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VPN - Virtual Private Network

VPN - Virtual Private Network : All of you must have heard the name of VPN - Virtual Private Network a lot but most of the people will not know what it is, what it works. VPN is a network technology that plays a vital role in converting an unsecured network into a secure one. It would be very good to say that VPN provides us both privacy and security.

VPN - Virtual Private Network allows you to make a safe and secure connection to another network on the Internet. By using VPN, you can access any blocked website or application. Also, VPN helps to hide the real location and identity of the user. That is, it keeps your identity completely confidential. VPN does a very good job for you that protects your data from being hacked. To get complete information about VPN, you have to read the article completely.


What is VPN - Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is known as a virtual private network that encrypts and transport the data as it moves from one place to another on the Internet. Using a VPN to connect to the Internet allows you to surf websites privately and securely as well as access restricted websites. VPN is not only for desktop or laptop, but you can also set up a VPN on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

Simply put, a VPN connects a PC, smartphone or tablet to a server via the Internet, and allows you to browse the Internet using that computer's Internet connection. Whenever it comes to increasing the speed of internet or accessing a blocked website, the name of VPN definitely comes and then the question comes in our mind that what is this VPN and how to use it properly.

The most important advantage of using a VPN server is that the internet connection is safe and secure and no hacker can steal your important or personal data. No one can easily trace your location. VPN is one of the best option to hide your location while using the Internet. It is the best reason why people like to use it.

VPN network is generally used in large companies for the safety purposes. It is used in government website, education institute website, companies website etc. This network is used in the website because it can provide complete security to very important data.

VPN extends a private network into a public network and enables users to send and receive data over shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. As I have mentioned above VPN increased functionality, security, and management of private networks.It provides access to inaccessible resources on public networks and is commonly used for telecommuting workers. 

In today's time it is very dangerous to share your personal details on the internet because the online world is full of bad people who can steal your personal details and blackmail them too. The world of the Internet is full of good and bad people, in such a situation, VPN helps us a lot in keeping ourselves safe for online activities.

In today's time, we face a fear while working online, there is an easy way to get out of the fear which is called VPN. As I have already told that VPN service is mostly used by people working online like businessmen, organisations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations so that they can keep their important data safe from unauthorised users.

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Where is VPN - Virtual Private Network used?

We use VPN technology in such a place where we have to keep our own identity safe and secure. And where there is a need to pass the restriction. Just like we make the main door strong for the security of our home, in the same way when we connect our phone device to VPN then it works like a local network and then we search by putting that website in our phone's browser. And then all the content and information of that website is shown in the user's device.

I will try to understand you the use of VPN with an example suppose a website is ban in US or UK but you want to connect to that website, then connect that website to VPN and stay in US/UK and connect to that VPN. In this way you can easily connect to that website as a local user. Here VPN is helping you in two ways, first is to hide your identity and secondly it helps in passing the restriction.

VPN Network

How does VPN - Virtual Private Network work?

Through VPN any user to access this network anytime and from anywhere in the world. Through the internet any kind of data sent by hiding and safely. No evil person in the internet world can hack nor any hacker knows how and where the data is sent. Because the VPN network provide more security and safety. This facility can be get for free and or you can also buy a virtual private network by paying.

When you would like to take the advantage of VPN then the network company will provide the IP address and the login ID and password. With the help of VPN, the restricted network or website can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

As you all know that the most important job of VPN is to keep your connection or all the work you are doing on the internet safe. Including with that, the big advantage of using VPN is that whatever restrictions are there on the internet, passes the all restrictions like there are some websites which we cannot access locally or in our country, with the help of VPN we will be able to access that website easily.

Earlier you were not allowed to see a website, through VPN now you are able see that website. If a website is blocked in our country then VPN starts to do its work, when we connect our device with VPN then that device works like a local network and we will be able to access that website.

When living in one country and connecting to the VPN of another country, a network connection is created between the VPNs of both the countries through tunnelling, which remains encrypted, In such situations VPN provides more security and no one can steal personal details from that network and then we can access the website through that VPN.

How to use VPN - Virtual Private Network?

So far we have known what is VPN, how it works etc. Now let's try to know how VPN is used. VPN is used in mobile, laptop or desktop computer. You can also use VPN on any device from which you can access the Internet. Complete information will be given here about how VPN are used in both smartphones and computers.

How to use VPN in Smartphone?

Go to the Play Store in your smartphone and type the VPN there and download the app from here on your Android mobile or VPN App with better rating than App Store (iOS) will have to be downloaded and installed. For this you have to follow the steps like this-

1. Open Play Store
2. Type "VPN"
3. Search the VPN app with the best rating.
4. Install the App. 
5. For example, after downloading and installing LunaVPN, you have to open VPN apps and then set your desired location in it.
6. After completing the above steps, you have to click on Connect shown in front.
7. By clicking on connect, VPN will be activated in your mobile phone.

