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Google Jobs : How can I get ?

Google Jobs : Most of the people search how to get jobs in Google because it is the dream of many people to get a job in Google. We all know that getting a job in the world's largest company is not so easy, because it selects its employees after a lot of scrutiny. Through this article, I will tell how you can get jobs in Google, what is the process, what is the need of education etc.

If you also want to work in Google, then it is very important for you to know what kind of employees Google keeps in its company. Millions of people dream of getting a job in Google, only a few of them fulfil their dreams and often people's dreams are broken.If you also want to do a job in Google, then I consider it necessary to tell that it is not as easy as people think it is easier. Getting a job in Google is not very easy but after getting a job, you will be surprised to know about the benefits of it. Now I am going to give further information related to this.

Google Jobs

Process to get jobs in Google

Those who consider themselves capable of doing a job in Google have a dream that how to get jobs in Google. But such people often do not get jobs due to lack of information. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, it is the dream of most people to work in such a big company. 

But this dream is fulfilled by some limited people. It is true that very good things are hard to come by. No goal is difficult or impossible if the right information and action is taken in the right way. You can also get a job in Google, for which the first action is to find the right position, for which you will have to apply.

Before applying, keep one thing in mind that your resume should be good in which all your things like Qualification, Skills, Hobbies, Experience should all be well defined. To know the process of getting a job in Google, you have to follow the steps given below:

1. Visit Website:- Google publishes the requirements of jobs on its website, so you have to keep checking it all the time. It is very important that you choose the position according to your qualification and experience. Click here to login to Google's careers website- Google Jobs

2. Apply For Jobs:- Look carefully at each positions here, this facility is also given that you can do Google Job Search for different places. As I have already told that very carefully choose the right position according to your skills, education and experience. After selecting the suitable position, you can apply for it.

3. Upload Resume:- You have to apply for the position you have selected. To apply, you have to upload the resume and provide other necessary information. In which sector do you want to work, what is your qualification, in which branch do you want to work etc.

4. Interview:- Remember that do not give any wrong information in the form because on the basis of the information filled in the form and your resume, you will be interviewed and it will also be decided whether your interview will be conducted or not. For your information, let me tell you that Google also hires students from some universities through direct placement.

Now you must be thinking that what type of questions are asked in the interview to get jobs in Google. Now I will discuss further what kind of questions you will have to face in the interview round in Google.

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Google Jobs Interview

Friends, to get a job in google, you have to make yourself as a Googler i.e. google employee, for this you have to develop intelligent, good mindset, activity and learning skills. Before getting a job in Google, you have to develop yourself as a Google Employee. After applying for jobs in Google, one has to take the exam taken by Google. After qualifying the exam you have to go for very tough interview round in google.

When many people apply for jobs with their resume to Google, then Google recruiters read all those resumes one by one and check their resume, after that they are selected according to their resume and Then they have a telephonic interview, after that telephonic interview there is also a physical interview for which you have to go to the nearest office of Google.

After this, if you are doing a technical job such as in software engineering, then there is also your machine test where you are given some tasks which you have to do.

Interview is taken difficult by Google and you are asked very different types of questions. Job interview in Google is very strict because people from all over the world come to give interview in it. In Google interview, you have to keep many things in mind like your activity, mental health, etc.

To get a job in Google, along with your right mindset, you must have the right knowledge of computer and technical knowledge. In the interview, advance mindset and other talent are also tested whether you are eligible for this job or not.

The process of interview is very difficult because there are about 4-5 rounds of interview, in which two things are evaluated in particular. First is you fit for the selected role and second is process, teamwork and culture fit. At the time of interview, your qualifications are also tested very closely.

Don't think that you will be asked only technical questions, some puzzle questions will also be asked. Do not rush to answer any question, listen to the question with attention, then think carefully and give the correct and concise answer. You have to be ready to give interview in any situation. Interviews can be done both online or offline, interviews are also done through phone calls.

Your interview performance and confidence determines whether you should be offered the job or not, so approach the interview with full confidence after careful consideration. To get a job, a special qualification is required, similarly to get a job in Google, there is a need for some special qualification according to the position, which is necessary to fulfill.

