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Delta Variant : How dangerous is the delta variant?

How dangerous is the delta variant? : All of you friends know that Technopediasite only provides information related to Telecom Sector but it is also our very important duty to inform our friends about the upcoming new disease Delta Variant of Corona virus. In this article, we will try to know what is this new variant of corona and whether the existing vaccine will be successful in fighting it.

When the world has been so shocked by the Alpha Corona virus, then it is difficult to imagine what kind of panic will be among the people due to the outbreak of Delta plus variant of Corona virus. It is quite frightening that the delta variant is now spreading around the world and prompting new lockdowns - even in countries where the virus was under control. Now we will try to know further what is the Delta variant of corona virus?

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Delta Variant of Covid-19

What is Delta variant of Corona Virus?

The third strain is Delta Plus, also known as K4-179. This is a very dangerous variant that can spread 30-50% more rapidly than earlier so there is a need to be careful. Experts and doctors say that the delta variant can infect mostly children and old people. To protect your children, follow the Covid protocol and get vaccinated because vaccination can save you. If you are careful, your baby will also be saved.

First information about this variant was given in the Public Health Bulletin of England. According to scientists, it is formed after protein mutation in delta variant. It has been named K4-179. This Delta variant was initially found in beta variants and was first identified in South Africa. Right now, this is kept in the category of Variants of Interest, that is, an attempt will be made to find out how it is changing its form.

With the spread of 30 to 50% faster than the previous Covid variant, this same percentage is being said to be powerful. Delta Plus sticks firmly to the lungs and completely destroys the immune system, in this variant the oxygen level can drop even faster than the previous Covid.

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Where was the Delta variant first found?

The first patient of Delta Plus variant was found in Europe in March 2021. Since then till now Delta variant was being monitored. Common people came to know about it in June 2021. Now Delta variant of Corona virus has also spread in many countries like Europe, Asia and America.

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In which countries Delta Variant spread?

The Delta variant is currently found in nine other countries including India - the US, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia and China.
Delta Variant

Now cases related to Delta variant are continuously coming out from many states of India. According to the data approx. more than 1000 cases of Delta Plus variants have been reported from all over the India, in which Maharashtra has the highest number of 21 cases. Madhya Pradesh is the second state here 6 cases of delta variants have been found, while 3-3 cases have been reported from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Highest number of 9 cases in Maharashtra. The three cases also found in Kerala state of India. A four-year-old child is also one of these cases list.

The outbreak of the second wave of corona virus is not yet completely over that the new variant of corona virus Delta Plus has knocked in India and now it is spreading rapidly. As I have told that infected patients have been found in many states of India. There is a lot of panic among the people about the Delta variant of Corona and the Government of India has also started preparing for the third wave.

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Will the third wave come from Delta variant?

Right now Delta variant is very much discussed in India name Delta variant is being taken out of fear, it is on everyone's tongue that what will happen now? Experts have different opinions about the third wave of corona coming from Delta variant only. It is believed that if there is a third wave of corona in India, then the third wave will come only due to the Delta Plus variant, which can lead to very bad conditions.

Along with this, it has also been assumed that active cases from this variant can go from 8 to 10 lakhs, out of which 10 percent can be of children. Experts also told  that this new variant of corona can also dodge the immune system. Right now it cannot be said with certainty that this will lead to the third wave as there is not much data about the Delta Plus variant yet.

Who is more at risk?

We all know that India lives in villages, some people believe that after vaccination they are now completely safe. Right now a lot of people don't have any knowledge about the delta variant. Here a question arises whether the current vaccine of Corona is effective against this variant?

The answer is that at the moment it cannot be said with certainty that the vaccine is effective against this variant. Although scientists are assuming that the vaccine will be effective against this variant. It is most important to know that after all, who can this delta variant harm? Who is more at risk?

Young children and the elderly are more at risk from this variant. According to medical science experts, children will have to take more care in this variant, because those who are older have been vaccinated but children have not been vaccinated yet, so children Will depend only on the elders of your house.

Elders have to be most careful, you have must follow the Covid Appropriate Behavior, that is, a distance of 6 feet, along with hand sanitization, must wash hands with soap after coming from outside, Keep all these Covid protocols in your life, then only children can be saved from it. According to doctors, vaccination will prove to be very effective because even if we get infected with this new strain, then the vaccine that we have will be given to us in the ICU ward. From the safety of corona variant, vaccination compulsory for everyone. After the coming three to four months, this third wave may become active.

How to fight the Delta variant?

Due to the new Covid strain, the government of all countries will have to be on high alert mode, the genome sequence of all the travelers coming from outside states or countries will have to be checked by taking RT PCR samples.

All countries will have to entrust the responsibility to the best medical team so that its genome sequence can be examined in time. In time, the medical team can track the patients of the variant and start treatment. ICU beds should be ready in advance for children.

A monitoring committee should also be formed for the villagers, which continuously works to make the villagers aware. Also, there should be no shortage of oxygen, it should be fully prepared in advance. Ambulance facility should be maintained very well everywhere so that the patient can be taken to the hospital very quickly. Remember, there is a need to be very careful. In this variant, children can be mostly infected.

What do scientists say?

The delta variant has several mutations that make it 40 to 60 percent more transmissible than the alpha, previously identified in the UK, it is being said that about 30 - 50 % more transmissible than the original coronavirus.

The delta variant is the most hyper transmissible, infectious version of the virus, of course - it is a super spreader strain if there ever was one. The scientists told that the good news is many of the vaccines in use still working well against Delta variant.

A Public Health England study published in May found that the variant slightly reduced the effectiveness of two doses of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. Modern Vaccine is also expected to perform similarly well.

A preprint from Public Health England found that two doses of either vaccine provided exceptional protection against hospitalization from the delta variant. But the delta variant poses a greater risk for people who have received only one dose.

Preliminary evidence also suggests that two Chinese vaccines, Sinovac and Sinoform, may be less effective against Delta. Those vaccines are being used in more than 90 countries, including the Seychelles, Chile, Bahrain and Mongolia, which have all surpassed US vaccination rates.

Last Word

According to experts, the third wave of corona may also come over the world. And the main reason for this possible wave will be the rapid spread of the Delta Plus variant of Corona. This Delta variant of Corona is spreading much faster than the other. According to WHO, the delta variant has so far spread in many countries of the world and if this trend continues, then there may be destruction in many more countries.

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