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Digital Marketing - Basic Information

Digital Marketing : We all must have heard the name of digital marketing or online marketing or internet marketing but what it is, how it works, maybe we all may not know very well. First I want to say that digital marketing, online marketing or internet marketing, these three are not different, they are all the same. In this article, I will share basic information with all of you so that you will get complete knowledge of digital marketing.

In this digital age man has become completely digital i.e. human life has become a digital based life. If we look at the market status, then almost 90% of shoppers do online research before buying someone's product or taking service. In such digital world, it is very important to any company or business must adopt the digital marketing. Now I am going to tell further what is the digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Today is the era of internet and in today's era everything has become online, we should not hesitate in saying that everything is possible through internet. It is absolutely true that the Internet has made our lives better. We are doing many things through internet like online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bill payment, online transactions and banking etc.

Digital marketing is a word made up of two words digital means internet and marketing means market ie internet market. According to technopediasite, that service or product that we use digital technologies like internet and other mediums to sell is called digital marketing or online marketing.

In today's era, Internet has become very common and people's trend towards Internet is increasing, keeping in view this trend, businesses are adopting Digital Marketing. Internet is the basic medium of digital marketing. Hence the response of businessmen to market their goods and services through digital means is called digital marketing. To do digital marketing, businesses have to be connected through internet, computer, mobile phone, laptop, website advertisements or any other applications.

Digital marketing was started around the 1980s but it could not be possible because the internet was not so common at that time but its name and use slowly started in the 1990s. Through digital marketing, new customers can be reached very easily. Reaching more people in less time can be possible only with digital marketing.

In other words we can say that it is a developing area to develop technology. With the digital marketing facility, the manufacturer can reach out to his customer as well as keep an eye on their activities and their needs. What kind of trends the customer has, what the customer wants, all these can be discussed through digital marketing. In simple language Digital marketing is a medium to reach customers through digital technology.

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Why Digital Marketing is Necessary?

This is the era of modernity and hardly any other sector has progressed as fast as the telecommunication sector has progressed in this modern time. Everything has been modernized due to telecommunication. Internet is a part of the growth of telecommunication which is spreading like wildfire everywhere.

As I have already told that the main base of Digital Marketing is internet. Today's society is battling with the paucity of time, so digital marketing has become necessary. Every person is connected to the internet, he can use it easily everywhere. If you ask someone to meet you, they will say I don't have time, but they won't mind talking to you on social sites. Looking at all these things, digital marketing is making its strong place in this era.

Due to lack of time, every person is avoiding going to the market, after visiting five shops, he gets the thing of his choice, but through digital marketing, shopping can be done within his budget by sitting at home.

Now 85% people avoid going to the market, in such a situation, digital marketing helps the business to reach its products and services to the people. Digital marketing can show multiple variants of the same items to the customers in a short span of time and consumer can take immediate consumption of their choice. Through this, the time and time taken by the consumer to go to the market like a commodity is saved.

Considering the trends of common people, digital marketing has become necessary in the present era. Traders are also getting help in business. Businessmen can also connect with more people without door to door visit in less time and can convey the features of his product to the consumers.

Companies should also have the ability to understand the needs of the customer and show them what they need which they can buy later. He is not interested in extravagant shows. They want brands they can trust and that live up to their expectations.

We all know how marketing is important for any company. For marketing process, all small and big companies separately prepare their budget. Offline marketing is very expensive. Whereas online marketing is less expensive and proves to be profitable. So let's know why digital marketing is necessary.

1. For the promotion of your product it is a simple and fast way.
2. Online marketing is cheaper compared to offline marketing.
3. Digital marketing gives you better results.
4. This is the best and easy way for your product to reach the more consumers.
5. In digital marketing, you can get multi-ways to promote your service and product.
6. Branding value of your company can increases with the help of digital marketing;
7. Globally you can promote your product through digital marketing.  .
8. The process of selling and buying anything online through digital marketing is very easy..

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We all know that change is the rule of life, today is the age of internet, today people of every caste are connected to internet, because of all this it is easy to gather all the people at one place which was not possible earlier. Through internet we can also establish relationship between all businessmen and customers.

In the present time the demand for digital marketing is increasing very strongly. The merchant is easily delivering his goods to the customer. This is promoting digital business. In earlier times the customer used to see the advertisement, then liked it and bought it. But now it is not so, now goods can be sent directly to the consumer. Every person is using social media like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc., through which the merchant shows his product to the customer. Through digital marketing, merchants and consumers are easily accessible to each other.

Due to digital marketing, every person can easily get every use thing without any hard work. The merchant also does not have to resort to newspapers, posters, or advertisements to promote or sell his product. Promotion can be done only in a particular area through Newspaper or Poster but can be done globally through Digital Marketing.

Earlier every big company used resources like TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, pamphlets, poster and banner to run its marketing campaign and many companies used to go door to door to tell about their product. But now the way of marketing has completely changed over time.

