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SEO and Ranking Tips

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) : In this article, complete information will be given about SEO, every point related to SEO will be discussed like- what is SEO, how it works and why it is important, what are the services of SEO and who are the main companies related to it. If we want to know anything, then we say search in Google and when we enter our keyword in Google, then the first page opens in front of us. Google decides whether an article is on the first page or in the 1-10 list through its SEO techniques.

Every blogger aspires that his article should come on the top of the first page, but those who understand SEO well, they are successful in getting their article ranked. If you also want to get complete information about SEO, then you have to read this complete article so that you can rank your article on the first page. First let's try to know what is SEO?


What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )?

Blogging without getting complete information about SEO is equivalent to committing a crime with your article. The world of digital marketing and internet depends on the three letter word " SEO ". Many companies that do online trading or sell their products and services online they spends thousands dollar only on SEO.

SEO is directly related to the search engine. SEO is a technique with the help of which we rank our posts in the top position on the first page of any search engine. It is the goal of all bloggers to get the first position in search engines like Google and bring more and more traffic to their blog.

Using SEO, the website's post on the first page of the search engine is achieve #1 rank. We optimize the posts written on our blog so that we rank in the top position in the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

In the starting period, a new blogger have no any idea about SEO. When a new blogger's posts do not rank, then he is concerned about this so there is no benefit in blogging without search engine optimization. If a blogger is not aware of this, then that blogger's post will simply be lost in the internet and will not reach the people.

If we know optimization well then we can make our blog or website rank on No.1 position. If we do not do Search Engine Optimization, we will not see our website or blog anywhere in the result page of Search Engine.

To understand this, let me take the example of my own website. Suppose I want to get information about " 6G network " from Google, then I will search "Countries using 6G network" Now Google will show all the blogs related to the word 6G network in the search result.

SEO page in Google

In this, many other websites will also come in front of us which will be about 6G network. But we often open only the first article of the first page. If we do not get satisfaction from the information in that, then by opening the 2nd and 3rd number blog, we will extract information about 6G network.

If a website is on the first position of the first page, it means that the SEO of that website is strongest. Ranking on the first position on the first page has the advantage of getting a lot of traffic and earning more.

SEO and traffic rules both work for the Google users. That's why it makes it very easy for us to search for anything in Google. Like if you search “SEO and ranking Tips” But sometimes we do not get the searched result right, so we have to keep searching our keyword again and again. That's why Google uses the search engine SEO factor so that the user can get easily and quickly the results of the searched keywords. Because of SEO, we get accurate and quick results and we are able to see our searched keywords so quickly.

All search engines have their own SEO factor, according to which it works. In today's era, Google is the largest search engine, which are used in the same way all over the world. Here I want to tell you all that Google works on more than 200 SEO factor. If it is said about SEO in very simple words, then it will not be wrong that Google likes the same content that users like to read. If your content is very good and users like it, then Google definitely places your content on the first page. If your content is ranked on the first page but the user does not like it very much, then it will slowly go down. In a way, this is the most important factor of Google SEO.

Therefore a search engine is an algorithm that provides the information searched on the Internet very accurately and very quickly, quickly crawls, indexes and ranks the information in its database according to the information searched, making it very easy for the users, It is also called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). SEO plays a huge role in getting any information on the number one position on the first page. Google, Yahoo, Bing are all search engines. I want to discuss about SERP in brief here.

What is SERP?

As you have learned above that the full name of SERP is Search Engine Result Page, Whatever information you search on the Internet, the page that opens in front of you and shows the result is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). There are two types of listings that appear on the search engine results page.

1.Organic listing
2.Inorganic Listing

Organic listing : Organic listings that make a place on search engine result pages without spending money. We do not have to spend money for organic listing and our article appears on the search engine result page without spending any money. But for this you also have to SEO, organic listing is good because it gives us regular traffic.

Inorganic Listing : You can also make a place on Google's search engine result page by spending money, which is called paid traffic, spending money to get a place in the search engine result page is called inorganic listing.

Type of SEO

Perhaps you all know that from the time the website is created, the work of SEO starts. SEO work starts on your website even before any of your posts are published. Nowadays more people are liking WordPress than Blogger because there are many more features available in WordPress. Many plugins are available for free in WordPress, many of which are also used for optimization.

There are mainly two types of SEO-

1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO

Search engine optimization is done in both these ways. Now let's try to know here about the on-page SEO and off-page SEO and how it works.

On-page SEO

Whatever changes we make to our blog for search engine optimization is called On-Page SEO. From the design and speed optimization of our blog to publishing the post, all the work we do, such as using a responsive theme which is mobile friendly, is also included in on-page SEO.

