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SDN : Software-Defined Networking

What is SDN : A networking that is defined by software, controlled by software, that is, controlling the entire network from a central point. SDN is a type of innovative computer architecture by which networks are made more flexible and easier to manage. SDN goes beyond the limits of traditional networks and intelligently handles all the Reuters used in the network.

Enables the network to be controlled intelligently and centrally using software in the SDN architecture. What is Software Define Network (SDN)? How does this work? And what are its benefits? Today we are going to know about all this in this post. So let's go ahead and try to know about it in details. 


What is SDN - Software-Defined Networking?

It is a network architecture that is compatible to handle or control the network smartly and centrally with the help of software. It's a little different from the old network. In traditional networks different hardware devices (routers) have to be used to handle the traffic, but this is not the case with SDN. It uses a virtual network to handle the traffic.

SDN is a network that helps to communicate between our hardware and network traffic using controllers or APIs that run on software. It controls the network with the help of centralized servers. SDN is very dynamic, manageable, adaptable and cost effective hence it is used in dynamic and high-bandwidth applications.

Architecture Of SDN

The SDN architecture consists of the following components, which basically consist of three layers:

1. SDN Application Layer (AL) : AL includes network applications related to data security. Which is quite different from today's traditional networks because in traditional networks, hardware devices like firewalls, load balancers, etc. had to be installed for data security. Whereas SDN has replaced this thing with software application.

These are programs that communicate with network resources and network devices through the Northbound Interface (NBI). It includes applications such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS), load balancing and firewall etc.

2. SDN Control Layer(CL) : It works like a centralised SDN controller software. Which works as the brain of the SDN. This controller resides on a centralised server which manages different policies and flow of network traffic across the network.

It is the most important component of the SDN architecture. We can say that it is the brain of SDN. It is a software that provides centralised view and control of the entire network. It translates the requirements of the data-path from the application layer.

3. SDN Forwarding Layer(FL) : This layer is made of physical switches. Whose job is to transport the data packet from source to destination. Application program interfaces (APIs). On the other hand, it can also be said that it is a logical network device that implements switches so that data packets can be transferred in the network.

architecture of sdn

Advantage Of SDN Network

Why is the SDN becoming important day by day and becoming a core part of the network? It has some special features, there are some advantages which are being discussed below.

1. It is very easy to control the traffic in this because the administrator can change the rule of the network switch as per the requirement. It is very useful for multi-tenant architecture of cloud computing. With this, the traffic load can be managed in a flexible and efficient manner.

It is easy to handle traffic in this network. Because if needed, network engineers can change the policy in hardware switches. In this the load of traffic can be managed.

2. In this, through a centralised controller, the administrator can distribute the policy through the connected switch. There is no need to configure every device in this.

Its biggest advantage is that with the help of centralized controller in SDN, configuration is done on all switches as soon as it is configured at one place. Whereas this does not happen in normal switches. In this we have to go through all the switches to configure and do the configuration. Which consumes a lot of time.

3. It virtualizes the hardware and services. In this we get more services virtually. It works on virtual mode. Due to which the use of hardware is reduced. Due to which there is less costing in setting up the network. And the second benefit is that you do not even use much space for network.

4. By monitoring the traffic, the centralized controller can identify and re-route suspicious traffic.

5. With the help of SDN, one can easily deploy applications, infrastructure or services of large offices.

6. Talking about SDN network, it provides good security from normal network.

How to work SDN Network?

How to work SDN network?
It works by using a centralized controller. This controller is a software based on which the network engineer gives commands through which the SDN network works. The engineer implements the policy by sitting in one place and using the control panel in the controller.

Which leads to configuration on switches. This way they do not have to go through all the switches again and again and do the configuration. SDN works on three layers, which I have mentioned above.

When a data packet arrives on a network switch, then it sends that packet to its destination according to the switch rules or policy. All this is possible only because of the SDN controller. In this, the network administrator can monitor, control or policy the network while staying at a central place.

What are the Challenges with SDN Networks?

Security Problem : Our network is a centralized based network. Which depends on only one hardware. In such a situation, if the network is closed in some way or is attacked by an attacker, then our data will not be able to remain secure. Because everything is managed by a single centralized device.

Controller : When there is a lot of traffic coming into the SDN controller at the same time, there are chances of it creating an interruption in handling the SDN.

Why is SDN network important?

SDN- Software-defined networking is used in large and complex network architectures, such as enterprise networks or data centres, where there are multiple routers, servers, and other networking equipment.

A data centre is the place where the data of big companies is stored, processed, their applications are run, then there are many networking equipment's to manage all this within the data centre, which have to be checked individually. Managing, is a difficult task, so here all this work is done with ease by SDN.

Instead of manually programming individual devices, each device is programmed through a centralized software controller via SDN, and their traffic flow can be controlled as well.

The administrator can customize the network architecture through the controller, and can also create virtual resources if required.

Having a software defined network, the network administrator can modify policies or rules, prioritize or deprioritize network packets, or even block any device from a central location at any time.

The management of the network becomes easy through SDN, and end to end visibility is obtained, that is, the network administrator only has to keep an eye on the Centralize Controller, from where he can control the activity of every Switch and Router connected on the network, And at the same time, he is also able to deploy policies, and if there is any shortcoming in the traffic, then he can also drop the packets.

Why is an SDN network used?

With arrival of SDN, there has been a lot of improvement in the network. Due to which the sales have increased, the customer is getting good service. Due to this the expenses have been reduced. By giving commands from a SDN based controller, configuration is done on all network switches. Gets work done in less hardware. When less hardware is used, then the use of space is less as well as power is saved.

What is SDN Application with Examples?

SDN application is a software that is designed to work in SDN environment. This application helps to make the hardware devices of the network work regularly through firmware.

PFC SDN controller, Cisco SDN controller, Juniper contrail apart from these there are some open source also. Such as Beacon, Ryu, Opendaylight and Floodlight etc.

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Last Word

What is Software Define Network(SDN)? How does SDN network work? You learned about all this today. I hope you have got all the information related to SDN. If you have any problem then you can comment or mail us. I will definitely give you the answer of your question. If this post you liked, then do share it with your friends. So that this information can reach them also. Share this post on social media. So that as many people as possible can get the information.

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