Due to the ease of both the merchant and the consumer, digital marketing is very in demand. In the Internet age, the trend of people is moving towards the digital marketing very fast. This is a matter of joy for a businessman and a customer.

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Types of Digital Marketing

As I have already told that 'Internet' is the only means to do digital marketing. Digital marketing can be done through many different websites with the help of Internet itself. Now I am going to tell you about some of its types–

1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization : SEO is a technical means that places your website at the top of the search engine results and after searching in Google, it appears on the first page which increases the number of visitors. For this, we have to make our website according to keywords and SEO guidelines.

If you want to see your website on the first page of Google, which will get a lot of traffic or customers, then it is very important to know about SEO. Many companies related to digital marketing spend a lot on SEO.

Open the link for more information # SEO and Ranking Tips

2. Blogging : Blogging is a very good way for digital marketing, through blogging you can do marketing work for free. Many people have stepped into digital marketing from blogging and have become digital experts today.

3. Social Media : Social media is a very good platform for digital marketing where you can promote your product very easily. You all know that social media is made up of many websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Social media is a medium through which a person can express his thoughts in front of thousands of people.

When we all connect with social media, then at some interval we see advertisements, social media is the best medium for promotion or for attracting the customer. That's why social media is a great way to do digital marketing.

4. Email Marketing : You must have seen mail related to car, home, loan, insurance or any other products in your mail box. Companies reach the information of their products to you through email, this is called email marketing.

Email marketing is a right and safe way for all companies, through email marketing, from time to time, complete information about its product information and discount can be conveyed to the customer, and the customer can comfortably read the email and express his opinion and feedback on it.

5. YouTube Channel : YouTube is the world's second largest social media platform or it can be said that it is the second largest search engine. There is a lot of traffic on YouTube, where you can promote your product by making better videos. 

To review their product, many companies give money to big YouTubers, so that their product reaches the common people very easily. If you are a good video creator then you can start digital marketing by making video of any product. This is a free platform for common people.

YouTube is such a platform where there is always a lot of traffic of users and viewers. YouTube is a very popular channel all over the world, so here your product can be sold and bought very easily.

6. Affiliate Marketing : It is a commission-based marketing, in which the remuneration received by advertising products through a website, blog or link is called affiliate marketing.

Online shopping or companies selling products run affiliate programs. Under which you can sell any product of that website through your link. After which gives some money as commission. This is the most beautiful way of digital marketing, in which both the product and the website are marketed and affiliate links also get paid as commission.

For affiliate marketing, you have to create your link and put the product on that link, when the customer buys your product by pressing that link, then you get commission on it.

7. PPC marketing : You have to pay to see the advertisement, that is called PPC marketing. It must have happened to you too that by clicking on which advertisement your money would have been deducted. As it is evident from its name that money is deducted as soon as you click on the advertisement. This is also a type of digital marketing.

8. Apps marketing : Big companies have their own apps, which we get to see on the Google Play Store, creating different apps on the Internet and reaching people and promoting their product on it is called Apps Marketing.

App marketing is also a very good way of digital marketing. Smartphones are very common nowadays. Big companies make their own apps and deliver the apps to the people, there are apps available according to each need. Most of the people like to use the app for shopping, money transfer, online booking, news and social media. Therefore, by making an app of the company, you can increase its digital marketing.

Uses of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

You have read a lot of information related to digital marketing above, now I am going to tell about the use of digital marketing.

➤ You can advertise your product on people's letter-boxes where the number of people watching you can also be found. You can do the work of sending your advertisement to the letter-box through your website.

➤ High traffic website : It is very important to have knowledge of more traffic website, first of all search for more traffic websites then place your ad so more people can see you.

➤ Attribution Modeling : For digital marketing, it is also important to find out which product people are most interested in these days or which advertisements are the public watching more. To track this type of activity, special tools have to be used, which can be done by a special technique.

You have to build a good relationship with your consumer, taking full care of the likes and dislikes of the customer. It is very important to establish a relationship with the consumer and win their trust. Consumer confidence is very important that after seeing the advertisement do not hesitate to buy your product and get it immediately.

It is your responsibility to assure the customer that if the quality of your product is not customer friendly it is easy to replace it. The product booking and returning process should be easy.

How to start digital marketing?

Google AdWords : Most of the advertisements shown on the Internet are shown by Google. Google has its own website called Google AdWords where you can market your product right now. This service on Google AdWords is a paid service for which you have to pay. With the help of this service, you can reach your product to your target audience. Through the Google Adwords you can run many types of ads . like-

• Display advertising
• Video ads
• Text ads
• Text and image ads
• Image ads
• Gif ads
• Match content ads
• Pop-up ads
• Sponsored search etc.

Last Word

As we all are seeing nowadays that digital marketing is expanding very fast. It is also true that nowadays all the companies have focused their attention towards digital marketing. That's why I also thought it appropriate to give detailed information about Digital Marketing to my friends. How did you like this article, comment, write and tell me by forwarding it to others.

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