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What is exactly an NFT?

What is an NFT? : This question is often asked by friends that what is NFT? What does it mean? how can I get it? etc. In this article complete information about NFT will be given. After reading this article, there will be no doubt about NFT in your mind. To get complete information, you have to stay with the article till the end.

If the full name of NFT is taken, then it is called Non-Fungible Token. Actually it is a type of digital asset or data, which is recorded on the block chain. NFTs are a form of digital tokens, which are assigned to real things ie paintings, games, music albums, memes, cards, etc. If someone is a creative and talented person then those persons can monetize and sell his skills through NFT. As nothing is impossible in today's internet age, it is also very easy to buy and sell digital assets. These digital assets are sold and bought through cryptocurrencies, because their encryption is also done with the same software.


What is NFT?

As you all know that the full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token but just by writing the full name, it cannot be understood that what is NFT? Now I am going to tell about NFT in detail.

In an economy, a fungible asset is called that which can be transacted by hands. Like you have $100 notes which you are able to transact. These notes are called fungible assets. In contrast, there are non-fungible assets. NFT is not exchanged or transacted, so it is also different from digital currency like bitcoin.

Any painting, poster, audio or video  can be bought and sold like normal things in the digital world With the help of NFT. You get digital tokens in return that is called NFTs. You might think of NFT is as an auction of this new era. The world is very big and there are rare things in different parts of this world, if someone has such a rare thing like an art or any thing whose other copy is not with anyone in the world, then people do NFT of such things and earn money.

The speciality of NFT is that if you are doing self-made painting NFT, then you will keep getting money till that painting continues to be sold. Throughout life, you will continue to get a part of the earnings of that painting. NFT also ensures through digital certificate that the copyright of your item cannot be passed on to anyone else.

Generally NFT is done through cryptocurrencies only. That is, if you want to do some NFT, then the transaction for that will be done through cryptocurrency only. But it is not fungible, that is, there is no trading of NFTs itself. It is actually a unique and non-convertible data entity stored in a digital ledger (blockchain).Using block chain technology in NFTs, digital ownership of an asset is given. 

You might be surprised to know that NFT has been in existence since 2014. However, in recent times, blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Tezos have set certain parameters on the integrity of digital assets coming up for transactions, following which investment in NFTs has increased.

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Why are NFTs necessary?

According to proponents of NFTs, these are very important because first of all, they limit the ownership of any asset to a single individual. Secondly important point is, only one person can hold and access these digital assets working on Blockchain technology. This can prove to be a great help to the artists. They can monetize their work through NFTs and if their creation is sold elsewhere, they will also get royalty on it.

How does NFT work?

NFTs may only be used exclusively for digital assets or goods that are not indistinguishable from each other. NFT proves the value and uniqueness of those digital assets. They can give approval for every digital assets like from virtual games to artwork. Here we can say that NFTs cannot be traded on traditional and standard exchanges. In digital marketplaces these can be bought or sold. 

If a work is digital, that is, on the Internet, then some copies of it may also be on the Internet. But NFTs means Unique code in digital world. So NFTs are unique because it has a unique ID code. As it is said that no two thumbprints are alike, no two NFTs can match. The ID of each NFT is unique, thus reducing the chances of selling fake NFTs. When someone buys an NFT, he gets a secure certificate equipped with blockchain technology.

As I have already mentioned that anything can be converted into NFT and it can be sold. Whether it is a  a funny video, unique painting, or even a meme. The reason for this NFT has become possible that in the digital world any painting, any poster, audio or video can be bought and sold like normal things. In return, you get digital tokens, this token is called NFT. You can think of NFT as a new round of auction.

Since NFT works on Blockchain technology, it is very secure. Blockchain technology is a platform where not only digital currency but anything can be digitized and its record can be kept and you will be able to easily authenticate through this Digital Token of NFT that you are the real owner of that property.

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What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a technology where keep safe digital cryptocurrency or information in such a way that no one can hack that information, no one can edit any information, that information it will be safe as it was. That is why both NFT token and cryptocurrency work on blockchain technology.

Should you invest in NFT?

Many experts also say that the NFT token will not last long and some even say that it will also rock the market like cryptocurrency. If you want to follow the new trend then you can definitely try it. Initially invest minimum amount of money. I would recommend that you stay connected with technology continuously and keep reading new updates. Let us now talk about whether there are some disadvantages of NFT as well.

Disadvantages of NFT

NFT also has some disadvantages such as –

1. In NFT, you can also be a victim of scams like because of fake marketplaces, fake sellers or unverified sellers.

2. Cryptocurrency has changed a lot in our world, but cryptocurrency mining has a negative impact on the environment. Computers working on this blockchain technology use electricity continuously and very high capacity
3. Investors may also have to wait for a long time to earn on NFTs. It may also happen that there is a demand for a particular NFT token in the market, but the seller is not ready.

Advantages of NFT

There are many benefits of NFT, we are going to discuss here one by one –

1. NFT tokens can be transferred with very ease i.e. they are transferable.

2. Such tokens are very trustworthy and once these are issued to you, it will remain with you as long as you want, that is, no one can steal them.

3. With these NFT tokens, you can also maintain your ownership, this means that no other person can tamper with your ownership.

Now I am going to tell you how to buy or sell NFT tokens. Before this we need to know what is NFT Token, so first of all we will discuss about NFT Token.

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What is NFT Token?


Nowadays, new ways of payment are being discovered like through UPI, eRUPI voucher, direct digital transfer, cryptocurrency etc and many more. All these payment options have made the payment methods more easy. One can send gift voucher to anyone from anywhere as a gift card or can also invest in some online gold or do trading. Just like there are different types of tokens in cryptocurrency, NFT token is also a type of Crypto token. Many experts also say that the NFT token will not last long and some even say that it will also rock the market like cryptocurrency.

How to buy NFT tokens?

Anyone can sell or buy NFT tokens Let's see how –

1. If you also want to buy NFT, then there are many different types of online platforms from where you can buy NFT tokens such as Open Sea, Nifty Gateway, Super Rare and Rarible etc. You can buy NFT tokens.

2. You have to create a SignUp account on any of the above platforms, after that you can also buy NFT tokens using cryptocurrency if you want.

Are NFT tokens and Cryptocurrency the same thing?

No, NFT token and Cryptocurrency are two different things. NFT is a digital asset. Whereas this cryptocurrency is called digital currency. See the difference between the both through the image given below-

NFT and Cryptocurrency

Last Word

Friends, I have tried my best to give all the important information about NFT
I have discussed every important information related to NFT. I hope that you will be completely satisfied with the given information. Nowadays, there is a lot of shortage of time with everyone, so I have tried to provide more information in less words.Nowadays, there is a lot of shortage of time with everyone, so I have tried to provide more information in less words. If you liked the article, then try to share it with others.

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