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How to get Cyber ​​Security Jobs?

Cyber ​​Security Jobs : Our life has moved very fast towards computer-internet and digitalization, it will not be wrong to say that we have become completely dependent on computer-internet, we are human beings of that era whose life is completely digitised. All these digitised facilities related to our life are not very safe. The danger of cyber crime has also increased very rapidly in our life, to prevent this cyber crime, certain types of technical knowledge are needed.

Various types of online crimes have increased the concern of cyber security. Working in relation to cyber security to prevent cyber crime is called cyber security jobs. Cyber ​​security is needed to prevent all the crimes that are done through internet like hacking, blackmailing, stalking, copyright, credit card theft, fraud, pornography. What types of jobs are there in the field of prevention will be explained in further detail.

Cyber Security Jobs

Jobs in the field of cyber security

There are different types of jobs in the field of cyber security, which depends on your qualification to get it. It is certain that the future of the job in this field is going to be very bright in the coming time. There are few job posts in this field, which I think it appropriate to mention here.

Network Security Engineer : It is the job of a network security engineer to ensure that online threats are being efficiently combated through all security systems. To provide network security, a network security engineer takes the help of firewall and maintains it. Along with this, checks router and network monitoring tools and also improves automation. All this work is the responsibility of the network security engineer, who has to carry out his work very responsibly.

Salary of Network Security Engineer : The salary of Network Security Engineer is different in different countries of the world. If seen in India, it is 6 -12 lakhs / year. Its depends on qualification and experience. Experience increases, the salary also increases.

The salary standard is the best in the US, so I will consider the salary standard of the US as perfect. The salary of a network security engineer in the US is approximately $109,890 per year. 

Security Analyst : A security analyst helps to plan, implement and upgrade the necessary cyber security measures. Audits and monitors security access. The state conducts to find out the problems.

Salary of Security Analyst: In this post also, initially salary in India can be up to Rs 6 lakh per year. Depending on the experience and qualification, this salary can be more than one lakh rupees per month but the salary of security analyst in US is around $106,4880, according to an estimate, 60 $ / hr is also there.

Cyber Lawyer : Cyber ​​law is an emerging field. If you are fond of both law and computer then this is a great field. Cyber ​​lawyer is a lawyer who has technical knowledge. This is called a techno-legal lawyer. They have technical aspects of computers, networks, communication, equipment etc. as well as legal knowledge related to them.

Salary of Cyber ​​lawyer: The starting salary of a cyber lawyer in India is Rs 4 lakh annually like a general lawyer. But after becoming experienced, this income can also be Rs 12 lakhs annually but in the US, the salary of a cyber lawyer can be $33,500- $176,500/year.

Apart from the above, some courses have to be done to do jobs in cyber security sector, I consider it appropriate to tell here about those courses and the time taken in them.

Course and time taken:

PG Diploma in Cyber ​​Law - 1 year
Diploma in Cyber ​​Law - 1 year
LLM in Cyber ​​Law - 1 year
Master of Cyber ​​Law - 2 Years
M.Tech in Cyber ​​Law - 2 years
B.Tech LLB - 5 Years
BA LLB Cyber ​​Law Specialization - 5 Years.

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How to become a Cyber ​​Security Expert?

For this one should have interest in maths and physics. Must have special qualification in computer. After 12th it is necessary to have graduation in any field with computer science. Most cyber security agencies choose experts in IT or computer science who are graduates in all these disciplines. Following is the education that applies to become a cyber expert.

1. Networking engineering
2. Forensic computing
3. computer science
4. IT engineering
5. Graduation with maths and physics.

If you know computer very well and are wondering how to become a cyber security specialist, then before that you should have complete knowledge about the job of cyber security specialist, what is the job of cyber security specialist and what are his responsibilities, how to cyber become a security expert, whether you have educational qualification or not, what are the types of cyber experts. It is important to know all these things, so let's know all the things that are necessary to become a cyber expert.

Types of Cyber ​​Security Experts

There are different types of cyber security experts in any company or organization to protect the data, i.e. their knowledge is same, but the tasks are different, like checking for vulnerabilities, nothing should be breached, so the system and there should be no network breach. Monitoring  if any problems are found, fix them and then strengthen areas from where hackers can attack. There are three types of cyber experts who have experience working in different ways.

1. Computer Forensic Analyst
2. Ethical Hackers
3. Cyber Information Security Analyst

1. Computer Forensic Analyst : Forensic analysts work with law enforcement agencies in organizations in both the public and private sectors and call for a variety of tasks. Including-

➤Collecting and interpreting facts relating to criminal cases.
➤Mobile phone record analysis
➤Previous data
➤Recover deleted files
Computer forensic analysts are required to keep very detailed records of their investigations and often evidence has to be presented in court.

