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5G Technology : Amazing Information

5G Technology : It is really a amazing information about 5G technology. So to get complete information, you have to read the entire article. Any new technology invite many facilities that make our life modern and our work easy. 5G technology is also a technology to make our life modern and faster, which we are going to implement in our life very soon.

In the coming times, we are going to be very moving in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but high speed internet is very important for all of them. Therefore, the whole world is looking at 5G technology. In this article, I shall tell about some big benefits of 5G technology, which is known to very few people.
5G Technology : Amazing Information

What is 5G Technology

'Necessity is the mother of invention', humans have been referring to these words since their origins. Otherwise this journey was not so easy. But man has increased his ability and intelligence with constant effort and today on the basis of that, we have made a new record in every field, one of those fields is that of telecommunication.

The telecommunication sector offers a chance to be surprised by inventing a new technology almost every 10 years. Also helps to make human life easier. 4G has not even been launched in 10 years, we are eagerly waiting for 5G technology

5G technology refers to Fifth Generation mobile communication technology. If everything goes well, we will start using 5G by 2022, leaving 4G behind.

Till now the radio frequency we used was maximum from 1GHz to 6GHz. Due to the burden of traffic on this band and increasing number of users, this bandwidth is not enough for us. At this frequency we used 3G, 4G, GPS, c band satellite, etc. Now we will use new and high frequency waves called Millimeter waves.

The frequency of 5G technology will be up to 30GHz - 300GHz, obviously it will be very high frequency. Due to high frequency, it can transmit a lot of data. Their waves are 1 to 10 millimeters. There will be also some disadvantages due to high frequency in 5G technology, that when the frequency is high, the wave length becomes shorter.

We all know that high antenna is needed for low frequency and small size antenna for high frequency. 5G high frequency will face many obstacles as these Waves are obstructed by roadways such as Buildings, Trees, gases present in the atmosphere, even rainy clouds and moisture absorb and cause obstruction.

5G technology will provide us data at 100 times faster than the current maximum network speed. With this coming, there will be huge changes in our lives. Whether, automatic vehicles or remote operations or other operations will all be easily done. We will start downloading several GB of data in a few seconds.

5G technology is the most advanced technology of mobile communication so far. This will leave 4G behind. With this, our life will become easier. For 5G technology to succeed, it is necessary that all towers must be connected to optical fiber, otherwise 3G speed will be achieved in the name of 5G technology.

How work 5G Technology

For the implementation of 5G technology all the important devices and hardware have to be tailored to the new technology. The spectrum that our mobile technology currently uses is a maximum of 6GHz. Due to increasing mobile users and bandwidth consumption, it is also falling short.

For 5G it will be from 30 to 300GHz. Although the remote already uses waves from 300GHz to 100THz, due to the high frequency, their waves are able to travel only a short distance away. Due to which our remotes do not affect devices from one room to another.

For example, waves range from 3 to 30 kHz range from 10 to 100 km. While the range of waves from 30 to 300GHz is only a few centimeters.

5G technology is based on below points

  Millimeter waves
  Small cell
  Massive MIMO
●  Full Duplex
  Beam forming

Millimeter waves : All the internet connected devices work between 3KHz to 6GHz frequency, but over time the number of devices has increased considerably. A new spectrum of 30GHz to 300GHz has been opened for 5G. Due to this new spectrum, the bandwidth in 5G will increase significantly and we will get 2 - 5 times more internet speed.

Millimeter waves or bands of 30 GHz to 300GHz spectrum are called Millimeter waves. As we have read above, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave length. In this case the bandwidth will increase because the frequency is high.

When the frequency is low, then its Range i.e. the distance to reach a place increases. They are rarely affected by any building, tree or weather. But their towers are also very big. For example, the towers of radio (AIR) will not be seen close to you because their wave length is large in centimeters and meters, due to which they cover the area for a greater distance. Their transmission is also Omnidirectional i.e. transmitting waves all around.

We have read above about 5G technology that it absorbs various things and cannot go beyond buildings etc.

Small Cell : Signals in 5G will transmit as Millimeter Waves. The biggest problem of these millimeter waves is that they cannot go beyond the buildings and the trees coming in the way absorb them.

Therefore thousands of small cell towers will be used in 5G. With the help of these towers, the signal will be boosted from place to place and we will never have trouble with the signal.

