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Fastest Internet Speed ​​Country

Fastest Internet Speed ​​Country : In this phase of technology, all countries are preparing to launch 5G network. Through this network, all users will be able to use the Internet with high speed. However, it is still a long time for the 5G network to be fully established. 5G has been launched in some countries but still using mostly countries 4G network. When most countries are using 4G networks, then a question arises that in which country internet speed is the fastest?

Whenever we think of a word like Fastest, Super or Top, America's name also comes in our mind because America has a deep connection with words like Fastest, Super or Top. The United States has always been the super or fastest in most regions around the world but is far behind in terms of internet speed. According to the 2020 survey, I will tell through this article which country has the fastest internet speed.
Fastest Internet Speed

Reality of 6G network in Japan

Right now 5G has been launched in some cities of America, but the speed of which has not been fully achieved. Japan is also far behind in terms of internet speed, but according to the news, Japan is planning to launch 6G network all over the country. Well the average internet speed in Japan right now is 15.2 Mbps improved 16% year over year. According to the report, Japan is working on the 6G network. But not much information has been received about this network so far.

It is expected that the 6G network will be introduced soon. In such a situation, this step of Japan can bring revolution in the field of technology. According to media reports about the 6G network, the 6G network will be 15 times faster than 5G. At present, most countries are preparing to introduce 5G network at this time. 

According to the report, in the next 10 years China wants to establish its reign in the world with 5G and 6G technology. But China depends on the United States for the state-of-the-art semiconductor for 5G. For the last few years China wants to make semiconductor but it has not got success so far. 

Britain's Telegraph has said in its report that without this chip and without the means related to it, China cannot establish its supremacy in the world in 5G technology. Not only this, China will not be able to stay ahead in telecom technology and artificial intelligence sector too. In this way, by 2030, China's dream of establishing control over the Internet and related technology will remain incomplete.

Fastest internet speed worldwide

Fastest Internet
If you live in the United States, you may think that your Internet is fastest over the world but your are not right. After all, you now have movies and TV shows on-demand, high-quality streaming music, and instant loading websites. Maybe you all know that the average US connection speed is 32.89 MB / s.

I have already said that America is far behind other countries in terms of internet speed. Then you must be wondering, which country has the fastest internet speed? Given below are the top 10 countries whose internet speed is the fastest-

Taiwan – 85.02 MB/S 
• Singapore – 70.86 MB/S 
• Jersey – 67.46 MB/S 
• Sweden – 55.18 MB/S 
• Denmark – 49.19 MB/S 
• Japan – 42.77 MB/S 
• Luxembourg – 41.69 MB/S 
• The Netherlands – 40.21 MB/S 
• Switzerland – 38.85 MB/S 
• San Marino – 38.73 MB/S

Internet speed also varies in different cities of America. Some cities have very good internet speed but some cities have some low speed. Look at the list below to see which city in USA has the fastest internet speed-

• New Jersey - 53 Mb/s
• Maryland - 51.2 Mb/s
• Virginia - 48.7 Mb/s
• Texas - 46.9 Mb/s
• Rhode Island - 46.7 Mb/s
• New York - 45.2 Mb/s
• Delaware - 44.9 Mb/s
• Massachusetts - 43.5 Mb/s
• North Carolina - 42.4 Mb/s
• Connecticut - 41.8 Mb/s 

Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

Even now, a question must be arising in your mind that which country has the fastest mobile internet. Taiwan is not on top in terms of fastest mobile internet. South Korea has the fastest mobile internet. Below is the list of top ten fastest mobile internet, from which you will know which country is the top ten fastest mobile internet speed-

South Korea -  52.4 Mb/s
• Norway - 48.2 Mb/s
• Canada - 42.5 Mb/s
• Netherland - 42.5 Mb/s
• Singapore - 39.3 Mb/s
• Australia - 37.4 Mb/s
• Switzerland - 35.2 Mb/s
• Denmark - 34.6 Mb/s
• Belgium - 34.2 Mb/s
• Japan - 33.0 Mb/s

Last Word

Now all of you have got complete information that the fastest average internet speed is in Taiwan, which is at the top of the list of 10 countries. South Korea tops the list of fastest mobile internet speeds in the world. Please comment on the information provided by Technopediasite and let me know how the information was given. How did you like this article " Fastest Internet Speed ​​Country ", comment me and share it to your friends too.

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