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If you want to buy 5G smartphone : Read this first.

Should you buy 5G smartphone now? : The town did not settle but the robbers came first. 5G smartphones are launching fast but no one knows how long the 5G network will launch. The 5G smartphone is selling very fast in the Indian market and customers are paying a large amount for 5G. This is exactly the same thing that there is no idea of ​​the bike, bought the helmet first so that the helmet does not become expensive. But this can only happen in a great country like India.

If you also want to buy 5G smartphone, then read this article first. Can I ask few questions? What did you do with 3G? What do you do with 4G now? And what will you do with 5G? As soon as the 5G network will launched, the speed of the 4G ​​network will be slowed down anyway, the correct speed of 4G has not been achieved yet. According to a survey, only 5% of the people will use 5G network or 5G smartphones for the strong purpose, the rest of the other will use for the video calling, for the voice calling, and watching movies.

5G smartphone

5G Smartphone is launching in India very fast

For the last few time, 5G smartphones are being launched in the market at a rapid pace. We all often think that 5G is not named in India, that is, no network provider offers 5G. Why is 5G smartphone launching so fast? What will you do by buying a 5G smartphone from now on, while the 5G network is not yet launched?

Suppose 5G smartphone will have a lot of features but what is the benefit of such features which we cannot use and it is obvious that you will have to pay a little more money too. but it's not like that. Buying 5G smartphones has its benefits. I tell you about the reasons that will make it easier for you to decide whether to give priority to 5G or not.

Why 5G smartphone?

The first thing is that if you are buying a phone above approx. 275 USD then you should definitely see a phone in which 5G is being given. This option is still very rare in a country like India.

The second thing is that if you want to use smartphone for a very long time and you feel that you have to change the phone in 2-3 months, then you can buy 5G smartphone. Because 5G can be launched in India and all other countries within one to two years. May be Indian telecom industries will be launched 5G in the mid of 2021. 

Suppose by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, India's telecom companies started giving 5G, in such a situation 4G speed will start to slow down. but why? 4G speed is good now. Then what work do you do that you may need 5G speed?

Go three year back and think 3G speed used to be very fast, but as soon as 4G came in the market, speed ​​of 3G network was reduced so that people upgrade to 4G network because there was a lot of money to be made from 4G. You changed from 3G to 4G, but has there been any change in your life?

After 5G network and smartphone market launch, it is sure that 4G speed to be in the same condition as 3G. Speed ​​problem is still there and will continue even if 7G or 8G is launched. Even some companies have stopped focusing on 3G. Whether you have fever or not, but you have to eat paracetamol.

So if you have to run the phone for a long time and your budget is above approx. 275 USD then you can buy 5G smartphone. Perhaps it will be a better choice for you, because after 5G, you will not have to upgrade the phone again.

Why not buy 5G smartphone now?

The 5G smartphone is expected to be very cheap, which means more cheap 5G smartphones will be launched in the market. If you are making a vow to take a smartphone and you feel that your budget is not supporting you, then wait a bit. Because now 5G smartphones will be launched cheaply. This is a proof of the fact that recently Motorola has launched 5G smartphone in the 20 thousand segment.

If you have bought a 5G smartphone by taking a loan from someone or from EMI, when cheap and good 5G smartphones come to the market, then you will probably regret it later. If you do not have fever yet you want to eat paracetamol, what can one do?

I want to tell you that many companies are now working on cheap 5G smartphones. After this, there will be a competition to launch cheap 5G smartphones in Indian and other country markets as well. It can be expected that in the next few months more 5G smartphones will come in the segment of approx. 275 USD and then you will have a better chance of buying.

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Last Word

Dear friends, I have tried to write a fresh update about the purchase of 5G Smartphones, I have tried to remove your confusions about the 5G smartphone. Buying a 5G smartphone from now on would not be very wise. If you agree with me and like this article " If you want to buy 5G smartphone ", then share it to others. 

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