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WhatsApp Business app : Complete Information

WhatsApp Business : Nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp, we all have heard the name of another app along with WhatsApp, which is 'WhatsApp Business'. The question that arises in the minds of many people is whether WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp are the same type of app. Here all the information related to WhatsApp Business App will be given but for this you have to read the entire article.

How and from where to download WhatsApp Business, how this app can be used, for whom is this app better, what are its benefits, such complete information will be given. This app is designed keeping in mind the small business owners. With the help of WhatsApp Business app, conversation with customers can be done easily. The app provides tools to sort messages as well as reply to them automatically and quickly.

WhatsApp Business

What is WhatsApp Business App?

The WhatsApp Business app is designed in such a way that it looks and works exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. You can use it just like you are using to send messages and photos through WhatsApp Messenger.

In today's time WhatsApp messaging app has become so popular that people also share their business and business related information through it. But if you want, you can also create a business account of WhatsApp instead of personal. WhatsApp business account is slightly different from personal account and in this you can also give your business information.

WhatsApp Business helps to promote the business of small merchants. This makes it much easier to work and contact the merchants among themselves. Along with this, it also helps in exchanging samples etc. in the business. There are more than two billion users of WhatsApp worldwide and the number of people using it in India is in millions. 

This app has not just achieved this position. It tries to provide all the necessary facilities to its users. Through this you can not only do chatting and video calling, but you can also use WhatsApp for your business. So let's know how to create a business account of WhatsApp.

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About WhatsApp Business Application

WhatsApp Business is a completely new feature that has been started by the company but for now only beta testers can use it. As can be understood from its name, it is specially designed keeping in mind the business. 

It is designed to connect with other clients with the help of the user base of Whatsapp. Now Businesses can join this platform by signing up in it and using its service can provide new updates to their customers like timings, confirmations and other information.

Experts say that WhatsApp will try to keep its consumer-centric messaging app separate from this new upcoming business-related service. That's why this app has been launched as a completely different app and which they have named "WhatsApp Business".

Experts also say that the company has planned to launch not one but two different services. One of these will be for small businesses and the other will be for large enterprises. It has been heard that the service with small businesses will be free, but in large enterprises, you may have to pay money for the service.

Some such features will be seen in WhatsApp Business which are not seen in original WhatsApp such as creation of Business Profile, where we users will have to fill some things like 'Business Description' 'Website' 'Address'. One of the special features here is “Chat Migration” as the name suggests, in this you can transfer your chats from one device to another, even from one account to another. The company has also included many such scenarios where it has come to the fore whether you can use this app in a single device or in multiple devices at the same time. Users can use both these apps WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business in the same device but using different numbers.

Here users can also open WhatsApp Business Accounts using their landline numbers, this feature is not available to regular WhatsApp users. It will be easy for people to keep their personal and professional accounts separately, which was a big problem earlier. With this, they can give equal importance to both.

Other features like Auto Responses and Analytics etc. Users can prepare some such customized messages in advance, which will be sent automatically to the clients when the user is not available. On the other hand, the user can see the details of his account such as number of messages sent, received, delivered and read. Which will help him to see both his content and the response of the clients in a good way.

As a general WhatsApp user, you can see all those messages which are completely encrypted but at the same time you will also get to see a pop-up which will have information about the verification status of your business account. With this you can see all the information about that business owner such as their location, business category, image, e-mail ID, website etc.

How to Create WhatsApp Business Account?

First of all I want to tell here that if you do not have any business, then you will not need to download this app. You can continue talking to your friends, family and business using a WhatsApp Messenger account.

To download WhatsApp Business app for free, click on the link given below-

After the WhatsApp Business account is installed, it has to be activated. For this, you have to sign-up in this app with your business mobile number. After this you have to click on the three dots, you will see them at the top of the screen. Doing so opens the menu. When the menu is open, click on Settings and then click on Business Settings. If you have a company in the business account of WhatsApp, then you can also create a WhatsApp business account in the name of that company and also enter your website address or other details.

