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Are you unemployed? Start earning online

How to earn money ONLINE : This article is especially for those people who are unemployed or student or teenagerNowadays unemployment is on the peak in every country, in such a situation every person is anxious to meet his needs. Those who do not have money or do not have any source of money, read this article completely, I hope that from today your worries will be removed.

Students and teenagers often think that what should I do so that my studies can continue and earnings can also continue. I have come up with some great tips to earn money online for all of you. In today's time, anyone who is connected to the Internet is looking for how to earn money online sitting at home so that he can get rid of the everyday affair of the office. If you are unemployed, student or teenager then understand that now your worries are over. Earn money online from today. Now I am going to explain that how you can earn money online.

How to earn online

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has become a great way to earn money in today's time. Friends, you will not believe that how much can be earned from Affiliate Marketing. This method is very good for the unemployed , students and teenager. Because earning is also very high from this and time is also saved.

To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you have to join Affiliate Program of any company. There are many websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Click-bank, whose affiliate program you can earn money by joining.

After joining the affiliate program, you have to select a product that you want to sell. After selecting the product, you will be given Affiliate Link. If you have more subscriber on social media then you can share on social media or anywhere. When a person buys a product from your link, you will get his commission and this commission will be your income.

Affiliate marketing is a best and easy way through this a blogger can earns money online by selling a company's product through his website. The commission that is received depends on the type of product, such as more on fashion and lifestyle categories and less commission on electronics products.

Nowadays many unemployed, students and teenagers are showing interest in doing business online and earning money by creating e-commerce site and personal blog, the trend of people from the job side is ending and the trend of earning money online is becoming more and more.

Many of you already know about Affiliate Marketing or heard it. Many bloggers use it in their blog and there are some bloggers who do not use it in their blog, there can be many reasons for this, such as either they do not have much knowledge about affiliate marketing or else they would be hesitant to think whether it would be right to use it in their blog or not.

Here the question arises that which company offers this affiliate program. Very simple answer of this question is  that there are many companies available on the internet that offer affiliate programs, some of them are very famous such as amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, GoDaddy, etc. All such companies offer affiliate programs, in which you can join the company by simply signup or register and choose their products and add their links or ads to your blog and earn a lot of money. The best part is that you don't have to pay anything to register or sign up.

Which company is providing the service of affiliate program you can find out  by searching it in Google. Suppose that you want to affiliate with amazon then write  the name of amazon in Google search and also mention the affiliate with that name, if that company offers affiliate program then you will get the link and you can easily connect with amazon. But here's one advice I'll give that before joining the company, read very carefully its terms and conditions.

Affiliate marketing payment modes vary from company to company, such as check, wire transfer, PayPal etc. You can take your payment through the same mode as you have convenience.

2. Blogging

How to earn money online from blogger

People are constantly coming in the field of blogging. Because blogging is considered to be the best way to earn online and this is also true. If a person has very good knowledge in a particular subject and has the art of writing, then he can also help others by sharing his information with the world and also get the best way of earning online for himself. 

If you have budget then you can take hosting and domain name. But those who do not have budget can start blogging from Blogging can be done on Blogger absolutely for free. There is no need to invest even a single rupee here.

Blog works like a website and it is a product of Google. Let me tell here that Google works very well, does not discriminate against anyone. It is a totally free service provided by Google.  With the help of a blog, we can share our thoughts, knowledge, and anything with the whole world. Our post written on the blog reaches the person who searches about it on Google. If said in very simple words, our Blog is a our personal website that can be created absolutely free and Google provide best interface in such a way that anyone can share their information by handling it very easily and it works like a website.

Online money can be earned by making a blog, first of all you have to go to and create a blog and write posts on it everyday, when people will like your post and many people will start coming to your blog, then you You can start earning money by connecting your blog with Google Adsense.

3. YouTube

Who doesn't know about this. Along with earning money from YouTube, the name can also be increased. YouTube provides you many ways to earn online money. Advertisement and Paid Promotion are very popular ways to earn money from YouTube. You can also make videos for YouTube by showing your face. If you do not show your face, then you can earn money from YouTube without showing your face. Friends, there are still many such topics in which the competition is very less. You can start YouTube in those topics.

