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Google Account Manager : New Version

Google Account Manager : You all must have often heard the name of Google Account Manager, through this article we will try to know what is Google Account Manager? How does this work? And how does Google Account Manager help us? I will give complete information about Google Account Manager here but you have to read the complete article to get complete information.

What is the importance of Google Account Manager in Android phone. How can we give better security to our phone with Google Account Manager, which will make our phone even more secure. How to download and use Google Account Manager in your android phone. All types of information related to Google Account Manager will be provided here. After reading this article, I hope that there will be no need to read another article in this regard.

Google Account Manager

What is Google Account Manager?

Google Account Manager is an apk made by a Google company, whose main job is to manage the user's data, synchronize it and keep his information safe. If a site is fake, it is to block it and protect your data from being stolen from that site. All this is the job of Google Account Manager apk to alert you if someone tries to steal your data.

We understand you by taking an example as if you want to open a site, and the priority of that site is that it is asking you to signup first. So you signup the site. So if he asks for access to your data, then in this case Google Account Manager protects your data from being stolen.

When you download an app in your smartphone, then to sign in that app, it asks for permission to access the video, data that you allow, at that time this Google Account Manager protects your data. That is, smartphone or laptop, Google Account Manager protects our data and provides tremendous security to our data.

Google Account Manager Apk lets you save your password in a secure auto fill mode, so that if you ever visit this site again, you do not have to remember your password.

Google Account Manager will autosuggest you in advance and your password will be auto filled and you will be able to access that site without having to remember the password. That's why we call Google account manager as Google password manager.

How Google Account Manager can help us?

To get complete information about Google Account Manager, now I am writing the article in detail so that we can better understand Google's Account Manager, how it works and how it helps us-

Control account services

Google Account Manager controls the services of all your accounts. Like controlling your apps, detecting your apps' caches, cookies and malware in them, works to connect apps etc. Google Account Manager also does a very important job that it keeps apps connected among themselves.

Like we take an example that you have downloaded an app and it provides any service related to social media or videos or images. Or let us take the example of Facebook. When we upload an image in it, it asks you for access to your gallery or photos media. In this situation, Google Account Manager apk keeps your information secure so that your data is not stolen.

Google play Instant services 

Google Account Manager helps you with your Google Play Instant Services. If you do not know about Google Play Instant Services, then let us tell you that this is also an instant service of Google which allows any user to access instant apps.

In this, a user can use any app without downloading it, suppose a user first wants to see how this app is and what services it provides, it is an example of Google Play Instant Services. Google Account Manager also manages Instant Play services so that you can run apps instantly.

Synchronizing information between devices

Synchronizing is a very cool feature of Google Account Manager which is being provided by Google. If in any situation your phone is lost or your phone becomes dead or your phone stops working. So with the help of Google Account Manager, you can completely get your old phone's contact information, your images, your Whatsapp images etc. from your Gmail.

Often people would think that my mobile phone is lost or broken, then how is our complete data present in the new mobile. Let me tell you that this miracle is possible only because of Google Account Manager. In this way Google Account Manager helps to recover our lost data.

Anti-theft feature by Google Account Manager

Google Account Manager provides you antitheft facility. Now this means that if your mobile phone is stolen or breaks after falling, then with the help of antitheft you can find out the location of your phone and reach it.

When our mobile is lost, the thief takes out the SIM and throws it and inserts a new SIM and starts using the mobile. The thief considers himself very clever, but he does not know that nowadays stolen mobile phones are easily traced, this trace facility has been possible only due to Google Account Manager. In this way Google Account Manager helps us a lot.

Google Account Manager manages ads

Google account manager apk makes you secure as you are surfing the net, there you see all kinds of ads, some apps are such that if you click on them then you may have to suffer heavy losses. Google Account Manager helps you to avoid these fake apps and you can surf the net safely.

Google Account Manager gives you ads according to you. Which you need, as you searched for the best iPod, then you will show ads similar to the same. It protects you from all those ads which are fake or adult ads, it keeps you away from them all.

Google Account Manager Auto-fill services

In Google Account Manager you find Auto-fill service. In which you do not need to remember any password, it will be filled by yourself and yourself. You do not need to do anything, it will suggest you the password itself.

