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Tinder : Tinder App for Friendship and Dating

Tinder : In today's post I will tell you what is Tinder or Tinder App? If you want to get information about this, then you are reading the right post. I shall give you complete information about this through this post. Friends, in today's globalized world nothing is neither difficult nor impossible. Where earlier it was believed that friends or couples are all in the hands of God, humans are just puppets, so to change this thinking, we are all using Tinder as a wonderful miracle and as per our choice making friends, choosing couple and even dating.

Friends, first of all make sure that this is an online dating app and it is a location based search mobile app. We can also say that Tinder is a swiping app, under which you can select photos of other users by swiping motion. From those selected photos, then the photos that match with your photo are swiped to the right and the photos that do not match are swiped to the left. Thus, with the help of this app, you can find your desired partner, talk to him, if you want, you can also make him your life partner. Now we will know further what is Tinder or Tinder App?


What is Tinder or Tinder App?

Tinder is a most popular dating app in the world and also most liked Online Dating App in the world. It is the most popular dating app in the world with around 55 billion matches. Hope that you can't believe that Tinder app already downloaded over 340 million times. As per available data Tinder is available in 190 countries and 40+ languages. 

This popular Tinder app receives every day 1.7 billion swipes and 26 million matches. Tinder biggest feature is that shows users their profiles by location. To select and reject any profile on this app, one has to swipe left or right. When swiped left from both the sides, they get the crush message, after which both the users can chat with each other.

If you are a new user of this app and do not know how to use it, then do not panic, I will give complete information about it, just read this article till the end.

As I have already told that Tinder App is Online Dating App. Through which you can talk to someone and make friends. And you can find out the people around you, whoever use this app. If you want to make friends with any boy or girl near you, and if they also use this app, then you can make friends with them.

If you go out somewhere, then this app helps you to make friends with the people around there. With its help, you can make a relation with anyone. This is a very good app for dating or we can say that it's a lover point. If you also like to make friends with new people then use this app.

Internet has provided us many facilities. Due to internet facilities most of our work is done from home. Due to unlimited internet facilities, we do not need to go anywhere else to fulfill any of our needs. According to your needs, some other apps are also quite popular, using which you can fulfill your needs. You can open the link given below to get complete details of apps for meeting, business, chat, chat with relative and friends etc.-

Is Tinder Free?

Tinder is a completely free app. Yes.. you read it right you can use this app without paying any money. And you can download it for free. But if you want to take advantage of some of its features, you have to pay money. Mostly people use Tinder for free but some people also pay for its advanced features. 

Even in a country like USA and UK, people often use Tinder for free and find a partner of their choice. Records show that many marriages have happened only after meeting on Tinder and they are living their happy life. You can also choose your life partner using this popular Tinder apps.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that how do we use Tinder app, now I am going to tell the use of Tinder app.

How to use Tinder app

Now I am going to tell you how you can use Tinder app very easily. You can use Tinder App very easily by following the given instructions-

First of all you have to download Tinder App. You can download Tinder from three places-

tinder app

After downloading, to create a profile on Tinder, you must first login to it with Facebook account. For this, you have to take special care that your profile is perfect on Facebook because Tinder will link you to your Facebook friends and also to other people. For this you have to install new Facebook app in your device.

You have to update your Facebook account.
You have to keep attractive photos in your account and take special care that no photo is dim.
To create a Tinder profile, tap on the edit text in the top right of the app.
If you do not understand some things, then leave those places empty because people often chat only after seeing your photo.
Keep in mind that whatever changes you are making, keep saving them as well.

How to Manage Tinder Settings?

It is also very important to know what are the necessary settings to use the Tinder app. Due to not having the right setting, you may face difficulty in finding your friend or life partner. Tinder app works only on the basis of the information given by you, so the information given must be correct.

First of all open the setting menu. In it you will see many options like- profile, home, message, setting and invitation. With its help, you can create your favorite profile. Later I will explain in detail how to create your profile.

After setting you have to select gender. You have to tell whether you are male or female.

After choosing gender, you have to decide the distance within which you want to find friends. For this, you have to keep in mind that your phone's GPS is ON before using Tinder.

You will also have to set the prescribed age for your friend i.e. you have to tell the age group of friend you are looking for.

You have to put your phone ON or OFF mode for notification setting. You will feel the vibration in the phone when a friend is matched.

Edit Text: In this you can edit your photo. Profile can also be shortened.

Search Box: Enter the name of the one you want to search by going to the Search Box. and search.

Send A Message: To whom you want to send the message. So by going to the menu, you can send a message from the Message option.

Like: In this you can also Like, Dislike and Super Like someone's profile and when you use this app then you will learn to run it well. So like this you can use the Tinder app.

How to download Tinder App?

Follow the link given above to download Tinder App.

