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What is CDN - Content Delivery Network ?

CDN - Content Delivery Network : Perhaps you will be surprised to know that the CDN is very important and very beneficial for any website. If you are a blogger or want to make a career in the field of blogging, then you must know about the CDN. If you want to increase the speed of any website, then having a CDN is very important.

If you have ever heard about CDN and could not get complete information about it, then you are reading the right article, here you will be provided complete information. I will discuss each and every aspect of CDN in this article, so that all your doubts related to CDN will be cleared. Please stay tuned with the article for complete details.

What is CDN?

What is CDN ?

CDN is a medium that copies the content of a website to the servers of different locations, so that the content is delivered from the servers of different locations to the users of different locations and the speed of the website increases. CDN is mainly used to increase website speed.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a type of network which works on the basis of multiple servers. CDN data servers are located at different places, which serve content to users as per their geographic location. All the websites of the Internet world, the data of every website is stored in a server. From where the data is served to the users of different locations.

Serving data from the same server to users of different locations increases the load on the server. But if CDN is used in the website, then the data is served from different servers, due to which it is not loaded on the main server and the speed of the website is also not down.

Loading speed is very important for any blog or website. If a user wants to see your blog or website in their browser, then in how much time your blog will appear in the user's browser, if your blog is taking a lot of time to load in the users' browser then very little can be expected of visitors to your blog. To avoid these problems, CDN is used for blog or any website.

Normally, whenever visitors come to your blog, they are redirected to your blog's web hosting server. Your web hosting server is located in a central location, so whenever visitors visit your site, users will access your site's content from the same web hosting server.

There is only one web hosting server in any website or blog. So all the visitors of your site will be able to access your website from the same server. So if you have more visitors to your site then your server will be overloaded and will slow down the loading speed of your site otherwise your server may crash.

This is the situation where CDN plays its main role as CDN is a network of servers whose servers are spread all over the world. So if you use CDN for your blog then all your content gets stored in all the servers of CDN. So whenever users visit your site, CDN's technology connects to the server closest to the user's location so that users can access your site quickly and easily.

It is very important to use a CDN to increase the loading speed of your site and to load images and videos quickly for other web content. As soon as you use CDN in your blog, your site speed increases very fast and provides better experience to your visitors.

Why is CDN Important for Blog?

CDN importance

With the help of the above information, you must have become familiar with CDN to a great extent. Now I am going to tell why CDN is necessary for any blog or website. 

1. Increase Page Speed

As mentioned above, the speed of your website increases due to the data of the website being served by the servers of different locations. In such a situation, whenever a user comes to your website, the content of your website loads fast. Due to the fast loading of the website, users will like to visit your website.

The first advantage of using a CDN is the loading speed of your website. Once you start using it, the loading speed of your site increases significantly so that your visitors do not have to wait much for the site to load.  

2. Improves Google Ranking

Website speed is a huge ranking factor that cannot be ignored. If a user reaches your website and your website takes a long time to load, then it has a negative effect on ranking.

But the use of CDN increases the speed of the website. Increasing the speed of the website also improves the ranking of the website because Google also wants the website to load in less time. 

3. Prevents Server Crash

When the website becomes popular, the traffic increases in the website, due to which the risk of server crash remains. Because there is more load on the main server. The problem of Server Crash can be avoided by using CDN because using CDN does not load in the Main Server. The content of your website is served by different servers at different locations. Due to which the risk of server crash is removed. 

4. Improves user experience

Using CDN increases the loading speed of the website or blog, due to which the number of users in your site starts increasing gradually and more and more page views start happening on your site. The faster your site opens, the better experience your users will get.  

How a user interacts with your website is called user experience. Using CDN increases the loading speed of your website so that users like to visit the website. And the User Experience on your website also gets better.

5. Handles more traffic

Using CDN the website content is served by different servers at different locations, so that the website can easily handle million of traffic.  

6. Secures the website

CDN enhances the security of your website. DDoS Mitigation of CDN, Security Certificate etc. The security of your website is increased through the function. By which your website remains safe from hackers.

7. Provides Free SSL Certificate

CDN provides you with a lifetime SSL certificate for free. So that you do not need to buy a separate SSL certificate.

8. Reduces Bounce Rate

If a user comes to your website and your website takes a long time to load, then the user is unable to access your website properly and comes back to the results page of Google, then the bounce rate of your website increases. Using a CDN increases the speed of the website, so that the user stays on your site for a long time, which reduces the bounce rate. 

Which CDN is better for my blog or website? 

So many CDN services available in the market in which KeyCDN, MaxCDN, Cloudflare and Amazon Cloudfront are very popular and some hosting companies also come with built-in CDN. Currently Cloudflare CDN is available in Free and Premium versions. 

