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Why Optical Fiber Necessary for 5G network?

Why Optical Fiber Necessary for 5G network : Readers of Technopediasite often ask whether it is necessary to have an optical fiber network for a 5G network? Some technical experts believe that optical fiber is not necessary for a 5G network but this is not a very perfect answer, we can also say that it is impossible that a 5G network will be successful without optical fiber. In this article, we will discuss the same topic whether optical fiber is really necessary for 5G network.

You all will be surprised to know that 80% optical fiber network is necessary to launch the 5G network successfully. We should not forget that one of the reasons why the 3G network was fail all over the world was that often wireless sites were not connected to fiber. Even today there is not enough optical fiber network to connect the wireless site due to which there is a delay in launching 5G ​​in many countries of the world.
Why Optical Fiber  Necessary for 5G network details reasons
Relation between 5G network and Optical Fiber Network

5G Network requires some homework

Countries like South Korea, China, Japan are all set to bring 5G technology to the people next year and for that their homework has also been completed.  After all, what kind of homework is needed for a 5G network?

Actually, just as there is a need to create completely different tracks for the bullet train, in the same way special arrangements have to be made for 5G technology. For this, 80 percent of the mobile towers need to be equipped with optical fiber. 

Countries like South Korea, China, Japan have completed their homework. Means they have connected 80% wireless sites to optical fiber. In some countries like India, only 15% of wireless sites are connected to optical fiber but many countries are dreaming of 5G without optical fiber network.

According to the industry of some countries, it may take two-three years for the 5G technology to come to the present situation. Experts also say that while 4G technology is still not living up to its standards in the whole world, it is too early to talk about 5G.

There are some countries where speed meet or not, just specializes in launching next-generation. I am not saying, but a survey has also come out that 4G service has been the slowest in the whole world in India. But India is also getting excited to launch 5G. Whether you get enough speed or not, but people can be made foolish by the name of 5G in India and big money can be charged for 5G network and mobile.

5G has started but where?

5G has already started in some countries of the world, including both the US and UK. Gradually 5G internet will be launched all over the world. According to research company Gartner, worldwide 5G wireless network infrastructure revenue will reach $ 4.2 billion by 2020. 

It can happen or not, it would not be right to say that because of Covid-19 all countries in the world are in bad condition right now. On the other hand, the situation in the telecom sector is also not very good.

It is estimated that by the year 2025, 75 billion Internet of Things devices are expected to come, so that this world will be able to do most of the things with the help of internet very easily.

Due to the use of 5G fast internet, consumers may get permission to print their own currency and you do not have to do any work for money. Maybe this 5G network operators should also tell you that 5G internet will make food for you, only you keep using 5G.

There are definitely some benefits of coming of 5G, after the introduction of 5G commercial network, the first benefit will be given to the mobile broadband. This will give smartphone users a better experience. Also, the highest speed will be reached to every house without fiber lanes.

Will save time: Increasing internet speed will not only make life easier but will also save time. Actually, in the present time, it takes some time to download any HD (high definition) quality movie. But after 5G, any work can be done in a few seconds. Even at times there is a possibility of loss of connectivity in the Internet connection coming through the wire but in 5G this will not happen.

5G has started in some countries and the people there are taking advantage of 5G, I do not know the truth of the changed life of the people living there. 5G service has started at some place in America. Also, some European countries have also joined it, namely Switzerland, Finland and Britain. Apart from this, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Qatar and UAE have made official announcement regarding the introduction of 5G.

Information revolution will come from 5G technology. Experts believe that 5G will bring a new revolution in technology. It is considered many times faster than 4G technology. After the use of this technology, technical facilities related to daily needs are also expected to be hi-tech.

If you are thinking that I have deviated from my subject then it is not so. I am talking about the same topic whether it is possible for a 5G network to succeed without optical fiber. I can say that 5G can be launched without optical fiber but but cannot afford the speed and success.

As I have written above, according to a survey, India has the highest 4G slow in the whole world. You have wondered why this is so? Because wireless sites in India are only 15% connected to optical fiber. Any next-generation like 5G or 10G is possible but having optical fiber is mandatory. Without optical fiber we can only launch the next-generation but cannot achieve the required speed. Because high carrying capacity is not as much wireless as optical fiber. 

Now we will discuss a little bit about the advantages and disadvantages of 5G. By the way, I have already written an article on this subject separately, which you can read.

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Disadvantages of 5G technology too

The biggest advantage of 3G is that its cell towers are capable of covering a large area even with low sales. This is because 3G networks do not require much bandwidth. After this, when 4G technology stepped in, its cells produced more bandwidth, which reduced the coverage area of ​​each cell. This made the user feel that the coverage on the 4G network is suffering more than the 3G network.

In such a situation, with the arrival of 5G network, this trend can continue even further because more cell towers will have to produce more bandwidth. Radio frequencies can also cause problems.

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