Blogging is the most famous in terms of earning money online and the other is earning money from YouTube by monetizing it. Have you ever wondered why these You Tubers are considering their profession as a full time job? The answer to this is in just one word that online heavy earning. It can be done by sitting at home and listening to daily nonsense without any boss. You must be wondering is it all that easy then the answer is that it is very easy, because the hidden talent inside you has to be captured in the video and put it in front of the world.

The best thing to earn money online from YouTube is that you start earning online from the very first day. For this you only have to create an account on YouTube and upload good videos. You have to take care that the video you are uploading on YouTube is according to the rules of YouTube and AdSense, do not upload any violent or copyrighted video otherwise your YouTube channel will not be monetized.

Your YouTube channel will be monetized by AdSense, only then you will be able to earn online. AdSense will display contextual on your videos. The add will run on your uploaded video on your YouTube channel and if the viewer clicks on that add, you will get paid for it. In this way you can earn money online through YouTube.

4. Content Writer/Editor

It is also a job that we can get easily and earn money online. In the age of technology, today everyone is living an online life. There have been many such websites where you can earn good money by spending two to four hours doing copy editing or content writing work. Just for this, you should have mastery in any language, that is, in whichever language you work, then you should have a good hold on that language. Many bloggers pay a lot of money to their editors for this work. If you do not know content writing, then you can take help of video courses lying online, which you will get for free on platforms like YouTube.

It is a simple thing in very easy language that if you have any kind of talent inside you, then Google has created a platform for that where you can become famous because of your talent and also you can earn money for your talent. There are many such apps individually, through which you can earn money online. Think that money is slipping out of your hands, only you have to stop it.

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5. Social Media Assistant

In view of today's growing social media platform, it is also becoming a means of earning. Here the social media accounts of many companies have to be handled in which their content has to be managed.

For example, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages have to be handled, which can get a good salary. And you can do this work sitting at home for three to four hours. Many small industries, small shopkeepers and builders are ready to give you thousands of dollar to make their Facebook or Twitter page popular.

For the social media expert job, many companies gives 10 - 15 thousand dollar every month to the freelancer who sees their social media page. In such a situation, if you are a student, then this is the best way for you to learn social media marketing and make your career in the marketing field. That you learn about social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and start working for the company and gain experience and earn money online.

6. Freelancing 

If you have any skill inside you then you can earn tremendous money by using that skill properly. There are many jobs like Web Development and Data Entry which you will find on Freelancer.

You have to create your account on Freelancer. After which you can do whatever work according to you. You can take money according to your work. Freelancing is the best way to earn money in student life.

7. Online Researcher

Many students, unemployed and teenagers or can say that those who have some talent, they love to do research. Those students can take good advantage of this. By doing research, you can work both online and offline for business houses, media houses and writing online content.

The specialty of this field is that it becomes your good research networking and you can also earn good money online

8. Paid Review Writing

Paid Review Writing jobs are very good and easy option for any person but specially good for students. Through which you can earn a lot online money from home or in 2 to 3 hours. As per my knowledge this type of job is easily available on online social platforms. You have to write a good review for any company or blog, or film production, in return for which that company will pay you a good amount.

This work is in unlimited to any one area its depend upon your talent. Be it any product or any hotel, good reviews are needed by everyone. To do this type of work, your social networking should be very good, which you can get from social network. The more followers or subscribers you have, the more your social network will grow, from which you can earn a lot of money.

9. Translations Writing/Translator

If you have good knowledge of more than one language, which you know how to read and write well, then the best work for you and the best way to earn money is translation or translate into other language.

You can earn online money by doing this jobs in so many ways. If you work full time by joining any company then you can get very good salary. Also, if you work as a freelancer, then you can earn money according to the words of the content or per article. With this, you can earn good money by working one to two hours a day or even one to two days in a week.

You will get an opportunity to work for different newspapers or magazines, which will also give you money and your network will also increase.

10. Online Teaching

If you are interested in teaching as well as reading and you have the talent to teach anything, then this work is best for you. In this technological era, the field of online reading and teaching has increased a lot. You can upload teaching videos by creating an account on YouTube or you can earn very good by doing online teaching.

In the Corona era, the trend of online teaching and online reading has increased very fast, you can earn a good salary in this field. For this, you will not have to go anywhere, you can do this work sitting at home anytime according to your time. Be it technical or any language, online teaching is in high demand nowadays.

