket, then only you can be successful in predicting which player will perform best. 

If you do not have complete knowledge of cricket or you do not have enough time to thoroughly research all the matches in Dream11, then now you do not have to worry, today I shall tell you about such methods. I am also going to tell from where you can study the match played in Dream11 in no time.

Right Way to Build a Dream11 Team

Dream11 team

To win in Dream11, first of all you should have the right information about making a team in dream11 because Dream11 is a Probability based game and do you know which player will give you victory. 

That's why a lot of people play in the same contest by making many teams and select players under different strategies in all the teams so that they can get the first rank in dream11

That's why you should also have the right information about making a team in Dream11, so let's know what is the right way to make a team in Dream11.

Step-1. YouTube

Some channels provide complete deep analysis of every match on YouTube, but I would not recommend that you prepare Dream11 team with the help of YouTube. Lots of people recommend it but I wouldn't recommend it. Yes you can just take hints to advance your understanding.

On Youtube you can get Deep Analysis information of every match like-

-Where will the match be played
- How will the pitch be?
- Will the pitch be good for Bowlers or for Batsmen?
- How many runs can be scored
- A player's performance is good in that field
- Which player can perform well
-Who should make the captain and vice captain etc.

Dream11 is a game of mind, for which you have to do complete research and you get a lot of information on Youtube channel very easily and in less time, which helps you to make the right Dream11 team but don't blindly depend upon YouTube.

Step-2. Cricket Website

To win Dream11, you also need a cricket website because here also you get all the small and big information related to every match, for this you can use the two websites mentioned below.
1. Cricbuzz
2. ESPNcricinfo

For which player is performing, you can see the score board in which you get how many runs and how many wickets taken by each player as well as all the information of each team which is very useful to win in Dream11.

Step-3. Telegram Channel

It also plays a very important role to win in Dream11 where you get all kinds of new updates before the match starts and also you get Dream11 Team Preview.

Which can prove to be very effective in making you the right Dream11 team, so you can join Playing Idea Telegram channel where you are given 5 dream11 team previews, so join today's Dream11 Telegram channel.

Step-4. Bet365

This website is also very helpful because from this website you can find out whether people have invested more money on a player, which helps you to understand which player can perform well, so you can also use this website to prepare your Dream11 team.

Must follow these important tips and tricks

It has to be estimated that how many runs the team batting first can score, this can also be done on the basis of ground and pitch..

It also has to be estimated how many runs the other team can score and how many wickets can be lost in scoring runs.

- Estimate that will the first order score run?
- Only one player of the first order will be able to play or will both play? Will one or both score good runs?
- Will the second order of the team be able to score runs?
- Will only one player from the second order perform well or both?
- Will those whom we have selected as allrounders perform?
- Will the selected team's all-rounder get a chance to bat and bowl? Will they perform if they get it?

If the wicket can be more, then pay attention to the blowers, and try to make a good bowler the captain.

If the wicket can be less then pay attention to Batsmsn, and try to make a good batsmen the captain.

Very special point that you have to remember, if more runs are scored then captain batsmen should be made and if wickets fall more then captain bowlers can be made.

So friends, before making Dream11 team, you have to guess according to your cricket knowledge because as we have told you that Dream11 is a Probability based game, do you know which Probability your made is proved to be correct. But as I have told above, choose your team in the same way.

So whenever you make a Dream11 team, estimate the performance of the players and work with heart and mind and also do not ignore any player because if you get even only one point less then others so you can be behind thousands of teams.

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Last Word

I hope that this article of ours will definitely be beneficial for you in winning dream11 and getting first rank in dream11 and you will win 100% dream11. So if you like this article of ours, then definitely share it with the people playing Dream11 so that they too can get benefit from this article. Be happy and take care.

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