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Is 5G Network Causes for Corona Virus?

Is 5G Network Causes for Corona Virus? :In this article, the same topic will be discussed whether 5G network can be the cause of corona virus? This topic is not born suddenly, many telecom friends have asked such questions. How the origin of the corona virus has so far remained a mystery, so we have the right to think from every angle. Can 5G network be the cause of corona? Is it possible?

Every person who think, according to his profession, about a serious issue. Telecom professionals are also trying to find the causes of corona virus according to their profession. We all know that if something benefits us then it also hurts us. So has the telecom sector which was growing very fast has become a problem for our lives?

Is 5G Network Causes for Corona Virus?
5G network and corona virus relation

Relation between 5G network and corona virus

There will be some friends who have seen the environment before the mobile network.Is there a difference between the environment at that time and now? I am sure you will definitely say that there is a difference. You must have seen that many animals have disappeared around you,who previously lived in your environment.

A minor honey bee has completely disappeared from your environment. When network radiation can have such an impact on a small bee, then why can't mobile radiation affect humans? China, which was moving very fast in technology, is probably the originator of such virus.

There is already a lot of radiation in our environment, data will be transmitted from 6 GHz on a 5G network. Let us know that this radio frequency range is already filled with other signals like satellite link.

China was moving very fast in 5G network, and China had also started 5G network commercially. It is possible, we can infer that the radiation of 5G network may have affected some animals which have caused corona virus. We will also discuss what are the causes of origin for corona virus except 5G network.

Possible causes for the origin of the corona virus

You should also think and tell to our Technopediasite team what are the causes of corona virus. We are talking about some causes that may contribute to the origin of the corona virus.
1. Eating unbaked meat : Human eat animal meat but eat cooked meat, By cooking meat of any animal, the disease found in it ends.But people of China often eat animal meat without cooking, so that the disease found in animals can be easily reached in humans. People of China also eat unbaked meat of such animals, which usually humans cannot eat even cooked meat of those animals. Therefore, it may also be a cause of corona virus origin.

2. Telecom network radiation and Industrial pollution : Suppose eating unbaked meat is not the cause of the corona virus origin because the people of China have been eating such dishes for a long time. Then what could be the reason? Then due to the radiation of the mobile network i.e. 5G network radiation, some animals may have developed this corona virus. And the people of China have been eating such animals as always, and corona virus been transferred from those animals to humans.

Due to industrial pollutants and industry-originating waste materials, some animals may causes the origin of corona virus. But there is a lot of possibility of virus origin due to radiation. Therefore it can be fairly speculated that due to 5G network radiation, this corona virus has been very active in some animals.

3. May be the biological war of China's enemy : China had established its control over the entire world market, it may be that the enemy of China has spread this corona virus. Due to Corona virus, no country will export-import from China and china will be out of the international market.This has been done to end China's financial power. We can say that this is a biological war on China, so that the existence of China will end with the international market.

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5G network affected by Corona virus

All the telecom industries of the world were working very fast to launch 5G network commercially. Some countries have also launched 5G network commercially but were not yet functioning fully, which required network improvement.

But the corona virus has created such a plight of the whole world that now maybe nobody remembers even 2G properly. All the work that was going on for 5G network is closed and people are begging for life. I myself don't know what will happen to me tomorrow.Let us all take care of ourselves and protect ourselves, if alive, we will enjoy 5G network.

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