11. Photography for Bloggers

If a college student is studying photography, it is the best option to earn money by doing photography. But it is also not necessary that only students studying in photography can do photography. If a student is from some other field but he is fond of photography as well as clicks good photos, then he too can earn good money by working part time through it.

In photography, you can do photography of their new dishes for any Food Blogger or Home Bakers or Local Hotels which pay a lot of money. These all types of photos also uploaded to the blog, social media and magazines. As you get experience in this work, the charges you will get will also increase.

13. Instagram Portfolio

In today's technological age, everyone has started uploading their work portfolio on social media so that everyone can get a good opportunity. People from any field make Instagram portfolio of their work and join it and show their talent to the world and earn name and money like- modeling, singing or any fashion designing, arts, beauty, etc. 

So you can also prepare Instagram portfolio related to his field by designing it correctly and beautifully. Instead of all this you can earn a lot of money too. For modeling people, their Instagram accounts are very important. All you have to do is increase your networking and find such opportunities.

Due to your growing experience and network, you can gradually increase your charges and do this work full time.

14. Online Photos Selling

Today most of the people have websites and Android mobile apps related to their business and they needs excellent photos related to their business. They need to upload photos of their project to websites and apps.

If photography is your hobby or your profession and you have very good quality photos then you can sell them on different websites and android apps. You can earn money a lot from these photography profession.

15. Data Entry Jobs

There are many companies that get their data entry done online and offline as well as pay a good amount to them. College student can earn good pocket money through this.

There are many companies that need a Data Entry Operator. Many of these companies are such that make the work of Data Entry online. A lot of money is also paid for this work. This work is very good for college students. You can also perform this work from your mobile phone. The option of Work From Home is also available in this work.

You can start with some small data entry work such as entering a captcha or filling out a survey form. You can earn money from online referral by creating your own big network with your friends.

16. Share Market

In the stock market, good returns are available in the long term but sometimes in the short term also a tremendous return is available. You can start the Journey of the share market from $. You will have to invest a little bit in this.

You can get information about Share Market from YouTube or Google. When you will come to know what is share market, how to earn money from share market then you can invest in it.

17. Use Telegram

Friends, you will not believe that people are earning thousands dollar from Telegram too. To earn money from Telegram, all you have to do is create a channel. You can create a channel on any topic of your mind.

After which by creating your account in any Url Shortner website, you have to shorten the url of the movie link and share it on Telegram. After which that Url Shortner Website will give you money according to the click. Also you can earn money from Telegram by doing Affiliate Marketing.

18. Call Center Jobs

Friends, if you live in Metro Cities, then you can easily get a job in Customer Care Call Center. Where you have to receive phone calls and solve their problems. If you are unemployed and do not see any means of earning, then you can fulfill your needs by joining a call center job.

19. Zomato Delivery Boy

To do the job of Delivery Boy, you have to get out of the house, you cannot do this with your smartphone. If you want to do this job then you can start with Zomato. It gives 50-100$ to each Delivery Boy.

You can easily earn up to 5000$ every month. If given more time then you can earn up to 10000$ also. You can get complete information by visiting the official website of Zomato. You must have a vehicle driving license to do this job. These are very important.

Online earning is a help

In the era of rising inflation, today every person is busy in making money (Make Money Tricks). College students are also doing Real Online & Offline Part Time Jobs for their pocket money along with their studies. But every student studying in college is unaware that by doing which job they can spend their pocket money. Now it becomes your responsibility to deliver this article to them.

There are many students who have taken loans for professional education, in such a situation these real earning tricks will come in handy and they can earn a little income by doing offline or online jobs which will help them to become self-dependent.

During the Corona period, many people have lost their jobs, many people are unemployed and students are also sitting idle at home, by writing this article for them, I have tried to help from my side.

I have told you a way to earn money online. Now it is up to you what work you do. All these methods are not only for the students but also for those who are unemployed. If you still have some questions in your mind, then definitely ask us by commenting, we will definitely solve all your problems.

Last Word

So friends, I hope that you have liked the post written by me "How to earn money online". You must have got to learn something from this post. If you liked this post, then share it with other needy people. So that they can also know how to earn money online. If you have any problem in understanding anything then you can ask me by commenting.

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