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5G smartphones in India

5G smartphone in India : Must have heard that saying "The village did not settle, the thief came first". The same situation also exists in India with 5G network and 5G smartphones. 5G network has no clue yet, Indian government is giving 5G trail for free of cost but no company has done it yet.But China is too early to sell its 5G smartphones in India.

If we talk about the ground level, then 4G speed is not being provided properly in India. Anyway, unemployment in India is at a very top level. Everyday people are becoming unemployed and inflation is touching the sky. Internet data cost has also increased significantly compared to earlier.
Ground level reality of 5G smartphones in India
Huawei shipped 5G smartphones to India

Telecom Sectors in India

The faster India was moving in the telecom sector, the faster it is lagging behind. The often telecom sector in India has been closed or bankrupt. SC dismisses AGR's review petition of Telecom, hence not very good expectation from Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Therefore, there is only one telecom company in India now Reliance Jio.

Looking at the condition of the country, it is also impossible to think of 5G network or 5G smartphones. Right now the whole country is entangled in the Hindu-Muslim network. India is currently roaming the streets under the open sky. Then according to which positive thinking we can imagine 5G smartphones?

Huawei shipped 5G smartphones

Should I call it a joke or a fact? I don't understand it. There is no clue of 5G network in India right now but Chinese company Huawei shipped 6.9 million 5G smartphone to India. Huawei has launched 8 types 5G smartphones and in the world it saw only one space, India. Where first of all 5G smartphones have been shipped in such a large amount.

First let me tell you the name of those 5G smartphones-Mate 30 Pro 5G, Mate 30 RS,20 X (5G), nova 6 5G,Mate X,Honor V30 Pro,Honor V30. Much better isn't it? All the smartphones will supporting 5G non standalone and standalone networking modes.

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What will happen to 5G smartphones in India

The whole world knows that 75% of India's population lives in the village and depends on farming. 5% of people in India still use 2G mobiles. All those who are going to use 5G smartphones are unemployed nowadays. 35% of people are finding it difficult to manage their household expenses. Such people will first arrange their daily bread or think about 5G smartphones.

Yes, it is also a reality that there are 5-10% people in India who can use 5G smartphones. But as of now there is no clue of 5G network, so what will these people do by taking 5G smartphones? Now to see what is the situation of 5G network and 5G smartphones in India and how is the trend of people. Hope all will well.

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