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How to get toll free number?

Toll free number : You must have heard about toll free number. So it must have come in your mind that what is the meaning of this Toll Free Number? If you are thinking of starting a business, then it will be very special for you that your customers call you and their money is not deducted. Toll free number builds customer confidence in the business and ease of contact.

Be it small or big, the business seems incomplete without Toll Free and VIP number. Having this alone builds your customers' trust and brand recognition. If you also want toll free number for your small or big business, school, college or any office then definitely read this article. I shall tell you how to get toll free number from any telecom company online. How to get toll free number easily, what is the way, it will all be told here.

How to get Toll Free Number

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 What is Toll Free Number?

As it is clear from its name, toll free number is a number which is specially taken for any business, the speciality of toll free number is that the company itself has to pay the fee for the phone calls made by the customers, In this way, customers can talk for free without deducting money from the main balance of the phone.

This type of Toll Free Number can be easily identified as they usually start with 1800, 800 or 1860. You must have called many customer or helpline numbers, and you would have talked for hours on these numbers and not a single penny would have been deducted, then these numbers do not charge you anything. Most of the business companies use toll free number.

Toll free number means free service that business people use. For example, if you talk about Amazon toll free number, then if you buy something from Amazon and you want to get complaint or information from any service of Amazon, then you contact on Amazon's toll free number, at that time not a single penny is deducted from your call because this Amazon toll free number gives free service to its customers, hence it is called toll free number. Many companies provide this toll free service to their customers for free. If you also want to start any business and want to give free call service to your customers, then you can buy toll free number from any telecom company.

How the toll free number work?

When you buy toll free number from any company, you get cloudy telephone company with the system provider. When your client places a call on this toll free phone number, this call first goes to the local telephone company or to the cloud telephone system provider.

The cloud system service provider keeps all the information related to the call such as where the call comes from, where it goes, and its recording and calls are also stored in this system through SOMOS in this company's system. From this local telephone company, the customer then dials the toll-free number after seeing the customer's call on an advertisement or a business card. First goes to the local telephone company or to the cloud telephony system provider.

The local telephone company receives information related to this through SOMOS as to where the call is to go. When all the details are received, it is transferred to the concerned company. The end user receives the call and then talks to the customer.

You will be surprised to know that you do not need to take any special SIM card for toll free mobile number. The number of companies that you have with you, gets a call on it. This means that whichever company's number you use, you will not have to change it, in this way you will keep getting calls from other people to whom you have given the original number.

For this you have to take cloud telephony service of any company online only. After this you will be given a special number like 1800 or 0800 which will be perfect according to your business. Whenever your customer calls on it, your normal phone number will ring the bell. Actually this system works completely on call diverting.

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Benefits of Cloud Telephony 

Suppose you want to open a company and have many departments, then you can link 100 different types of numbers in the background of a single toll free number.

With the help of Cloud Telephony, you can also listen to voice message to your customers through IVR, like thanks for calling this company and 1 for English, 2 for support, 3 for sales etc.

Any ordinary number can be connected to a particular department through IVR so that the customer can select it and talk to that department. All this game is of mapping, for which software is provided to you on the cloud platform.

With its help, you can also record the call and it is completely legal. Because you already tell your customer with the help of voice massage that their call can be recorded for quality and training purpose.

Apart from this, let's say someone calls from Chicago, then the call will be received at the nearest location and if the line is busy, then after that the call will be connected to the other nearest location. Many more features are available such as for customer care, you can choose from any city. And they can help them by sitting at their home and dealing with your customers. Its biggest advantage is that you can manage your toll free number from any corner of the world.

How to get toll free number?

Toll Free Number

If you are thinking of taking toll free from your current SIM company, then you will not have to take any special SIM, whatever telecom services SIM you are using, you will be activated toll free on the same SIM. With this service, you have to go online and register with the cloud telephone provider.

Later you will be given a special number like 1800, 800 or 1860, from these numbers you can use your own toll free number to start your business. Whenever any client i.e. customer calls you, the phone will ring on your ordinary SIM only, which will be easy for you to stay connected with your client. This cloud telephone system is completely based on call divert.

Toll free numbers can be identified very well, the first digit of these numbers is kept like a serial - eg 1800, 1860, 800. By this serial number we are easy to dial the customer care or helpline number. But in USA toll free number start with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

There are many companies that provide toll free telephone number facility online. Some of the popular names are Tata Tele Services, MyOperator,,,, etc. To take the service of these companies, you have to register by visiting their website and choose the plan. If you do not understand anything, you can get more information by calling their customer care.

According to you get easy control panel and this company promises to give live call transfer, sticky agent and 99.9% uptime. Apart from this, if you want to take a trial for a few days, then you can also request them.

If you do not like the service, then you can claim a refund within 30 days from the  MyOperator. They facilitate global footprint, with the help of which you can access several countries like United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Russia, Turkey, Denmark, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Finland, Georgia, Greece, etc. You can expand your business by taking toll free telephone number.

Why is a cloud telephony system necessary?

As we have told you that it is completely based on call diverting, this service provider gives you a special service in which you are given IVR facility with the help of which voice message is given to your clients – for example “Thanks for Calling Abs Company, Thanks for Reaching Us, We Will Call You Shortly”, “Press 1 to Listen in English, Press 2 to Register a Complaint, 3 press for sales, 9 press to talk to our customer care such facilities are provided to you by these cloud company on your number. On the basis of this system mapping, software is made available to you on a cloud platform, so that you connect your call to the particular department through IVR.

In this process, your call is recorded, which is already known to you at the time of calling the toll free number. This voice message is pronounced in such a way that “Your call will be recorded for quality and training purpose.

In this service, you get many facilities such as if you are from Chicago city then you are connected with the customer of the local area near you, apart from this you can also visit any local area for your customer care support for your business. You can choose residing people who can give information about your business to their clients, that too sitting at home and this also gives a lot of support to your business.


What is required for toll free number registration?

First of all, you need to have ID proof, then having a photo, email id, your mobile number, etc., you will be able to register on these websites. Talking about ID proof, any ID in which your address and photo is attached and approved by the government can be used. Like driving license, passport etc.

Pricing for Toll Free Number

Talking about the price, their Office IVR system starts from around $200 per month. And talking about cloud call centre, their first desk plan starts from $ 500 per month. In this plan, you get the option to add five thousand minutes and 15 departments. By the way, there are different prices of toll free number providers, you can choose the price and service provider according to you.

Last Word

Friends, all types of information related to toll free number have been given, you may have liked it. Having a toll free number is very important for business, it will not be wrong to say that it is also an attraction point of business. In today's era, the customer wants more and more convenience, so in order to contact the customer easily, it is necessary to have a toll free number for business.

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