Writing good content according to the title, which is full of important information, if the user opens your article once, then it is good to read it, the speed of the page is also very important, your page should be open quickly, you will also have to write a meta description in your blog.

While writing a post, it is also very important to do keyword research because the post can be ranked in the search engine, the placement of the keyword is necessary to be mentioned in some important places like in the title, permalink and meta description.

You have to keep the density of keywords in your content properly, lest your content is of very few words and 15-200 keywords have been used, internal and external linking also has to be done which is a special part of on-page SEO.

Before writing the content you should be very well prepared, when you will prepare a post with complete preparation, it will definitely be good which will be easy to rank, if you don't do this then your post will never rank and your post will be lost in the internet world.

How to find proper keywords?

Keyword research is very special because any content is written keeping certain keywords in mind. Creating any content without choosing proper keywords is nothing but foolishness. Maybe new bloggers don't pay too much attention to keywords.

The question arises that how to find proper keywords? Here I am telling you some steps by which you have to follow-

Prepare some specific keywords related to the topic on which you want to prepare the content, if you want, write it on a notepad. You ignore the head keyword at all, instead look for the long-tail keyword of that keyword. In this the LSI keyword is very important. When you search for your query in Google's search box, before you write your query, some keywords are shown in down, Google guesses according to your query and shows related keywords, which can be used as automatic keywords long-tail.

Some bloggers choose the keyword only seeing the high traffic but do not see the competition of that keyword, choosing the keyword without seeing the competition means that your keyword will never rank.

It is certain that the higher the volume of the keyword, the higher is the competition, the lower the volume of the keyword, the less its competition, all this you have to keep in mind in doing keyword finding.

How to choose post title? 

When our keyword research is complete, we have a target keyword that we want to put in the title. We have to check the competitions of target keyword, if the target keyword competition is very high then it would be appropriate to use the low competition keywords and it would be more appropriate to use this as main keyword.

How to write permalink?

The URL of each of our posts is different, it is mandatory to use the main keyword in the URL of the post prepared, also keep in mind that in the post permalink, never use stop words like am, is, are, on.

The URL of each of our posts is different, it is mandatory to use the main keyword in the URL of the post prepared, also keep in mind that in the post permalink, never use stop words like am, is, are, on. Never use words in post permalink that need to be changed later, short URLs are considered the best URL

How to use Proper Headings ( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)? 

Use the heading of the post according to your content, think carefully and use less words, never use H1 in your post because the title of the post is H1. Use heading H2, H3 and H4 in the right place according to the demand of the content.

Make sure to use LSI keywords once in your H3, remember that your title also plays an important role in attracting users. Also remember that the title of the post should be according to the content, otherwise the sooner the user is attracted, the sooner he runs away.

Keyword Density

Using unnecessary and more keywords in your content is called keyword stuffing, if you use more keywords in your content without need then your post will never rank. By using more keywords, your post never ranks, but your rank gets lower.

Minimize the use of keywords, but use keywords in the first paragraph and last paragraph in your content. Must use keywords in the heading and use keywords as per the need in the content but do not use keywords without need.

The density of keywords in your content should not be more than 2.5%, it is better to use keywords only up to 1.5-2.5%. Suppose if you write content of 1000 words, then use keywords at most 25 times only.

Does Meta Description ever matter?

On the basis of which you have written the content and you have prepared the post, write that keyword in the description box on the right side of your blog. In the description box, write the keywords in such a way that it attracts the users and Google will also rank easily. You have to write the best and attractive content in the description box of your post, this is also a very important task.

Image Optimization

Two things have to be taken care of very especially in Image Optimization. First of all, the size of the image will have to be kept low because a large size image takes more time to open, which greatly reduces the speed of your website. So use compressed image in your post and fill the alt attribute properly, if possible, use keywords here as well.

Internal Linking

You must also use the link of the related post in your post, in this way you can engage the users with your content for a long time. Assume that if users want to get related information, then they will not have to go to other website, their link will be found in your post, in this way users will spend more time on your website.

By doing this, it is easy for the related post to get ranking by Google. By adding a link to the new post in your post which is already ranked, you can get it ranked without any backlink. Make maximum use of internal links, this will rank your post quickly.

External Linking 

You must use at least one external link in your post which is related to your post so that information can be obtained from there as a reference. If you want, you can use any related video and that would be nice too. Like below video- 


Page Speed 

It is believed that if Google takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, then it is very difficult to rank that page. So it is better to use light weight fast theme for your website which can open within 3 seconds. Some people also use cloud hosting to get good speed like Digital Ocean, Linode etc but it is not free so you have to pay.