Lifetime SSL certificate for free also provided to you. If you haven't yet installed an SSL certificate on your site due to low budget, you can install a lifetime SSL certificate on your site with Cloudflare's free plan. You can use either MaxCDN, KeyCDN, Cloudflare etc. on your site.

CDN is not required for every website

To check if your website is about a business that only operates in one city in the United States, its visitors will also be from the same city, so you don't need any CDN that works for websites in Poland and Alaska special for. You can search and if your website is hosted on a hosting whose server is in USA then you will not get much benefit from CDN in optimization.

There is also one more point to test if your website hosting server is in California and local business is in India then you will also benefit from cloudflare cdn free plan because cloudflare server in different cities in India, your user website will get files from nearby server And they won't have to wait for the California servers.

CDN is not a miracle solution

CDN is not a magic solution that will make your website faster As I just explained CDN saves files from your server in cash only so that it can deliver to the user from the nearest server if your website's code has any. If there is a fault that is causing your website to slow down, the CDN will also be slow.

If your website's CSS files are not minimised or the Java mini files are incorrect, they will remain on the CDN. So do not use this CDN thinking that only one thing will make your website faster.

How to setup CDN with website?

Now let's talk about how to set up a CDN with your website, according to the users, the best CDN are Cloudflare, StackPath and Key CDN, all three have their own merits and the method of setting up all of them is also different. But if you want to use free CDN then you should use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is very good in terms of performance security and now time is the best, you must have heard its name and now it is free. In this article, we see how to setup your website with Cloudflare.

Step.1 : First of all go to and create your free account and login after creating the account.

Step.2 : After login, you will see a Dashboard like this, here enter the URL of your website using the Add site button, HTTPS:// or HTTP:// is not needed, just type the NAKED DOMAIN that's enough.

Step.3 : Here you have to select your plan, now we select the free option here and click on the Confirm button as soon as you click below.

Step.4 : Here Cloudflare will show you the list of all the records of your site, in which all these Cloudflare Proxy will be done by making this Yellow icon and this Cloudflare will not handle where this Gray icon is made and now click on Continue button.

Step.5 : Now here you have to do Ownership proof on your website, you cannot put someone else's domain on Cloudflare, you have to proof that this domain is yours in real, now you will see two new name servers, the first current name server whatever Your website is being used and another two new domain name servers will appear, which you now have to use.

So copy these two and save them in a notepad and go to your domain name register account, remove the nameservers and paste these two nameservers and now click on Done Check nameservers.
Leave Full selected on this window.
Turn on Always Use HTTPS.
Turn on Auto Minify, turn on all three JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Turn on Brotli.

Affected on Done.

Now here it will show you that Complete Your Name Server Setup which you have just changed your nameserver but don't worry you haven't missed anything. It may take up to 24 hours for the nameserver change to be completely effective in few minutes. Happens but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. That's why if you see after 24 hours, the notice will go away automatically, your website has been successfully linked on Cloudflare CDN, happy fast website.

Your Cloudflare account is already optimized for best performance, but if you want a little more extra value from your free plane, then there are some settings that you can use.

Select Speed and then click on Optimization 

Then scroll down to the bottom and turn on this Rocket load here, it fully supports your website in JavaScript. After that go back up and click on Caching, set the browser's ideal to 10 to 12 days. If your website updates very frequently, then keep this time short. One day is enough. Apart from this, all other settings are already optimized or are available for Pad account, Free Settings are so available, in this way you can reduce the load time of your website by taking only 15 minutes and increase the user experience. 

Example of CDN

Let us understand with an example, suppose the data of our site is stored in the servers of USA, if the visitors come to our website from India or any other country, the data will take time to access, and the time to load the website will increase.

Now if we have connected our website to CDN then the copy of the content of our website will also be made on the server in India.

Similarly, from whichever country the traffic will come to our website, a copy of our website will be created on the servers of all those locations. This will allow quick access to the data on our site and no load on our main server. That is, the speed of our website will increase.

Now we are trying to understand it better with the help of an example. As YouTube's main server is in America, you are running YouTube from any other country, then it will take time for you to reach data from America, and it will take so much time to load any video, so that you do not play YouTube.

To overcome this problem, YouTube used CDN, due to which a copy of YouTube's data was also made in your country server. So now you will get the data from the servers of your country, from which the video gets loaded within seconds.

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Last Word

Dear friends, you have read that CDN is an important tool for the loading speed and ranking of your site. There are many other advantages of CDN which are essential for a good site. All the information related to CDN is given in this article. How did you all like this information and tell by commenting. If possible, share this information with your social media and friends.

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