We explain to you through an example, as if you are surfing the net, and if you have created your Id on any of your sites, then you do not need to remember its password. Google Account Manager will ask you to save the password. All you have to do is click on save and your password will be saved.

Now whenever you next visit that site. Then Google Account Manager will auto-fill your password and you will be able to access the site. But you should take care of one thing that you do not have to save your password on any such website on which http:// is written.

You only have to save your password on the same site where https:// is written in the url. You do not have to give any information related to your password or debit card, credit card or bank on such a site. Because in such a site you can be attacked by hackers and all your information can also be stolen.

Backup by Google Account Manager

With the help of Google Account Manager, you can take a backup of all your data like Whatsapp chat, contact numbers, images etc. It will take some time to back it up and after some time you will have all your data.

For Using in Chrome book

If you work in Chrome-book, then the Google Account Manager android APK for you can prove to be very beneficial for you. First, let us tell you a little about chrome-book, what is chrome-book and what is its use.

Chrome-book is a laptop or tablet that works on the Linux based Chrome operating system Chrome-book is a product made by Google, which was launched by Google on 15 June 2011.

Now Google Account Manager in this chrome-book, your mobile and chrome-book connect together. You can operate your mobile by connecting your mobile to chrome-book, you can write text from chrome-book to mobile, share internet connection. With this, you can open the screen lock of your mobile from your laptop.

Parental controls service by Google Account Manager

Google parental controls service is a very good system. Through which a parent can keep an eye on their children what they are searching on the net. Which site do you visit, what kind of net surfing do you do? You can check their complete history. For which you do not have to pay anything, you can keep an eye on the children for free.

Sorry, it is not my intention to offend the children here. But it is safe for you and it is very important for parents that what your child does on the net throughout the day. You can know what is safe for him and what is not.

Google play protect by Google account manager

Google account manager apk gives security to your apps as if you have download any app then Google play protect first checks the app you downloaded whether this app is safe for your device or not. Only after that the app is installed on your mobile.

Setup your work profile 

If you work in an IT company, then you can do all your work sitting at home by joining the work account of that company. For this, you just have to connect your account to the company's work account with the help of Google Account Manager and you can do all the work related to the company.

Auto-fill Your Verification Coad by Google account manager

You get verification code auto-fill facility with the help of Google Account Manager. Now what does this mean, as if you have created any account of yours at some place and you got a code to verify from there, then this Google Account Manager will automatically fill that verification code and your account will be verified.

But I found this service a bit useless, in this sometimes you pay with debit card or credit card, then you may keep this service closed because sometimes you may have problems with it. Google's auto-fill service is great for everything else.

How many versions are there of Google Account Manager?

So if we talk about the versions of Google Account Manager. So there are many versions of Google Account Manager which we are using in our phones. For example, the latest version of Google that is running is Google Account Manager 10.0.1 which is the most recent version. Some versions are given below.

• Google Account Manager 5.0 
• Google Account Manager 5.1 और Lollipop 
• Google Account Manager 6.0 or Marshmallow और 6.1
• Google Account Manager 7.0 और 7.1 
• Google Account Manager 8.0 और 8.1
• Google Account Manager 9.0 और 9.1
• Google Account Manager 10.0 और 10.1

This is all the versions of Google Account Manager so far, which HM uses in their phones.

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How to Download Google Account Manager Apk

Google Account Manager

You cannot download Google Account Manager Apk from Play store, let us tell you for information, you do not need to go anywhere because it is already installed in our phones, Google gives it by pre-installing in your phone. So you don't need to go anywhere.

We assume that Google Account Manager has been uninstalled on your phone. Although this does not happen, but then we agree, then you have to go to any third party website to download it. From where you will be able to download Google account manager apk. Because it is not available on play store.

How to download Google Account Manager Apk from third party website?

Now we will talk about some such third party website from where you will be able to download Google Account Manager. In these websites, we will tell about the most secure website so that there is no problem of any kind of virus etc. in your mobile.

Download Google Account Manager from below given link-

Last Word

Dear friends, I have tried my best to provide complete information about Google Account Manager to all of you. On the Internet, you will also get to read other articles about Google Account Manager, but here the information about Google Account Manager is given in great detail. Tell us how you liked this article by commenting.

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