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Why VOIP Important for Business?

Why VOIP Important for Business : I will explain in this article what is the important contribution of VOIP in Business. First let me tell you that the full name of VOIP is "Voice Over Internet Protocol", an advanced technology that allows businesses and employees to communicate more effectively with traditional phone lines. VOIP is a popular IP telephony implementation that only supports voice communication.
This technique is also known as "IP telephony" as it uses the Internet protocol for the transmitted packets of data.Although traditional phone systems operate on public switched networks, VOIP converts our voice into information packets that can be transmitted over the Internet. Since the Internet uses a special protocol (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol or TCP / IP), this development is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
VOIP benefits and features details
Importance of VOIP

VOIP What Offers You

Essentially, VOIP allows you to operate your phone system over the Internet rather than using a traditional public switched network. VOIP phones can provide businesses with many advantages over a regular phone service.

VOIP provides excellent call quality. The person you are calling will not tell whether you are using VOIP or POTS - there is a slight difference in quality.

While it is true that transmissions can occasionally have a hiccup, technology has evolved to the point where service interruptions or interruptions are no more frequent than POTS connections, and call quality is much better than typical cell phone reception is.

Monthly costs can be reduced significantly and they allow calls from any location with a computer and Internet connection. This is why VOIP is becoming a rapidly selected technology for communication for business owners.

VOIP system is much more than telephone service over the Internet. Yes, it converts analog phone signals into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet. However, this technology also incorporates video, data conferencing, and desktop sharing.

VOIP is a more economical form of communication than standard phone lines used by traditional phone companies. This is the reason that in today's era, a VOIP is very much preferred for business.

Advantages of VOIP

The biggest advantage over POTS is the cost of VOIP. Domestic calls are almost free, or at the very least, less expensive than POTS, Whereas international calls are very inexpensive and in some cases free also.

A VOIP phone number, sometimes called a virtual number, is not directly connected to the landline's physical network, but "appears" to occur. Thus, people from another country can call you at a local rate rather than a higher international rate because your virtual phone number "seems" to be within their local exchange, even if it is not.

Another important advantage is very convenience and versatility. Virtual phone numbers can be assigned to ring on multiple devices: a landline phone, a cell phone or a work or home phone. You can also give multiple phone numbers to ring on a single handset.

At the most basic level, acquiring VOIP service is almost hassle free or almost trouble free. Myriad providers with computer and Internet connections are available. All you have to do is download the software, and within minutes you can start calling.

VOIP is particularly attractive for businesses. Voice calls cost very less, a cost savings many times the number of employees and frequency of calling. In addition, VOIP integrates data and voice communications (including cell phones) in a more cost-effective manner. Instead of trying to create two types of communication systems, the two are already tied together.

The main point of VOIP may be to make cheap phone calls, it comes with high functionality including high-fidelity audio, video, and web conferencing; Tremendous capabilities for tracking, analyzing and reporting data, as well as file transfer, shared presentations and computer desktop controls — all.

VOIP is a multifunction system. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) -enable VoIP handset can handle any type of communication, whether voice or data: regular phone calls, fax, voicemail, email, web conference etc.

So, for example, you can listen to your email or record a voice message that you can send to a fax machine. Handsets are also scalable - you can add and subtract features as per your need without switching hardware. The plug-and-play capability means that you do not need a support team to reconfigure the network every time new extensions are added. All you have to do is plug in the handset and it is ready to go.

VOIP is very efficient and totally secure. Allowing voice and data communication to run on a single network greatly reduces corporate infrastructure costs; The bigger the company, the bigger the savings.

For companies concerned about security, VOIP already has the ability to use standardized encryption protocols, which are more difficult to provide over a regular telephone connection.

We all know that VOIP hardware is very inexpensive and versatile. Using VOIP handsets or  any equipment are also very less expensive than traditional telephones and are simpler to reconfigure.Dual-mode VOIP handsets are also able to switch from cellular connections to Wi-Fi during conversation, eliminating the need for employees to provide both cell phones and "regular" office phones.This not only reduces overall expenses, but reduces maintenance by half, as there are fewer devices to track, control and support.

VOIP comes with a virtual assistant. Some other useful business features include auto attendants - also known as a virtual assistant - that not only play prerecorded music or messages on calls, but also call departments as well as individuals. It looks bigger than your company, as the "accounting department" may be just your father-in-law, but this feature gives customers the impression that you have a large organization.

VOIP work as a tracking system. Another one of the most interesting feature is sometimes called Find Me, Follow Me, Call Hunting or Advanced Forwarding. It allows a handset (or a number) to use the person wherever they go, whether in the office, in a conference center, or a home phone or cell phone. One variant of this is the presence, which allows you to track where employees are, and also defines rules on locations where the handset should ring.

Benefits of VOIP

➤Cost saving is very important in any sector, hence the first benefit of a VOIP is cost savings and flexibility.
➤National or international calls are very cheap or almost free.
➤Travel cost reduction due to use of VOIP.
➤Another special benefit of VOIP is that a network for both voice and data.
➤VOIP has the feature of portability regardless of location.
➤All the phone systems of VOIP provide travel facilities with you.

Common Features of VOIP

The wide range of features available on today's telephone systems is both impressive and inexpensive. Features that cost extra charge with a traditional phone system often come free with a VOIP phone system. Some common features available include.

Voicemail, Conference, Calling, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Unlimited Long Distance, Repeat Dialing.

Advanced Features of VOIP

Call Queuing, Call Centre Functionality, Email/Fax Solutions, Find/Follow to Reroute Calls Directly to Mobile Employees, Remote Office Features.

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