View Terms of Service: Read the WhatsApp Business terms of service and for further process click on 'Accept & Proceed'. To add your country code to register, select your country(s) from the drop-down list, then enter your phone number in international format. Tap Done or Next, then tap OK to receive the 6-digit registration code by SMS or phone call. Here you have to enter the 6 digit code for the registration completion.

Allow access to your contacts and photos. Contacts from your phone's address book can be added to the WhatsApp Business app. You can also grant access to photos, videos and files on your phone. 

To create an account, enter the name of your business, select the business category and profile picture. To create your Business Profile, tap Learn More > Business Profile. In this, you can add important information about your business such as business address, what service you provide, opening hours, etc.

Now you can start a chat. Your business profile is now ready. Tap or then find or select a contact to message. Type a message in the text field. After that tap on
 or .

WhatsApp Business Tools

Whatsapp Business

There are many such tools in the WhatsApp Business app, with the help of which you can run your business in a better way. To learn about these tools, visit the chat screen. For more option you can Tapon Android or Settings on iPhone. Then tap on Business Tools.

 Catalog: Show and share your products and services in a business account.
Short Link: With its help, new customers can easily connect with you. Share auto-generated shot links with new customers so they can message your business.
Messaging tools: Use WhatsApp messaging templates, so you have pre-written messages for important conversations. Create automated 'greeting messages' to engage with new customers. Set up an 'away message' so that if someone contacts you after a store closes, they know from your message what time you can be contacted. Create a 'Quick Reply' to answer frequently asked questions.
• Labels: Use labels to classify your interactions with customers, such as “New Customers” or “Pending Orders.”

Features in WhatsApp Business app

As you all are aware that WhatsApp Business simplifies the conversation with customers. WhatsApp Business has tools that allow you to reply to messages automatically and quickly. It is designed like WhatsApp Messenger so that it makes you feel and act like that. Customers can use it from sending messages to sending photos just like you do on WhatsApp Messenger.

It has the option of Business Profile, which contains information like company address, email and website. It also has the option of statistics, which lets the customers know how many messages were successfully sent, reached and read. The messaging tools given in it help in responding quickly to the customers. As mentioned above it can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.

This app will also have the facility that any web page can be opened inside WhatsApp and they will not have to go out of the app. However, one thing is to be noted that while using this feature, you will not be able to take any screenshot or record the screen. The "In-app browser" will also alert users about harmful web pages. Apart from this, if you are worried about whether WhatsApp or Facebook can check your browsing history or not, then no need to worry, no one will be able to check your history.

• With the help of business profile, important information like company address, email and website can be provided.
• Labels make it easy to manage your chats and messages.
• With the help of messaging tools, you can answer customer questions quickly.

Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business may look similar, but both are different apps. WhatsApp is a messaging app meant to keep you in touch with your family and friends. Whereas WhatsApp Business is a platform to promote your business, This app has been created to provide ease in business which can be availed by registered traders.

Whatsapp business app is designed for you to communicate with your customers and grow your brand. Both the apps have their own characteristics, on the basis of which there is a difference in the features of both the apps. Basically both are WhatsApp so some features are common in both the apps but WhatsApp Business has special features like Business Profile and Business Messaging Tool.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business helps to promote the business of small merchants. This makes it much easier to work and contact the merchants among themselves. Along with this, it also helps in exchanging samples etc. in the business. Through this, the transaction of order becomes very easy. It directly connects business and customers.

Many rumors and speculations have come to the fore regarding WhatsApp Business. But perhaps there was no such truth in anyone because these news were not officially published. But only last month WhatsApp which is a Facebook owned company has officially told about it. It is primarily designed keeping the enterprise in mind.

The purpose of this app is to make it easier for the Enterprises (Business) to communicate with their customers. As shown in the above image, the logo of the app has also been modified. Now the sign of B will appear inside the logo of Whatsapp.

Last Word

Today I thought that some such information should be provided to you people about WhatsApp Business, about which you may not already know so much. Now you have to tell how did you like the information related to WhatsApp Business App? Will it be liked as much as its messaging app has been done. Or it will remain only business oriented. Do you think WhatsApp will be able to replicate its past success in its new Business App?

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