First of all download Tinder app (link is given above).
Install App – Now after downloading the app, install it.
Open App - Now you can use it by opening this app.

First of all download the Tinder app from the App Store. Android: Search the Play Store to install this app. iPhone/iPad users: Search Tinder on the App Store and install the app.

Log in: Log in to the app with your phone number or Facebook account. Logging into Tinder through Facebook is a good option, as it makes the user's friend list, photos and other profile information easily accessible.

Profile: Go to the profile icon, tap on the gear icon in the app settings. Modify it according to your need.

Discovery Settings: In Settings, select Location, Interest, Distance, and Age. In this, you can also keep the location of your choice or the default location. You have to select the gender of your choice in the 'Show Me' section. In the section for Age (Age) and Distance, set the range and distance of the edge as per your requirement. Users can also customize the profile address in it with the web profile option.

App Settings: In its App Settings section there is a section for Notification and Contact Us. With Notification, you can change the setting of push notifications and the help and support of users is available in the Contact Us section.

Edit Profile: To edit your profile, go to Profile option and tap on Edit info. Here you can also select job title, company, school etc. in addition to profile picture.

Matching Process: According to the settings of the users in this app, profiles are visible to them. Users can like, dislike and super like anyone they want. You can reject a profile with the 'X' button, like it with the heart key design button and super like it with the '*' button. In this, you can reject a profile by swiping left and also super like by swiping right.

Sending messages: As soon as your profile matches with someone, you can find out about matching profiles with you by tapping on the message icon. After this, you can start a conversation by tapping on any profile.

Paid Membership: On Tinder you can get only 100 light swipes or likes in 12 hours. There are also many other restrictions on it for free users. To get rid of these types of restrictions, you have to take Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus membership.

How to create Account on Tinder?

You already know that in order to create an account on Tinder, first you need to download the Tinder app so after downloading the Tinder App, an account has to be created on it to use it. So let's know how to create an account in Tinder App, for this follow the steps given below. First of all open this app.

Connect Facebook ID: Now to create an account on it, this app has to be connected to your Facebook ID.

Update Facebook Account: Keep your Facebook account updated. Because it uses your Facebook data. Like your friends, age, place and your likes are also taken from Facebook ID.

Login App: After connecting Facebook ID, you are logged into Tinder App. And your account will be created on Tinder App through this.

Important Points to be Noted

This is absolutely your personal app that no one can check without your permission. It is the best aspect of Tinder App is that anyone can download this app for free but if you want to take other features of this app then you have to spend some extra money for that.

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Why use Tinder?

The most important thing about Tinder is that with the help of it, if you want, you can make friends with people around you and if you want from far away. With the help of this app, you will be able to know people who are looking for a good friend like you.

If you want more and more people to make you your friend, then it is necessary that you make a beautiful profile pic of yourself as well as using the option of profile boost attract more users towards you.

Along with this, if you want to chat with one person or with group through Tinder app. Along with this, you can also see the profiles of all the people chatting in that group.

Below are the advantages of why you should use Tinder app-

By using this app you get a chance to make friends with people like you. As per your choice you can do friendship.

 It is also very easy to use. Especially it is made for mobile users. Which you can use easily.

It is the good for users that Tinder App runs on both iOS and Android operating systems.

• If you travel and go out somewhere, then it is easy for you to talk to new people.

One of best advantage of Tinder App is that it shows only the people around you. By which you can know which people around you are interested in it.

Features of Tinder App

There are some features of Tinder App. And what are the features in this app, about which I am going to tell below-

Swipes : In this feature, if you swipe left side, it means that you have rejected the person in front. And if you do Right Side Swipe then it means Like by which you can like someone's profile.

Super Likes : If you really like someone, then you can use this feature.

Boosts : If you use this feature, then with the help of this your profile will be visible at the top. By using boost option your profile will be at the top of all in your area.

Swipe With Friends : In this you can also search any friend group. Here you can create your own Friends Group.

Chat : Once you are matched with someone or a group, you can start talking. And you can also send them Gif. Which is absolutely free.


With all the things, you will also have to take some precautions because often people use fake profiles to attract others, so take care of everything while online dating.

Now friends, if you guys want to meet each other after online dating, then this app will act as a bridge between you people.

So friends, with the changing times and with the paucity of time, neither mediator nor a middleman will be found to match the pairs. So in such times Tinder app will play a very important role in adding new relationships.

If you are also looking for a friend of your kind or looking for a beautiful partner for marriage, then download this app now and start a new relationship. Our best wishes are with you.

Last Word

Through today's post you learned what is Tinder App and How to download Tinder App?. Creating a profile, setting up, and all the information you may need is explained in this article. Hope you too will be able to download this app now. If you like this information than tell us by commenting. You also tell about this  information to your friends. For this you have to share this article.

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