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Zerodha Kite 2022 : New features

Zerodha Kite 2022 : One of the key features of Zerodha Kite application is its constant new and innovative updates. In this detailed Zerodha Kite 2022 tutorial, some of its best features are discussed. To get the complete information, you have to stay with the article till the end. We all know that Zerodha Kite is one of the top quality and unique features offered by Zerodha, India's leading Discount Broker. This web-trading application allows you to trade and invest in multiple sectors.

This will help you understand how important it is to your trading needs. Zerodha is known as one of the technology innovators in the Indian stockbroking world, especially when it comes to discount broking. Zerodha's trading platform offers the best of user experience, features and performance.

Zerodha Kite

What is Zerodha Kite?

If your question is what is Zerodha Kite? So here you will get complete information about Zerodha Kite, India's first discount brokerage, which has introduced "Discount Broking" model in India which is popular in today's developed markets. Zerodha's model exempts clients from any broking charges on trades and transactions and works in favour of traders who take large futures contracts and options provisions.

The name ZERODHA is derived from the English word "Zero" and the Sanskrit word "Rodha", where zero means void and rodha means obstacle, together forming the word "zero obstacle" which describes the company's objective. This business was started on this basis.

Zerodha is a financial services company that provides brokerage free retail and institutional broking, trading of currencies and commodities, mutual funds and bonds etc. in India. Which was established in Bangalore in 2010, which now has a branch presence in many major Indian cities.

Zerodha was founded by Mr. Nitin (Founder of the company) in 2010 to overcome the hurdles faced during his decade long tenure as trader which has completely changed the landscape of Indian broking industry today. The most important thing about Zerodha is that it is completely legal to trade with Indian exchanges. Stock trades in Zerodha are free for users who hold their shares for more than a day and a maximum flat fee of Rs.20 is applied for trading by Zerodha.

The company is the largest retail stockbroker in India based on the active clients of Zerodha as of 2021-2022, contributing above 2% of the daily retail volumes on the Indian stock exchanges. The firm makes money by charging a fee on futures contracts, option provisions and trading of non-trending shares.

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Benefits of Zerodha Kite

Zerodha is the best option for Demat account and it offers best services like low brokerage charges, low annual maintenance charges and many more. Some of the key advantages of Zerodha are as follows –

1. There is no charge on trade delivery in Zerodha.
2. Trading can also be done easily through Zerodha's Mobile App.
3. Zerodha offers benefits ranging from 4 to 10 times.
4. There is also a 60 Days Challenge in Zerodha which you can also take advantage of.
5. There are more than 15 lakh traders and investors associated with Zerodha.
6. Zerodha brokerage rate is 0.01% i.e. less than Rs.20 on every transaction.
7. On an average, more than 10 thousand crore transactions are done on Zerodha every day.
8. Zerodha provides a platform to its online mutual fund investment services which is Zerodha Coin.
9. Zerodha Coin has a website and a mobile app, which is available free of cost to all Zerodha customers.
10. Mutual fund investing with Zerodha is absolutely free.

Zerodha Kite APP Download

In its web version Zerodha Kite does not require any download. However, for mobiles, you can download the app either from the Google Play Store or from the iOS store depending on the OS type of your phone. Once downloaded the Zerodha Kite , you have to required to login using the valid credentials provided to you by the discount broker.

Zerodha Kite App is very easy to use and has good speed & performance with high level of data accuracy and useful analysis tools as well as making the Zerodha Kite application reliable to use. Zerodha Kite is not just an app but a complete ecosystem that also explores investment apps that integrate seamlessly into your trading experience on Kite. Some  special features of Zerodha kite are listed as follows –

This is a light weight app,
This includes third party integration,
It is available in different languages, and
Web and mobile versions are available.

You can download the Zerodha Kite app from Google Play Store or iOS Store, then after download, you can login to Zerodha Kite using the valid credentials received by the discount broker. You may click here to open it in a web browser : Zerodha Kite

How to open account in zerodha?