Small and low-powered antenna used in small cell 5G technology has been called. These can be fitted in bulk anywhere or on poles. When the wave length is short, the antenna is too small for them, about a few inches. Engineers for 5G technology have devised the idea to make small panels instead of antennas. So that the network can be made easily available in the vicinity and behind the building.

Massive MIMO : Massive MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple-output) means fitting hundreds or thousands of Antennas in a single box or panel. This sequence is of 2,4, which is for receiving and transmitting. They save energy and do not cause any spectral loss.

What is MIMO? : The data to be sent will be divided into multiple concurrent data streams. In the MIMO data streams are simultaneously received in different way like-from multiple antennas through spatial dimensions, through different radio channels, and by multiple antennas, and then the original data can be restored according to the spatial signature of each data stream.

Advantages of MIMO:
Array gain: Major advantages of MIMO is It increases the transmit power and can be used for beam-forming.
Diversity gain: In MIMO weakens the interference caused by channel fading.
Spatial multiplexing gain: MIMO increase the bandwidth or we can say that it doubles the rate within the same bandwidth after spatial orthogonal channels are constructed.

Full Duplex : The full duplex method is slightly different from the traditional half duplex. Half duplex uses separate channels for receive and transmit. Whereas in Full duplex the same Transceiver can both Receive and Transmit data at the same frequency at the same time.

But the dilemma in this is that when a transmitter transmits data using this technique, the antenna is closest to the device. Because of which interferences begin to occur. However, Engineers have not yet achieved complete success in this. But for this Silicon transistors are being used which can give success in this technique.

Beam forming : Today all the mobile towers around us are Omnidirectional. That is, this tower transmits signals simultaneously in all directions. The interference between this signal increases greatly. Cell towers in 5G will use beam forming technology. Because of this, the signal strength will always be full in all users' phones. 

We can also say that in 5G technology, beam forming will eliminate signal interferences and keep the signal strength will always be full in all users. We will consider this term as if you burn your Torch in the dark and focus on one place or thing. In this process, the focus between the torch and the object is called Beam forming. Similarly, in 5G technology also beam forming is called by the transmitters to transmit the signal to the user's device. In this process, many antennas transmit data of the same type of signal to the user's device.
The above 5G technology itself is responsible for the success of 5G.
5G network details

Advantage & Disadvantages of 5G

I have already written an article about 5G Advantages and Disadvantages, which you can open and read here.
Advantage & Disadvantages of 5G

Below mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of 5G in short-

➤5G will provide us the fastest speed of around 1 to 10Gb / ps.
This will provide us a delay of 1 second which is 10 millisecond in the present 4G. (The response time of a network is called latency or delay.)
The arrival of this technology will increase the battery life of the devices. Because in the current network, batteries were spent on searching the data and network continuously.
It will get around 100% Coverage and 99.99% network availability.
5G technology will prove to be most beneficial for IoT i.e. Internet of things. Because the high speed data required for IoT, it will easily provide high frequency.
5G technology is 200 times faster than 4G LTE.
For 5G, companies will have to change their initial infrastructure significantly. However, the infrastructure in 5G will not be large compared to 4G.
Since even if the infrastructure is not completely right for 4G, then even after the arrival of 5G, we will be waiting for its right speed for many years.

Countries which have launched 5G technology

South Korea is the first country in the Asia continent to have launched it in December 2018. At the same time, Dutch company also started 5G service in Poland in December 2018. Apart from this, other countries like Sweden, Japan, China, USA have also started 5G service.

A source has revealed that China is working on 9G technology in its country, but all this is not exposed to the world. By the way, a source has also revealed that 6G commercially has been launched in Japan. Perhaps this is why all these countries are ahead of other countries in technology. Verizon is the first service provider company to have commercially launched 5G in the US but is currently non-standard.

For more details you can also READ : Inner reality of 5G mobile in USA

To get more information about 5G according to your requirement, you can open the following link and get the information.

Last Word

Dear friends, many information about 5G technology is available on, in addition to this, if you need any information, comment me inbox. A better place for 5G technology based mobile phone or any kind of information is I feel very happy that I share new information to my friends, even more happiness comes when you like it, comment and share to others. I hope you also like this article and share it with others.

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