Social Sites Contribution

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn also contribute a lot in getting your post rank, so share your post on social sites, it helps to rank your post. When a visitor comes to your post through a social site, Google notices it too and it proves to be good in ranking your post.

Some important factors of  On-Page SEO, You can optimize your website with the help of On-Page SEO factors, I am  going to mention some common factors. ♦Keyword Density ♦Image Alt Tag ♦website design ♦Mobile-friendly Website ♦Title Tag ♦website speed ♦Website Structure ♦Website Favicon  ♦Meta Description  ♦URL Structure ♦Internal Links ♦Highlight Important Keyword ♦Use Heading Tag ♦Post-Good Length ♦HTML Page Size  ♦Google Sitemap ♦Google Analytics ♦Check Broken Links ♦SEO Friendly URL  ♦Social Media Button ♦Clear Page Cache ♦Website security HTTPS etc. 

I hope that you have now got complete information about on-page SEO. Now I am going to tell about Off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

As it is named off-page SEO, the optimization techniques used to rank the post after the post is published is called off-page SEO. Some important steps are also used in off-page SEO, which helps a lot in getting the post rank like- Web Directory Submission, Search Engine submission, Social media sites, Discussion forums, Blog commenting, Backlinks creation and Guest post.

Now I will discuss some special points of off-page SEO which is very important and which helps a lot in getting the post rank-

Guest Post 

Blogger experts believe that the problem of backlinks can be solved very easily through guest posts. You can create backlink very easily by using guest post in similar website, but therefore you have to keep in mind that the DA and PA of that site is very good because from there you get do-follow backlink which is enhances the authority of your domain. 

The second biggest advantage is that when you write a guest post for another big site, your identity starts increasing on a wide-scale and after being influenced by your post, visitors to your site also start increasing.


When the link of any post or homepage of your website is added to another website, then a returning link gets to your website which is called backlink. Backlinks play a very important role in increasing the DA of your website.

But never make backlinks indiscriminately. Create backlink naturally by writing guest post and discussion in forum and try to make backlink according to the below of your site.

Discussion Sites

Quora is a very famous website hope that you have heard the name of Quora, people put their questions in it and experts answer the questions. When he writes an answer, he also gives a reference link as per the requirement. In this way they also get traffic from Quora through this.

Forum Submission

Its my personal advise you must create account in the forum because you will get TWO advantages, you will get experts in the forum who will increase your technical knowledge and you will get help and also get the Do-follow Backlink by joining the forum.

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO? Now let's try to know about it, Local SEO is the technique by which we optimize our website for the people of the local area and rank it in the search engine, this is called Local SEO.

Local SEO is more beneficial for those people whose business is in a particular area and have to spread that business in the same local area. Nowadays online business has become very popular, people are buying their necessities online sitting at home, it is very important to have local SEO for such business.  Often people also search in Google that " Nearest ATM, Best restaurants near me, Nearest Movie theater etc."  Local SEO is required to provide this type of facility.

This question must be arising in your mind that Google Map does this work, then what is the need of Local SEO? I want to tell all of you that there are still many places where Google Map does not work properly, so it is necessary to have local SEO in such a place. In today's era, the number of smartphone users is increasing, so people do their queries locally by speaking or writing. It is more beneficial for this type of users to have a local SEO.

How search engine works?

All search engines work on different techniques, but all search engines work on some common techniques. There are the three step on which all search engine works-

3. Ranking

When you publish your post, first of all, Google crawls your post, then indexes it and ranks it, the search engine bots and spider 24 hr works to do all this. 

Why SEO is important?

Creating a blog or website, this is not a special task, the most important thing is to make your blog or website accessible to the people. The purpose of the creator of the website or blog is that the information given by him reaches the people, but if you do not SEO your website, then it will never be able to reach the people because your post will be out of reach of Google then your post out to reach of the people.

Suppose you have published many posts on your website or blog after working very hard but have not done SEO for it, then all your hard work will be in vain because the purpose for which you have written the post is not being fulfilled. Now you have understood that the post has to reach the people, for which you will have to use SSO, only then your post will be visible in the Google search engine. If you use the above mentioned method then your posts will rank and your earnings will also increase.

Best SEO Companies

There are some companies that are providing better SEO service. Their names are given in the below image, further if you also want to take the facility of SEO from them, then you can contact them.
SEO Companies

Last Word

Friends, I have tried my best to give you complete information related to SEO, I hope you will be satisfied after getting all this information. If you have any suggestion related to SEO or want to understand more, then comment me. I will try my best to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you like this article " SEO and ranking tips " then also share with friends.

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