2. Ethical Hackers : Ethical hackers have a certificate of recognized education called CEH certificate. Under this they are licensed by employers to try to break into the security of their systems. Ethical hackers use all training and technical knowledge to test existing security protocols of Black Head hackers. On the basis of their skill and knowledge, their working rank keeps increasing.

3. Cyber Information Security Analyst : The job of Cyber ​​Information Security Analyst comes first in any organization. Its function is to discover and understand the security risks of any organization. They use information codes and a lot of encryption to avoid risks and breaches. Continuously monitor and audit the system for any abnormal conditions. They detail their findings in the technical report.


Responsibilities of Cyber ​​Experts

Cyber ​​experts also have some important responsibilities which they have to fulfill while doing their job. They are something like this:

Cyber ​​attacks and intrusions have to be constantly monitored so that no data is stolen.

Identifying and reporting criminals to law enforcement agencies.

Strengthening the penetration capability of an organization's network so that no one can breach its security.

Building firewalls in the network infrastructure so that any attack can be detected quickly.

Finding the best ways to secure an organization's IT infrastructure.

Finding and fixing defects in the organization's hardware and software.

Characteristics of Cyber ​​security expert

To become a cyber expert, it is very important for a person to have certain skills, abilities and qualities, on the basis of which one can be successful in doing his job properly.

1. The biggest quality in this job is that the person should have the ability to work under pressure and complete the work within the time limit.

2. Ability to keep the information confidential and understand the relevant law.

3. Ability to identify and rectify the weaknesses, improve the strength of the IT system is essential.

4. There should be an understanding of talking and there should be a way to talk to people in harmony.

5. Deep interest in IT and skill base, which includes knowledge of Hardware, Software and Networks.

6. An understanding of how hackers operate and their ability to keep up with growth in the criminal cyber-underworld is essential.

7. It is also necessary to have a positive attitude, creative, patient and inquisitive nature with confidence to take decisions.

Where will cyber security experts get jobs?

There is a huge demand for cyber security professionals in IT firms and companies that provide IT security certification services. Any organization that makes high use of data and technology, there is bound to be a demand for cyber experts. As companies go digital, the demand for cyber experts to protect against cyber attacks has also increased. You can work in any of the industries given below.

➤Telecom companies
➤Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
➤Police department
➤Law firms bank
➤Educational Institute
➤Network provider
➤Security consultancy service

Above are the industries that provide cyber security jobs, apart from all these many companies are also taking help of ethical hackers for secure technology like digital payments.

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How to increase eligibility to become a Cyber ​​Expert?

People who are more interested in computers have the highest potential to become cyber security experts. A network of cyber crime is operating in all the countries of the world, who rob people of their years of earnings by getting their bank accounts, credit cards and other financial information.

With the increasing dependence on smartphones and the Internet, hackers are doing this kind of damage every day. Due to this, there is a huge need for ethical hackers and "cyber security experts" in the IT department of all companies.

In the last 5 years there have been around 2 million cyber attacks, such as cloning of credit cards and money missing from people's bank accounts. Apart from making banks and people victims of cyber attacks, the incident of SIM swapping (duplicate SIM) has also started coming to the fore. Therefore, for those who are interested in computers and want to understand this trend and move forward, then there is a huge opportunity in "Cyber ​​Security".

To become a hacker, it is most important to have computer knowledge, for this it is necessary to know about the components of the computer, its configuration and the way of working, because having a good understanding of the basics of the computer will help a lot. a good hacker. does. Software is called the brain of the computer, as it operates all the functions of the computer. One cannot become a computer expert without mastering software. So know how you can enhance your skills.

1. Understand Operating System: Operating System is the most important software of the computer. It acts as a connector between the computer and the computer user. Linux, Windows and OSX systems are particularly used by hackers and security professionals. Understand these systems and learn how they work.

2. Learn Programming Languages: Many programming languages ​​are used nowadays to make computer software. One cannot become a cyber expert without the knowledge of these languages. Nowadays important programming languages ​​like C, C++, XQL, Java, Javascript, C Language, Objective-C, PHP, Python are in vogue. To get into this field, it is very important for you to know them well.

3. Hacking Websites : You will find many websites based on hacking, where you will get a lot of information and tricks related to hacking. You find such websites and then always learn something from them so that you can stay updated.

4. Learn Networking: Good knowledge of computer networking is also very useful. The working of networking is based on hardware and software. Networking knowledge is also very important to become hackers.

Last Word

As people are becoming more dependent on computers and the Internet, cyber crime is also increasing. With the rise of cyber crime, the demand for such experts in this field has increased, who are cyber security experts and who have knowledge of cyber law. Let us tell you that law and police have failed to stop cyber crimes, due to which specialist people are being recruited in this field. Friends, if you all liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends and on your social networks.

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