By following all the above steps, you can use VPN network in your mobile phone very easily. Now you must be curious to know how to set up VPN in computer. Now I am going to tell how to set up VPN in computer.

Best Android VPN Apps for SmartPhone

The list of Best Android VPN Apps has been created, you can see for yourself and install any one Android App according to your need.
➤Tiger VPN
➤Buffered VPN

How to use VPN in Computer/Laptop?

You can use VPN in your computer or laptop very easily by using Opera Developer Software in your computer or laptop. Follow the steps given below to use VPN in computer-

1. First of all you have to download VPN software in computer/Laptop.
2. You will see the option of Menu in the top side, click on it. 
3. You have to go to Settings and choose the option of Privacy and Security.
4. You will see the option of VPN, here you have to tick Enable VPN.
5. VPN will be activated in your Opera browser.

After activation of the VPN, you can access all the blocked websites in this browser. Let me tell you that you can use VPN according to your need, in the URL bar of the browser, you will see VPN, from here you can turn on / off the VPN whenever you want.

Best Windows VPN Software for Computer

There are many VPN software available in the Internet but choosing the right VPN among them is a very difficult task. I have tried to reduce your problem a little and I have prepared a list of Best Windows VPN Software that you can install on your Windows 10 computer.

➤ExpressVPN - Best VPN Overall.
➤IPVanish - Best VPN for Android.
➤NordVPN - Best Encryption.
➤CyberGhost - Best VPN for Mac.
➤PureVPN - Best VPN For Travel.
➤ProtonVPN - Best VPN for Zoom.
➤Hotspot Shield - Best VPN for Netflix.
➤Surfshark - Best VPN for Torrenting.

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Advantages of VPN 

There are also advantages and disadvantages of using VPN, first here I will tell you about the advantages of VPN.

1. Helps to securely access public connections. We often need to use public Wi-Fi connections, but they are not very secure, so with the help of a VPN service, we can hide our identity and browse safely. Having a standard firewall and strong antivirus, as well as a VPN, adds an extra layer to our security.

2. Remote Access - Nowadays companies often use VPN, so employees working in companies can access their data from home or from anywhere to other people of the companies who are away from them. Network can be access with the help of VPN.

3. Hide location - As I have already told that with the use of VPN, you can hide your location very easily and you can set any location as per your wish.

4. Data security - As mentioned above that the Internet world is full of good and bad people, in such a situation, VPN is considered to be the best technology to keep your data safe. Nowadays all the important work is done online, if your data is not secure then cyber-criminal can find out a lot which can put you in danger such as, credit card, bank account, email login etc.

5. Change the IP address - If the IP address of another country is required, then it can provide you a VPN.

6. Share files - If you work in a group and want to share data with the group, then you can do it with the help of VPN. Another important function that VPN does is to download files anonymously.

Disadvantages of VPN 

Now you have learned what are the advantages of VPN, but it also has some disadvantages which are very important to know about. Next, now let's talk about the disadvantages of VPN.

1. Not All Reliable VPNs Are Free - Many VPN services are free but they have some limitations. Free Service VPN gives you 2GB-5GB free daily, which ends very quickly, for more you may have to use a paid monthly subscription.

2. All VPN Networks are not reliable - Not all VPNs can be trusted because VPN IPs are often not unique, they are shared with many people. Due to this there are chances of many security issues like IP address blacklisting and IP spoofing. It is better if you always use reputable, trustworthy VPNs.

3. Connection Speed - You have to do good research for good connection speed because often all network traffic is encrypted in a VPN, as it uses a lot of resources which reduce internet speed. Use a Paid VPN to get better speed.

4. Not support all devices - By the way, VPN service works on all devices like-Windows, iOS, Android but there are some operating systems and devices that do not actually support VPN applications. On this type of operating system, the VPN connection has to be set up manually.

5. Complex VPN - Some VPNs can also be more complex, the procedure to set it up is complex, due to which many users refrain from using it.

Last Word

Friends, I have tried to give complete information about VPN, I hope you have liked this article. What is VPN, how it works, where it is used and how it is installed in mobile or computer etc., all the information has been provided. I also hope that after reading this article you will not need to read another article.

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  1. What's more advantages with VPN networks is that it still works even with a public Wi-Fi network? A VPN connection ensures that nobody can eavesdrop on your activities even when using unsecured access points since your data will always be encrypted. here Setting up a VPN is a process that is quite straightforward.