If you are not selected then you will come to know that your current qualification and experience is not enough to get the job, which you can go improve and apply again for the job of Google. Or if you have experience in multiple fields, then you can apply for two Google jobs simultaneously. According to the terms and conditions of Google, you can apply for a maximum of 3 Google job posts simultaneously. So apply for those posts according to your qualification and experience.

With this you will know that for which post you got selected for the interview and not for which post, if you are selected for the interview and after that interview you do not get the job then you will have to reapply for the same post. You should do more preparation in which your interview took place, this increases your chances of getting the job.

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Qualification for job in google

For a job in Google, you must have some special qualification, now I am going to tell further what kind of qualification is needed to do a job in Google

You should have qualification according to the position for which you have applied. According to the position, the qualification requirement is mentioned by Google.

➤ It would be foolish to write that the applicant should have complete knowledge of computer but it is also necessary to state that the computer skill of the applicant should be very strong.

➤ Must have very strong knowledge of English language.

➤ Must have complete knowledge of Mathematics and Physics.

➤ The application should be intelligent, wise and quick thinker.

➤ Reasoning is also asked, so it is important to have a good understanding of reasoning as well.

If you have all the above mentioned talent than you can try for Jobs in Google. If you consider yourself to be an average talent person, then my advice is that you do not try. Try for a job in another company according to your qualification.

How to become an engineer in Google?

There is a question in the mind of many people that how to become an engineer in Google, what to study to become an engineer in Google and how to prepare for it, then you will find the answers to all these questions below, you will get information that you can become an engineer in Google. What jobs can you do with technical skills inside and what kind of studies will you have to do for those jobs.

To learn those technical skills, you will find many online tutorials on the same portal, with the help of which you can also learn those technical skills, then press the button given below to go to the technical portal of Google.

Facilities of Google employees

Employees working in Google get great facilities, some of the main benefits of them have been told to you below –

➤ Those working in Google company get the facility of free food 3 times a day.

➤ Here you are also provided with the facility of swimming pool for free.

➤ The facility of house and garden etc. is also provided to Google Employee.

➤ Google Employee gets a very good working environment, Employees never feel that they are working in such a big company.

➤ Gym facility is also provided to the employees to stay healthy so that your lifestyle is completely healthy.

➤ The best medical staff is also there to serve the employees in case of illness or any kind of injury or you can also take appointment for a good doctor.

➤ Google company also gives the facility to work from home, if you want to work from home, then for this Google gives the option of doing online jobs, you can also do online jobs in Google. You can search Work From Home by visiting Google's employment or career website.

➤ If the Google employee dies during Google Jobs, then his spouse will be given 50% of his salary by check for the next 10 years. If both husband and wife also die, one of the deceased's children will be given $1,000 a month until the age of 19 and free education until the age of 23.

➤ Google employees are also given the facility of paternity / maternity. 7days for Paternity Leave and 18-12 week for Maternity Leave.

➤ Another facility is provided by the Google company, which is probably not allowed in any company in the world. If the employee has a hobby, allow him to enjoy his hobby.

Jobs salary in Google

Employees working in Google get excellent salary as well as excellent facilities. As in all the companies, the salary of the employees is according to the position, similarly in the Google company also the salary of the employees is received according to their position which is as follows –

➤ Data Scientist $95k – $171k
➤ Account Manager – $55k – $117k
➤ Product Manager, Software – $110k – $190k
➤ Software Engineer $85k – $164k
➤ Technical Program Manager – $105k – $185k
➤ Senior Software Engineer – $117k – $200k
➤ Software Developer $55k – $116k

These are some positions whose salary has been mentioned, apart from this more than 100+ posts in Google whose salary is different.

Where is the branch of Google?

As you all know that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. The branch offices of Google company are available in all the countries of the world. But the main head office of Google company is located in California, United States.

Last Word

Many people like to work alone but Google company always focuses on teamwork. Every employee works together and if you also want to work in Google, then this culture has to be followed. Friends, all the aspects of getting Jobs in Google have been explained. If you liked the article then please like and share.

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