If you want to invest money in shares then you need a demat account. You can trade with the same account. You can open an online account inside Zerodha. Let us know that you will open an account like -

Terms and conditions for opening an account in Zerodha

1. The most important condition for opening any trading or demat account is your age. If you are 18 years old then you can open your own trading or demat account.

2. As an identity card, you must have the necessary documents which are as follows –

Aadhar Card
Pan Card
scanned photo
copy of signature
cancelled check or statement
income certificate -
Form 16
Bank statement of last 6 months
demat holding statement
latest salary slip
IT acknowledgement slip

How to Open Zerodha Demat Account Online?

How to open Zerodha Account

To open an online account in Zerodha, follow these steps –

Step 1 : First of all, you go to the website of Zerodha and click on the option to open account there. After that enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP same way verify email in next term.

Step 2 : After the email is verified, give your PAN card details including PAN card number and DOB details.

Step 3 : Now the next option that will come will be the payment option, you will have to pay with your UPI or card. Commodity account fee Rs 200 and Equity and Currency Account Fee Rs.300.

Step 4 : After making the payment, you will get the option of bank details, under which you will also open a demat account. For that it is very important to have all the KYC requirements and documents with you. Whatever information is asked for in your details, you should give proof and information from that document and also open your Damat account with your bank details.

Step 5 : Here you will get two options in which first Aadhar card information and second that you print it out and courier it to the nearest office of Zerodha. For Aadhar card, you fill the information of Aadhar card.

Step 6 : Now you can upload your income and bank related documents. like -

Bank Proof – Bank Proof for Last 6 Months Statement, Canceled Check and Bank Passbook.
Income Certificate – Last 6 Months Income Statement, 16 Forms and Income Tax Return.
E-Sign – You have to sign digitally.

Step 7 : Now you have to verify your photo and signature under KYC which will be done digitally online. In this way your account will be opened in these steps. After some time you will be able to access your account and also be able to trade.

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How to trade in Zerodha?

After opening an account in Zerodha, you can access its application. By opening the application, following the guidelines given in it, you can buy and sell the shares or commodities of the desired company. Zerodha has options for both buy and sell which are used in trading.

Brokerage Calculator:

When we talk about brokerage calculator we calculate our actual profit but with the calculator shown below you can calculate both brokerage and your actual profit. Under this, details of other charges levied by the broker like – Stamp Duty, GST, STT etc. will also be available. You can use this brokerage calculator in different situations–

Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator
Commodity brokerage calculator
Equity Option Brokerage Calculator
Currency Future Brokerage Calculator
Currency Option Brokerage Calculator
commodity brokerage calculator
Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

You can calculate Zerodha Brokerage by using Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for which you have to open this link- Brokerage Calculator

Very important tips for trading

It is very important to know about four important information for trading.

1. Charting Software – In which we have explained in detail below that you should use Zerodha Pi.
2. Time frame – The exact time of trading has been suggested to use the end of the day data.
3. Opportunity Universe - Nifty 50 Shares.
4. Mode of Trade – Trade positions but in which the path is open to close the position when the target is met within the day itself.

Now I will discuss in detail about each, which is very beneficial and important for you. If you carefully read the four important trading tips, then there will be no problem.

How Charting Software helps in trading?

We have learned many aspects of Technical Analysis. If you have read and understood all properly then you can definitely start trading based on technical analysis. This article will help you identify technical trading opportunities. The tips I give here are based on trading experience.

We have learned many aspects of Technical Analysis. If you have read and understood all properly then you can definitely start trading based on technical analysis. This article will help you identify technical trading opportunities. The tips I give here are based on trading experience.

To start technical analysis, you will need a chart visualization software, it is called 'charting software'. Charting software helps you to view and analyse various stock charts. Charting software is very important for a Technical Analyst.

So many charting software already available in the market. But two charting software are most popular  – 'Metastock' and 'Amibroker'. Mostly technical analysts use these both charting software. To use these software, you must first purchase a license for them.

