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Highest 5G speed in India during testing

Highest 5G speed in India : Different controversial statements have also been coming in India regarding 5G testing, such as where 5G testing is being done, more corona patients are being found, Corona in India has increased very rapidly due to 5G. Some people even made a video with proof but it was a completely wrong allegation. Telecom companies In India have started testing of 5G and testing Speed ​​has been recorded very good.

According to a report by Global Internet Testing Ookla, the launch of commercial 5G in India has the potential to increase the average download speed by up to 10 times compared to the download speeds currently offered by 4G-LTE networks. Looking at the 5G testing speed that is being recorded, it is not difficult to say that the 5G speed will not be bad for the average Indian users, but now it is difficult to say about 5G speed because given the uncertainty over the exact spectrum allocation and rollout plan (including improvements in radio access networks and backhaul and transport networks), but it is safe to say that 5G will bring a significant jump in the overall speed.

5G Speed in India

Who Records the 5G Speed?

Ookla has recorded the speed of 5GAccording to the records of Ookla, it has been found that wherever 5G has been tested in Asian countries, there has been a 10 percent increase in speed. Also READ HERE : 5G smartphones in India

5G services were commercially launched in 2020 in Philippines and Thailand countries where 5G internet download speed was 231.45mbs but later this speed increased to 151.08 mbps. According to the record of Ookla 4G speed was 25.99 Mbps and 15.12 Mbps. 5G testing speed recorded in India of Reliance Jio Infocomm is very high and also increased in the last 6 months. But recently Vodafone-Idea has gone ahead by recording the best speed during 5G testing.

According to the global market, India is lagging far behind in terms of 5G network. About 61 countries of the world have launched 5G network but the testing of 5G network in India has not been completed yet. Can telecom operators in India get the benefit of delayed launch of 5G network?

It can be expected that Indian telecom operators will get an opportunity to buy network devices at a low cost. It can also be expected that the adoption of Open RAN system by Indian operators will help in reducing the overall cost of 5G rollout. It can also be expected that the adoption of Open RAN system by Indian operators will help in reducing the overall cost of 5G rollout.

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Highest 5G Speed ​​in India

5G trials are underway in India and major telecom and equipment makers are focusing on bringing services to Indian consumers at the earliest. When will the 5G network commercially launch in India and when will the general public take advantage of it, it is not right to say anything right now. Only time will tell when 5G network will be launched in India. Must Read Once- Is 5G network the main accused of Covid-19?

You all know that 5G trial is going on, this information can definitely be given that which telecom operator has recorded the highest speed of 5G during testing. Telecom operator Vodafone Idea has claimed to record top 5G speeds in the ongoing 5G trials in Pune and Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

In this 5G test, VI claims that the company has achieved a top speed of over 3.7 Gbps (gigabit per second) with very low latency on the mmWave spectrum band. These speeds were achieved using state-of-the-art equipment and NR radios in the 5G non-standalone network architecture. The company has also claimed to record 1.5 Gbps download speed in the mid-band spectrum in Gandhinagar and Pune.

Cities where 5G speed recorded highest

In several cities Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) is conducting 5G trials. VI was allocated 5G spectrum for Pune and Gandhi Nagar along with its technology vendor. Successfully VI has conducted its 5G testing in Pune. This 5G testing was arranged in the lab setup of end-to-end captive networks of cloud cores, new generation transport and radio access networks.

The VI has been allocated for 5G network tests by DOT to higher bands, such as 26 GHz, along with the traditional 3.5 GHz spectrum band. mmWave offers the widest spectrum and capability for 5G over shortest distances, in addition to providing low latency. Highest download speeds has recorded by Vi up to 1.5 Gbps in the 3.5 GHz band with its OEM partners during the 5G trial in Gandhinagar and Pune. Also  READ HERE : # 5G Technology-Detail Information

Let us also tell you here that a total of four telecom operators in India-JIO-AIRTEL, VI and MTNL had applied for 5G spectrum, their applications were approved by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT). Indian telecom operators have been allowed only six months to complete 5G trials with their technology vendors – Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and C-DOT.

Jio had recorded the highest speed of 1Gbps in 5G testing in June-2021 and Airtel also claimed to have recorded the same level of peak speed in July. At present, 4G network is available all over the country, if we talk at the ground level, 4G speed is still not available in India. But all the telecom operators are in the race for 5G and are gearing up to launch 5G.

Barriers to launching 5G in India

It will not be wrong to say that there are many impatient people in India who cannot tolerate the delay of 5G network. You will be surprised to know that 5G smartphone was launched in India in February 2020 and people bought 5G smartphones in more quantity. READ HERE : # Does India need 5G networks

Right now, in India, almost all smartphones are 5G being sold in the market, but still nothing is known about the 5G network. But there is no 5G network in any city in India. The date of 5G launch has been given by the Telecom Ministry of India, which seems that very soon 5G network will be launched in India too.

It is being told that the auction of 5G spectrum can be done by 22 February 2022, before which there are many obstacles in front of the telecom operators. Telecom operators have also made full preparations to overcome these obstacles.

There are three main reasons for 5G delay in India-

1. Delay in auction of 5G spectrum.
2. Multiple constraints in ongoing testing. Or not testing 5G ​​on time.
3. Upgrading the network once testing is complete

5G network will require different bands for which the previous network will need to be upgraded. The main reason for the delay in 5G spectrum is also that the Indian Navy has a 100 MHz airwave 3.3GHz - 3.4GHz which is not yet ready to be cleared by the Indian Navy. For 5G network, it is also necessary to have more and more fiber network which is very less in India.

Last Word

Friends, the latest news related to 5G network in India has been collected for you, how did you like this article, comment me, by the way, Airtel, Jio, VI and MTNL are testing in different cities, whatever updates related to 5G. That will be delivered to you, for this you stay connected with us. 

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