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5G Technology-Detail Information

5G Technology: In the last article, I had promised that I would write the complete information about 5G Technology.Telecom Sector is fast moving towards new technology.Now we are going to take advantage of 5G Technology ahead of 4G Technology.We are currently using all 4G technology, but by 2020 we can take advantage of 5G technology.
I want to tell you that South Korea is the first country in the continent of Asia, which launched the first 5G network in December 2018.The Deutsche company has also started 5G services in Poland in December 2018.Some countries are totally unaware of the 5G technology but the work is going on very fast. Just a few countries in the world have launched 5G technology like-Sweden, Japan, China, USA. Verizon is the first service provider company that has launched 5G in the US but it is still non-standard but it is being told that 5G speed is getting very much from ​​4G.
5G Technology-Detail Information
5G Technology

What is 5G Technology

5G technology means Fifth Generation of the mobile communication. 5G Technology is especially based on the five types of technology.1. Millimeter Wave, 2. Small Cell, 3. Massive MIMO, 4. Full Duplex, 5. Beam Forming. I will write about this later.

The radio frequencies used so far were 1GHz to a maximum of 6GHz. The bandwidth is not getting enough due to the increase of the traffic load on this band and the increase in the number of users. 5G Technology uses high frequency, which is called Millimeter Wave.

Millimeter wave frequency will be 30 GHz to 300 GHz for 5G technology.Obviously this would be very high frequency. Because of high frequency, they can transmit a lot of data. But there may be many problems occus to transmit this frequency.Their waves are 1 to 10 millimeters.

We all know that when the frequency is high, the wavelength becomes smaller,We also know that for the low frequency required high antenna and for the high frequency need Small size antenna so there will be a lot of constraints in transmitting the 5G Frequency Wave.

5G frequency waves will be more affected by buildings, trees, gases present in the atmosphere, even rain clouds and humidity also absorb these waves and will be created obstruction.

5G technology Mobile communication will be the most advanced technology of all time. They will leave 4G behind. By coming to this our life can be even easier. 5G technology will provide data at 100 times faster than current maximum network speed.From 5 G network facility we can download several GB of data in a few seconds.

How will work 5G Technology?

Knowing about how 5G works, first it is very important to know about two subjects like Millimeter Wave and Small Cell. So far, we are using 4G networks in which the frequency band is 2 GHz-8 GHz but 5 G network uses high frequency 28 GHz and 39 GHZ and this high frequency is known as Millimeter Wave. This millimeter wave can carry large amounts of data at very high speeds with low latency or intervals. 

It is necessary to mention the technology here on which 5G network is based,as I wrote above, 5G network based on five technology. Now I will write here all about them.

Millimeter Wave

Band of millimeter waves 30 GHz to 300 GHz spectrum is called Millimeter wavesAs I have written above, the wave length will be small when frequency will be high. In this situation the bandwidth will increase.When the frequency decreases, its range means distance to reach some of its places increases. They are very less affected by any building, tree or season. But their towers are also bigger.

But in 5G technology millimeter waves frequency range is very high than so wavelength became smaller. These 5G Millimeter wave too much affected by building,trees,atmosphere and cloud also.

Small Cell

Small and low-powered antenna used in 5G technology is called the Small Cell . These can be fitted in large quantities on poles or pillars anywhere.When the wave length is shorter, the antenna is too small for them, almost a few inches.

For 5G technology, the engineers have taken out this idea that placing the small panels, the antenna should be installed.So that the network can easily be made available at places around the building and behind the building.

Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple-output) means to fit hundreds or thousands of Antennas in the same box or panel. This sequence is of 2,4 which is for receiving and transmitting.This saves energy and there is no loss of spectral.

Full Duplex

Full duplex method is slightly different from traditional half duplex. Separate channels are used for receipt and transmit in Half Duplex.Whereas in the full duplex the same transceiver can do both  the same frequency at the same receiver and transmit data.

But there is a dilemma in that when a transmitter data transmitters use this technique, the device's antenna is closest to it. Due to which the interference is started.However, the engineers have not yet succeeded in this. But for this Silicon transistors  is using which can be successful in this technique.


We first try to understand beam-forming in simple words.Suppose you burn your torch in the dark and focus on one place or thing.In this process, the focus which is between the torch and the object is called beam forming.

In exactly the same way, beam forming in 5G technology, transmitters are uses to transmit the signal towards the user's device.In this process many antennas transmit data for the user's device to the same type of signal.

The above 5 technology is the only success of 5G technology. Below I will briefly focus on advantages and disadvantages of 5G technology.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology

No doubt 5G technology will provide approximately 1 to 10gbps fastest speed.
5G technology will provide 1 milliseconds delay but in existing 4G technology 10 milliseconds . (Response time for a network is called latency or delay.)
With this 5G technology coming, devices will increase battery life. Because continuous batteries use to be spent on searching the data and network in the existing network.
5G technology will have about 100% coverage and 99.99% network availability.
5G technology will prove to be the most beneficial for every users. Because the high speed data required for users will be easily compensated by this high frequency.
5G Technology will be 200 times faster than 4G LTE.
For 5G technology, companies will have to make significant changes in their initial infrastructure. However, in 5G technology the infrastructure will not be larger than 4G.
Approx all over the world even for the 4G Infrastructure is not perfect, even after the arrival of 5G technology, we will be waiting for its exact speed for many years.

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