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Does India need 5G networks?

Does India need 5G networks? Waiting for 5G network all over the world is being done as a guest.Is the need for 5G service in reality a common man in India?Taking advantage of 5G service will not be easy for a common man in India.I am not against fast growing technology in telecom sector but I believe in working as per requirement or public demand. Is 4G service completely available all over the India?Is India now feeling the need of next technology 5G ahead of 4G?
India's incomplete 4G service is now ready to change in 5G. It is expected that in next month 5G trial begins in India. Hopefully trial will begins from June for the three months.Now there are only three major player in telecom sector in India.The panel of telecom ministry, considering the quantum and duration of spectrum testing, has initially recommended the 5G spectrum for Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio for three months, which would require one more year for network stabilization can be extended up to.
5G network services start in Indian by 2020
5G network in India

Why 5G is not needed in India right now?

Whenever I write some facts about the telecom industries some friends feel bad. 4G network attraction is very fast in India but is there the speed of 4G service everywhere in India?In many remote areas of India, the by the name of  4G services, customer is being fooled because 4G Speed ​​is not being provided.Customer recharges its mobile to take advantage of the 4G service but does not get actual speed of 4G.The customer only has to be satisfied with free calling only.

In India, 4G service is being provided for last three years but so far, the 4G service is not well available in India's village or remote area. Calling the customer care for the last 6 months, only one answer is given that the work is going on, your problem will be resolved soon. Customers who have taken expensive 4G smartphones and are recharging Rs 399 every month to avail the 4G service, what is their fault?

The only fact of my writing is that 4G services are not being still provided in the whole of India due to which the customers are very worried.The first 4G service should be made good, 4G speed should be sufficient in every area of ​​India. We all know that almost 70% of India's population lives in the village while 40% village of India is deprived of 4G speed.Only 4G services are available but 4G speed is not available in any remote area.In such circumstances, 70% of India's population will be interested to avail the 5G network service?

Recommended Company for 5G spectrum trials in India

Telecom Ministry panel of India  5G spectrum trial has recommended to Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio. Sources said that the three equipment vendors got green signal from the panel, they are Samsung, Nokia and Ericsson. Allocation will be done in the next 15 days and the telecom industry can start running 5G in June itself. Network test licenses will be issued in a few days time.

So far it is heard that, with Jio Samsung, Nokia is likely to partner with Airtel and VIL with Ericsson for the trial.Changes may occur as per circumstances.After 5G testing, spectrum auction can happen in October, where the telcos will be in better condition to assess the network's requirements and shortcomings. 

It is expected that the telecom industry can start trial in July-August.If it is the tentative timeline of 5G spectrum trial, then spectrum auction may take place September or onward.After the auction of 5G spectrum, it can be expected that the facility of 5G networks will be provided in India by 2020.

After the auction of 5G spectrum,incomplete 4G network will be start to optimized for 5G. The customer will then be shown the features of the 5G service and will be attracted to the 5G. It will be very difficult to say from now on how successful 5G in India will be.Of course, 5G will be on the verge of success in the metro city of India. It is also speculated that only 20-30% population of India will be the customer of the 5G service. What will happen in India with 5G will tell this coming time.

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