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What is Biotechnology? Applications and Careers

Biotechnology is also known as biotech. Biotechnology is a branch of science in which biology and technology combine and result in the creation of a new technology or new substance. Or in other words, biotechnology is a science that exploits organisms, cells and cellular components to develop new technology through various biological processes. Biotechnology gained popularity in the 1970s. Biotechnology is proving to be very useful in the fields of agriculture, medicine, industry and environmental studies.

In this article it will be told what is biotechnology? Detailed information about its applications and career will be provided. What is the purpose of this rapidly growing technology, all such topics will be discussed. To get complete information about biotechnology, you will have to read the entire article.

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What is Biotechnology? 

Biotechnology is a technology which is not limited to only research in laboratory but it also involves producing various food items, medicines and such species or seeds by using new technology through biological materials, plants, animals etc. Through which more production can be done at lower cost.

In simple words, 'the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make particular products or substances is called biotechnology'.

Biotechnology is a technology in which substances obtained from living organisms are used to create new products or conduct research to improve a product. Many areas like animal husbandry, agriculture, health and medicine, environment, industry etc. come under this.

Biotechnology has always been at the forefront of simplifying our lives and developing many new innovations. In recent years, the name of biotechnology has come into discussion a lot and everyone wants to know what is biotechnology?

Many people want to make a career in the field of biotechnology and want to know how to make a career in biotechnology? Answers to all these questions of yours are given in this post.

Biotechnology is being used in almost every field. We definitely find biotechnology somewhere in the purification of our environment, medicines needed to fight new diseases and many new discoveries. It is believed that biotechnology can save us from terrible epidemics in the future. Now how much of this is true and how much of it is a lie will be known only in the future.

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Scope and Importance of Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology  Nowadays, new diseases keep emerging which are treated by medical biotechnology by using living cells and other cell materials to improve the health of humans. Mainly it is used to treat diseases as well as to get rid of them and to prevent them.

Agricultural biotechnology – Agricultural biotechnology focuses on developing genetically modified plants to increase crop yields or introduce plant characteristics that give them an advantage when grown in those regions. Today, crop yield has increased significantly due to hybrid seeds, this has become possible only due to agricultural biotechnology.

Industrial Biotechnology – It is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes including industrial purposes. By applying the techniques of modern molecular biology, it improves the efficiency and reduces the multifaceted environmental impacts of industrial processes including paper and pulp, chemical manufacturing and textiles.

Environmental Biotechnology – It is a technology used in waste treatment and pollution prevention that can clean up many wastes more efficiently than traditional methods.

Types of Biotechnology

Let us now discuss the different categories in biotechnology. Generally there are four types of biotechnology which are described below-

  1. Red Biotechnology
  2. Green Biotechnology
  3. White Biotechnology
  4. Blue Biotechnology

1. Red Biotechnology – This technology is used to improve medical response and create new drugs (antibiotics).

Red biotechnology applies to medical procedures. Some examples of RAD biotechnology are designing organisms to produce antibiotics and engineering genetic cures through genetic manipulation.

2. Green Biotechnology – This technology is used for research and development on pest resistant solutions in the agriculture sector.

An example of this is engineering a plant to produce pesticides within the plant itself, eliminating the need to add pesticides from outside.

3. White Biotechnology – White biotechnology is used for the development and research of new or useful chemicals in the industrial sector.

White biotechnology, also known as industrial biotechnology, is applied in the industrial sector. An example of this is the design of an organism that can produce a useful chemical.

4. Blue Biotechnology – Blue Biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology that defines insect biotechnology. Some active ingredients are found in insects. Which are used for agriculture and are useful for research in medicine.

Blue biotechnology is a term that has been used to describe marine and aquatic applications of biotechnology. When biotechnology is used in oceans etc. it is called blue technology.

Applications of Biotechnology


Biotechnology is often seen combined with fields like bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, molecular engineering etc., hence biotechnology is used more in these fields. Apart from all this, the application of biotechnology is increasing rapidly in other areas also.

Biotechnology in medical fieldIn the medical and pharmaceutical fields, modern biotechnology is used in areas such as drug discovery and production and genetic testing.

Biotechnology in medicine has contributed to the discovery and creation of drugs alongside traditional small molecule drugs. Existing biotechnology can be used to produce inexpensive and readily available medicines.

Application of biotechnology has also brought great improvements in biology. Our ability to develop new medicines to treat serious diseases is greater than ever before.

Biotechnology in Agriculture - Biotechnology has also played an important role in agriculture. Genetically modified crops ("biotech crops") are plants used in agriculture whose DNA has been modified with the help of genetic engineering techniques.

The reason for making these modifications is to produce a better crop that can grow faster and is healthier to eat. Genetically modified crops are produced from organisms that have had changes made to their DNA with the help of genetic engineering.

However, there has also been considerable opposition to biotechnology in farming. People believe that crops changed due to biotech are harmful to health. Many people believe that this degrades the quality of the soil.

Career in Biotechnology

For those youth who want to adopt medical science as a career through biology, this field can undoubtedly prove to be very attractive and helpful in reaching the heights of success.

Major biotechnology courses in most countries of the world include B.Sc Biotechnology, B.E. Biotechnology, B.Tech Biotechnology, B.Sc Genetics, B.Sc Microbiology etc. can be named. Later one can enroll in biotechnology courses at master's degree level.

The possibility of increasing employment opportunities in the coming times is undoubtedly being expressed by the experts because the pharmaceutical companies of many western countries have to spend not only time and money in research trials of newly developed medicines due to the strict laws of their country. Other problems also have to be faced.

After completing Biotechnology course, you can apply for jobs in both government and private sectors. There are many job profiles available in Biotechnology like Lab Technician, Clinical Researcher, Pharmacist, Medical Representative, Production Manager etc. If we talk about salary, it will depend on your job profile. The average biotech salary in the USA is $78,125 per year or $38.50 per hour.

Salaries of some job profiles are given below-

   Job Title                                                  Range                      Average
Research Scientist,                               Range:$65 - $125k    Average:$95,146
Research Associate,                             Range:$50k - $82k      Average:$64,530
Senior Research Scientist,                    Range:$81k - $150k     Average:$114,422
Senior Research Associate               Range:$65k - $107k      Average:$83,403

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Biotechnology has great potential for creating the future. Today it is being used in many fields, you can work on any position according to your efficiency and can also earn good money along with high position and name. Biotechnology is becoming the first choice of students in America, Canada and many such countries. We hope that you have got complete information related to biotechnology. Share this article with your friends also.

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