Some free software is also available online that you can use without paying. Free software like- Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and many other business media websites are available. According my suggestion if you want to become a technical analyst, then take a license of a good charting software.

I want to tell here that charting software is like a DVD player Where you have to get a license to watch the movie of the software. When you work on a charting software, you need to take a data feed to view the chart.

Data feed is provided by many companies which already have online service available. You can easily get the service by searching the internet. All you need to do is find out which charting software the data vendor has, then they will provide the data to you in a form that is compatible with your charting software. If once you have bought a subscription to Data, they will first provide you all the historical data, after which you will have to update the data from its servers every day.

As per my experience you may have to pay Rs.25000 to Rs.30000 to get the latest version of a good charting software like Metastock or Amibroker. For the data feed also add more Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. software cost is one time, but the data feed has to be purchased annually. 

Maybe you are not able to spend that much then you do not have to worry, there is another option for you Zerodha's software Pi. We all know that Zerodha has its own trading terminal called Zerodha Pi. Pie helps you in many ways; I would like to draw your attention to some of its features related to technical analysis:

This is a double package – Pi is a charting software and with this you also get free data feed, which means it is a double package.

Nice visualization – Pi helps you visualize intraday charts as well as charts with many more time frames.

Modern Features – Pi has advanced charting features. This is even better because it already includes 80 technical indicators and over 30 drawing tools.
Strategy scripting possible – Pi also has a scripting language in which you can code technical strategies and test them on historical data. We at Zerodha Varsity will soon include a module on Trading Strategies and Scripting.

Ease of spot recognition – Pi has a pattern recognition feature. You can generated a pattern on the screen. Once the pattern is found, the Pi will find that pattern in the market.

Possible to trade with Pi – Pi allows you to trade directly from the chart, which is a great convenience for a technical trader.

Historical Data Dump – The Pi has a huge historical data dump (over 50,000 candles), which means you can easily test your strategy.

Your Personal Trading Assistant – Pi's 'Expert Advisors', give you live information about new patterns forming in the market.

Advanced Features – Pi has Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. They help you with your trading.

It is free – Zerodha is offering Pi free of cost to all its active traders.

So you see that there is a very big list. Before you make a decision on whether to get a charting package and data feed, I would recommend trying out using the Pi.

Trading time frame

Choosing a time frame is perhaps the biggest dilemma for a new investor when looking for trading opportunities. As per your convenience you can choose several time frame like- from – 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, EOD, weekly, monthly and yearly. Because of so many options you might get confused.

The reliability of trading also depends on its time frame so the longer the time frame, the more reliable the trading signal will be. For example, a bullish engulfing pattern would be far more reliable on a 15 minute time frame rather than a 5 minute one. Therefore, keeping in mind the length of your trade, the time frame for each trade has to be chosen.

If you are new or not an experienced trader, I would suggest you to that avoid day trading. If you trade, you have to mentally prepared that you will hold the position for a few days. This is known as 'swing trading' or 'positional trade'. It is often observed by a successful trader that a swing trader keeps his position open for a few days.  6 months to a year is the best look back period for a swing trader.

An experienced trader usually uses time frames of 1 minute or 5 minutes. Once you start doing trades for a few days with dedication and hard work, then you can gradually move towards 'day trading'. It is not very easy, maybe it may take you some time. The more discipline you are in, the less this time will be.

Opportunity Universe

According to the data of 2022 there are about 6000 stocks listed in BSE and around 2000 stocks are listed in NSE. Is it possible that you can find the right opportunity for you among these thousands of stocks every day? No no...It is obvious that you would like to choose such stocks in which you can trade easily. This huge number of stocks set will be the world or universe for you, among the huge set of stocks you will be able to find opportunities for yourself every day. Lets tell you some principles for choosing stocks.

First of all, see if the stock has sufficient liquidity. To get this information, you can check the Bid and Ask count once. If the difference between bid and ask is less then it means that the stock is liquid. If you want, volume can be also measured instead, just decide that there will be at least that much volume only then I will trade. For example, you may decide to trade only those stocks that have a minimum volume of 500000 shares.

