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What is Google My Business & How to Create Profile FREE?

Google My Business : In view of the growing trend of business on Internet in the world, Google launched Google My Business in 2014. In today's era, it has become a very good way to grow your business. We can also say that in this age of internet it has become necessary to take any business online or to list your business on Google My Business to show the presence of your business online to the customers.

If you want to grow your business locally, nationally or internationally, then it is impossible without Google My Business. In today's best article, we will discuss that what is Google My Business? How to register your business on google, how to create profile etc. Read this article till the end to get complete information about Google My Business.

Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool provided by Google which is very easy to use and free of cost. With its help anyone can manage their online presence by listing about any type of their services, business etc. With the help of Google My Business, any customer from any part of the world can easily find your business and get all the information about it.

When customers search for your business's products or services on Google Search and Maps, Google displays the search results to the customer via Google My Business, the product the person searched for. This will make him your customer and able to contact you.

In other words, Google My Business manages to bring customers online to your service or business. Here you can list any of your service or business for free.

Whether adding business details on Google Maps or promoting an online business, you have to connect your business to Google in some way or the other. This will make your business famous locally and nationally, but first you need to get your business verified on Google My Business.

Searched about any business or product and Google gave you its list. But have you ever wondered from where Google gets this list? Google My Business is like the shopkeeper you know by face but don't know by name.

Whether you are a startup or an old business man, Google My Business is more important to you than your own website. Whether you search for a local business product or service. The listing of Google My Business comes above all other websites. Now we will try to know further what are the benefits of Google My Business? Why is it important for any business?

Benefits of Google My Business 

If your business is verified on Google Business, you can provide NAP details as well as provide customers with information about your product and services and upload your shop, business, product image and video. To add your shop, house or business to Google Map, you have to open the link given below.

Here another question may be arising in your mind that what is the NAP? Let us now try to know about NAP.

NAP Full Form
N – Name (Service, Business, Shop or organisation)
A – Physical Address
P – Phone Number

You can add NAP details to online Google search and Google Map app and manage them.

➤ With the help of Google My Business, business can manage online as well as interact with customers.

➤ If you use a business website then local traffic can increase through Google My Business.

➤ If you give home delivery service, then you can also take order from here through phone number.

How to register on Google My Business?

We often search in our mobile -Hospital near me, Restaurants near me, Fuel station near me etc. Or would have searched for more such keywords. If you want to find information about a local business, the local business listing is always the first to appear on the browser for such searches.

If you also want to see your business like this in Google search and want to add your business address on the map, then for this you have to register on Google My Business. Step by step information is now being given to register on Google My Business.

Step 1. Eligibility 

To apply on Google My Business, it is necessary to have NAP details, without which it cannot be applied. If you have eligibility then you can register business. 

Step 2. Go to website

To list your business in Google my Business, open your favourite browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, UC browser etc. Now you have to input the following link in the browser-

➤Click Here # Google My Business 

Step 3: Tap on Sign in now

After opening this website, you will see the button of Sign In or Manage Now, click on it.

Sign in for Google my Business

Step 4: Business Name

According to the above image, after clicking on Sign In, you will see the option to fill the business name, here you will have to fill the business name.

Step 5: Business Location

Here you have to fill the business location i.e. you have to enter the full address of your business. If you do delivery, please mark the check box.

Step 6: Service Area

How far you can provide service from your business location, tell in kilometers and you can also choose a certain area through Pin Code.

Step 7: Business Category

Business Category

Here you have to select the category of your business. Here you will get the category related to business. As shown in the above image.

Step 8: Phone Number or Website URL

Here you have to enter the contact number or URL of the website.

Step 9: Finish

The complete details given by you are submitted on Google My Business, now after it is verified, it will start showing in the search. Click on the Finish button. But right now one thing remains incomplete here that how to verify your Google My Business account?

How to Verify Google My Business?

To verify Google My Business, the verification pin code detail is sent to your postal address, which reaches your address in 8-12 days, you have to open Google My Business as soon as the verification code is received. After that you have to Click on Verify Now and enter the Business Verification Code. After that the account will be verified. You can also verify by phone text (SMS) for Google My Business verification.

How to access business profile?

An attractive business profile makes it possible to capture the attention of customers and retain their interest when customers are searching for your business. The Business Profile records your presence on Google Search and Maps. This way you can respond to reviews, post product photos or special offer information, and add/edit your business information.

With the help of your business website on Google, you can present your online business as well as provide information related to it as a professional. Plus, you can show photos of your business. Insights can help you optimize customer engagement and get the best results. Plus, you can encourage them to engage with you by talking to customers through the Customers tab.

Features Of Google My Business

Until your business is verified, it will not show up on online search but you will have access to a Google My Business account from where you can take advantage of its features and increase your chances of getting your business verified.

Post - From here you can share related posts related to business, products and services. Which is very helpful for promoting business online.

Information - From here you can enter detail information about the business like business details, services, business hours.

Photos - You can upload photos of your office, product, this will increase your visibility.

Is Google My Business Free?

Google My Business online sheller or offline sheller is beneficial for all. If you have to go to a destination and you do not know the location of that destination, then you can reach that location with the help of Google listing or map.

Google My Business is built for an audience that doesn't have that much experience via the Internet. Therefore, they are justified in thinking that there will be no charge for this. And Google understands this very well, so Google is mentioning the word free (connecting with customers on Google for free) on the front page of Google My Business.

Anyone can use the Business Profile for free. Yes, you heard it right. You can learn more about using Google Ads to grow your business by visiting the following link.

I want to tell this without any doubt that this service is absolutely free, but if you want to have a domain related to your business, then you will have to pay for the domain.

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Last Word

Dear Readers, I have tried to give you all the information related to Google My Business through this article like "What is Google My Business, How to use Google My Business? How you can Register your business on Google My Business?etc. I hope that you have got all the information related to Google my Business through this article and I also hope that you have liked this article, if you liked it, then you can share this article on all your social Do share on media. Do this so that others can be helped too.

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