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What is Information Technology? Careers and Jobs

Information technology is a technology related to computer technology, computer network, digital network, web design, hardware, software, telecommunication, internet, email and e-commerce website etc. all come under IT. But just telling this does not provide complete information about what is Information Technology? What is the scope of career and job in this? Stick to the article for complete information.

We all know that information technology is very important, because IT has made our lives much easier. It is used extensively in many fields like business, commerce, communication etc. Those who want to know what is Information Technology, and all the information related to it like how to make a career in Information Technology etc., then read this article till the end.


What is Information Technology?

Information technology is technical knowledge related to computer technology, which involves the use or study of electronic devices and computer technology. Exchange of information, data collection, data transformation, dissemination, transformation etc. are done through computer system only.

Information technology is a very large field in which computers and technology are used. If we look at any one system, it includes many parts, such as hardware, software, applications, operating system, server, database storage, etc. and all these parts are useful to complete a task.

Information technology includes technologies for a wide variety of things. IT is also commonly known as information systems, communications systems or computer systems. If you want to make your career in this field then it is a good thing, because in future IT will expand further and many new jobs will also come.

As I have already said that information technology is used extensively in many fields like business, commerce, communication. IT is not a small field but it includes many things like business, education, society, entertainment etc.

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Components of Information Technology 

Today, information technology is being used everywhere in some form or the other and due to this technology our life has become much easier. Therefore, information technology has a very important role, which contributes significantly in collecting and organizing data and information. There are 5 major components of information technology.

  1. Computer Hardware Technology
  2. Computer Software Technology
  3. Database Technology
  4. Telecommunications and Network Technology
  5. Human Resources

1. Computer Hardware Technology

It is called the physical technique of technology that works with information. We can see and touch computer hardware, such as CPU, keyboard, mouse, motherboard, microcomputer, mainframe and storage devices, etc.

2. Computer Software Technology

Software are computer programs that contain commands or instructions. And with their help the hardware is given information to work. Software is divided into two parts, the operating system that uses the hardware and the application software that performs some specific tasks.

3. Database Technology

The third component is data. You can think of data as a collection of non-disputed raw facts. Database is a place in which data is collected and stored, such as documents, files, worksheets, videos, audios, photos, text, etc.

4. Telecommunications and Network Technology

Network technology in which all electronic devices are linked together into a network, such as Ethernet cables or fiber optics and or wireless WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. And there are many types of this network technology, like LAN, WAN etc.

5. Human Resources

It is the most important component of information technology because it runs the system in which IT experts work as workers. And apart from this, system analytics, chief information office, programmers all have great importance in information technology.

Uses of Information Technology

As I told you that information technology is a huge field, today all modern technology is based on it. If we talk about the use of information technology, it is very useful at many places in human daily life. It has many wide uses, such as education, business, society, entertainment, communication etc.


We all are part of technology based business, we all can do business or buy anything in any part of the world sitting at home. More advanced technology is being used in today's business than ever before. With everything from improved telecommunications to online payment facilities, today's industry operates faster and more efficiently. And online advertising is also a technology based on IT.


Information technology has changed our old education system to a great extent, that is why today online classes are being conducted and studies are also being done on digital boards. Apart from this, many youth, understanding the importance of computer technology, are also studying it.


Due to information technology, new discoveries are being made all the time in the field of telecommunication. Currently we have many advanced technologies for telecommunication, such as radio, TV transmission, video calling, audio calls, etc.


Due to this technology, many new entertainment devices have been developed, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, video games, movies, music, etc. And all this runs with the help of Internet, and Internet itself is the invention of IT.


As technology developed, many problems like online fraud, data theft started emerging, after which information technology security was created. Today, due to IT technology, all your data remains private only with you and all the data in the bank also remains completely safe.

Career opportunities in Information Technology

There are some positions in the IT field in which computer support specialists work to troubleshoot any technical issues including problems with software, computers, hardware, etc. These specialists perform large-scale network-related tasks as well as assist IT members in senior positions.

Work behind the scenes to analyze computer network systems and perform IT related tasks with smart business solutions. He is usually an expert in a particular industry.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of these roles vary depending on the size and scope of the company. Most daily tasks in small companies may revolve around relatively mundane things like troubleshooting printers.

But with other and larger companies, IT employees have a wide range of potential areas, some may take on broader roles in management and strategic planning, while others may take on roles in areas such as cyber security.

There are many functional areas within an IT company or IT field, and within them there are a variety of roles for IT specialists. Whose information is given below-

  • System Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Network Administrator
  • Technology Specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Software / Application developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Database administrator
  • IT Manager
  • Support Analyst
  • Database developer
  • Software Tester
  • Software engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Development Manager
  • Network Engineer

Courses to get Jobs in IT Sector

To get a job in information technology, one has to do some special courses which make one eligible to work in this field. There are many postgraduate and undergraduate courses available to make a career in the Information Technology/IT field, there are also many certification programs or diploma courses available to get started in the field of IT.

You cannot get a good job in the IT sector just by obtaining a degree. Let us tell you that to make a career in IT, you must have good technical skills as well as knowledge of some programming languages.

The most popular graduate IT courses are B.Tech in Information Technology, Computer Science, BCA, BSc etc. Most of the people are doing Computer Science, IT, Electronics and Communication, Engineering degree.

What is IT Company and how does it work?

Companies dealing with information technology are known as IT companies or IT sector. Under this, work is done through computer based communication systems such as software applications or computer hardware. All work related to education, security work and development takes place here.

IT companies deal with information technology or computer technology. Most of these provide IT services or create IT products. People also know it by the name of software company.

Many IT companies create their own computer network related equipment or products, many companies provide technology network or computer related services. And here all the information comes within technology only.

Similarly whoever is working in technology or computer related field, for example if a person is a developer or programmer, or does any design work, then here all are part of information technology.

IT Engineers and IT Engineering

A lot of work is done in the IT sector, from building large computer systems, securing data to operating the network and all this work is done by IT experts who are also called IT engineers. And the course of IT Engineer is called IT Engineering.

These IT engineers work to handle computers, networks and IT systems. These people create software and systems and also have people doing design and programming. Some engineers in the IT sector also do data collection and maintenance work.

Thus, a variety of specialized engineers perform different tasks and continuously maintain IT systems. And these engineers solve any problem whenever it arises.

Benefits of Information Technology

If we talk about the benefits of information technology, there is no limit, IT has proved useful for us. And this has proved dangerous for us many times. So let us know about some of its benefits.

  • Information Technology has made the education system simple, easy, and comprehensive to some extent.
  • Participation in governance and policy making of information technology.
  • To disseminate e-governance on a large scale.
  • With the help of technology, police gets help in catching criminals.
  • Rapid economic development is possible with the help of technology.
  • Development of many remote areas.
  • Judiciary and other administrative services also take the help of technology to make work easier and faster.

Harm from information technology

There are two sides to any thing, if we get some benefit from it, then it is natural that it will also cause some harm, similarly information technology is like a boon for the society, but it is not far behind in causing harm to the society. 

The biggest disadvantage of information technology is that in the present time the young generation can misuse technology and take the wrong path.

Information technology has also inspired criminals to carry out smart criminal activities.

Many people use technology to defame someone as unethical and illegal, or fundamentally not a demerit but a misuse of information technology.

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Last Word

My dear friends, you learned in this article what is information technology? About career and job in it. Apart from this, all the information related to information technology has also been given. The field of Information Technology is very large, in which you will get many options to make your career, like computer programmer, hardware developer, software developer, and web designer etc. If you like the article, share it with your friends also.

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