You have to also ensure that the stock is in the EQ segment, this is necessary as day trading is allowed only in the EQ segment stocks. Although I have already advised that new person not to do day trading, but if you have taken a position and your target comes on the same day, then there is no problem in closing your position and exiting that stock.

You should also try to make sure that this stock is not the same that the operators run. However, it is difficult to find out which one is the operator's stock? There is no direct way to know this, it can just come from experience. You must be sure that there is no problem in selecting such stocks which satisfy the above conditions. then I would like suggest you to stick with Nifty 50 or Sensex 30 stocks. These types of stocks,called the index stocks, these types of stocks selected by the stock exchange itself and the process of their selection is very ultimate. In addition, the above-mentioned conditions are also complied with.

Mode of Trade

I would advise you to first look at the chart of Opportunity Universe stocks. Look only at the most recent 3 or 4 candles in the chart of these stocks. While watching these 3 or 4 candles look for any identified candlestick patterns. If a recognized candlestick pattern appears, take a deeper look at that stock.

After doing all this, it is very important to keep an eye on the volume closely. You have to know correctly that the volume should be equal to or more than the average of at least the last 10 days. Once the candlestick pattern and volume are confirmed, it is necessary to identify long trades and short trades. 

As far as possible the S&R level should coincide with the stoploss of the trade. If the S&R level is more than 4% away from the stoploss, then stop further evaluation of the chart and move on to the next chart. Now you have to look for dow pattern.

In particular, one has to watch for the possibility of double and triple top and bottom formations, flag formations and range breakouts, as well as primary and secondary trends. If everything is correct so far i.e. everything from 1 to 5 above is satisfactory, then you can start looking at RRR.

To calculate RRR, you need to set your target on the basis of resistance or support. It is pertinent to mention here that the RRR should be at least 1.5. Lastly it is important to look at the MACD and RSI indicators, if they confirm and you can increase your trade size if you have the money.

An experienced trader usually considers 1 or 2 out of 4-5 shortlisted stocks to be worth trades. Sometimes even an experienced trader does not have a single trade opportunity. Sometimes it also happens that there is no opportunity to trade and the trader is not able to trade, the decision not to trade is also very difficult. Remember this is not a simple checklist, If a stock confirms to the checklist, your confidence for that trade will be greatly increased.

Always remember

If you want to become a good technical trader then you will need a good charting software, according to my suggestion Zerodha Pie is good.
For day trading and swing trading use the end of day chart i.e. EOD chart.
You must use intraday charts if you are scalping.
You have to use a look back period for swing trading of at least 6 months to 1 year.
Use Nifty 50 as the Opportunity Universe to start with.
Always look for opportunity in 2 parts, in the first part look at all the charts in your Opportunity Universe and shortlist a few stocks.
For the second part, go through the chart of the shortlisted stocks in depth and choose the right opportunity.
Scalping is for those traders who are good or old swing traders.

Top Features of Zerodha Kite

Till now we have got a lot of information about Zerodha kite but there is still some specific information which is yet to be known. Now further I will discuss about the top features of Zerodha kite.

1. Multilingual : The biggest feature of Zerodha Kite is that it is available in various regional languages ​​of India like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Oriya including 10+ and also in other regional languages.

2. Easy to Use : Zerodha Kite is a lite application and uses minimum internet bandwidth. Thus, users living in remote area of India do not face much connectivity issues while using Zerodha Kite.

3. Universal Search : The application help us to provides a single exhaustive “Search” feature, which allows you to search thousands of records of various trading segments and indices, financial products, contracts and thousands of records. This feature comes in handy for traders who want to explore and monitor various stocks before investing and placing their capital.

4. Zerodha Kite Chart : When it comes to Zerodha Kite Charts there is a wide range that this trading application offers to its users. Such functionality is useful for all types of traders and investors regardless of trading experience, objective and goal orientation.

The advanced charting feature features 6 different chart types including Helkin-Ashi, Kagi, Line-break, Point and Figure Charts, Range Bars, Heikin Ashi Charts and Renko Charts, 100+ technical indicators and 20+ drawing tools. This feature is extremely important for users who tend to do their technical and fundamental analysis on their own.

As far as time period is concerned, for intraday charts, this tool provides data from 2014 and you can have daily level charts for last 7 years across different trading segments. Here is an image to give a quick idea of   how the drawing tools are used on these charts:

Zerodha Kite Chart

5. Smooth User Experience : With its minimalist user interface, Zerodha Kite offers its users a great user experience with easy navigation and high usability, with the provision to set shortcut keys. This is especially useful for beginner level traders who may find it difficult to understand the complexities of trading software.

6. Browser Notifications : Zerodha Kite provides notifications on your web browser along with all kinds of updates, market movements, important news and other related information related to your Demat account which may be considered important. Such notifications help you to do important work at the right time.

7. Wide range of data points : If you are someone who prefers to do fundamental analysis of stocks or technical analysis of stocks before placing your trades, Zerodha Kite provides you with a wide range of data points. Such data points include individual ratios, profit and loss information, cash-flows, shareholding patterns, corporate actions, etc.

8. Multiple order types : You can place individual orders as the platform offers product options such as CNC (Cash and Carry), MIS (Margin Intraday Square Off), NRML (Normal Futures and Options). There are different order types like market order, limit order, stop loss order etc.

9. Quick order placement : Facilitate easy order placement with a single click across multiple order types. However, you can also choose to use the regular order placement feature by forgoing that specific functionality. Zerodha Kite provides you single-click order provisioning. This feature is useful for intraday traders where profits can turn into losses in a matter of seconds.

10. Integration is allowed : In-built integration with Quant, an analytical tool manufactured by Zerodha, allows clients to conduct fundamental analysis through behavioral analysis. Also, you can integrate with tools like Zerodha Sentinel, Zerodha Streak or Zerodha Smallcase.

11. Market Watch : There are 5 market watch lists available with 40 scrips in each market watch list. However, this is a common feature and available in most trading applications. However, the Zerodha Kite Market Watch feature is quite easy to use.

12. Zerodha Kite Shortcut Keys : Shortcut Keys give easy access to features that may require full navigation to access. You can set these shortcut keys as per your convenience. Below is a quick look with the help of this image:

Zerodha  kite keys

13. Add Features : Some of the add-on utilities inside Zerodha Kite include: Zerodha Brokerage Calculator, Zerodha Margin Calculator, Zconnect, quant, pulse. However, these facilities are also provided separately. This trading platform allows you to use any of these within the application.

14. Diverse range of trading products : As per the claims of the broker, you can search for around 90k stock and derivative products across various indices. These products can be stocks, currency pairs, commodities, indices. This is certainly one of the most diverse ranges offered among the various trading platforms that you can access to proceed with the Zerodha Demat account opening process. Apart from these, you can make efficient use of app or web for Zerodha UPI transfer.

Zerodha Kite Charges

Different charges are levied when you trade at different levels using Zerodha Kite. Some of those charges are listed below:

Brokerage Charges (Check Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for more details) Link of which has already been given above.

Zerodha DP charges are charged additionally by each broker.

Zerodha Kite Withdrawal Charges: There are approx 25 banks with which the application is integrated. Rs.9 additional tax is charged for each transaction.

Zerodha Kite Intraday Charges: For intraday trading, you will be charged 0.01% of your trade value of Rs.20, whichever is less.

Zerodha Kite API Charges: If you are a new trader/startup and want to integrate Zerodha Kite with your platform, the integration charge is free.

However, if you are a retail trader and looking for API integration for your trades, you will be charged Rs.2000 per month. Also, if you want historical data access, the price goes up to Rs.4000 per month.

Last Word

Friends, I have tried my best to reach you complete information related to Zerodha kite. I hope that all of you will like the information given by me and will be satisfied with the information given about Zerodha Kite. Increase my enthusiasm by liking and sharing this article so that I can keep providing information to you like this.

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