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How Fast is 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks

How Fast is 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks: U.S-based telco Verizon has launched the world's first commercial 5G network for consumers in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, but question is arises that what is the speed of 5G? Verizon’s 5G Home network is providing 5G broadband internet service but nothing mentioned about the speed of 5G. Many part of the world still not ready to launch the 5G network means not yet finalized and the most advanced services are still in the pre-commercial phase. But World's first commercial 5G network launched.

What we can imagine about the speed of 5G network? A minimum expectation for commercial 5G services is for them to be tens of times faster than 4G, which would make even current broadband speeds look sluggish in comparison. early tests are already achieving remarkable results and these give us a good idea of what we can expect when 5G finally launches.
How Fast is 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks
Download speed of 5G 

How Fast is 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks

Download speed of 5G (theoretical):

With the help of above figure we can imagine about the speed of 5G network. The Next Generation Mobile Networks 5G, it must offer data rates of several tens of megabits per second to tens of thousands of users simultaneously. All this is fine but with so much sadness, it has to be written that so far Telecom operators have not been able to provide sufficient speed of 3G or 4G data. Still, we are talking about 5G Speed ​​because the whole world is just talking about 5G Speed. We can not talk of the practical speed of 5G yet now we are talking about the theoretical speed of 5G. We can say that it is the technical imagination that download speeds at up to 1000 times faster than 4G, potentially exceeding 10Gbps.

So far, we have enjoyed 3G and 4G Speed. 3G network download speeds 384kbps & 4G download speeds 100Mbps. We all know that standard 4G has real world speeds of just around 14Mbps. This download speeds only mentioned by the telecom operators but never provided by them. So now 5G network is ready with the download speeds 1-10Gbps.

Already 5G launched by Verizon in the US , its technology can achieve download speeds of 30-50 times faster than 4G this is being guessed. That would enable you to download a full movie in around 15 seconds, versus around 6 minutes on 4G. Most of the telecom operators are claiming that 5G network speed will be roughly 65,000 times faster than typical 4G speeds and would enable you to download a file around 100 times larger than a full movie in just 3 seconds. I don’t know it is joke or real? DOCOMO has recorded speeds in excess of 2Gbps. One other telecom operator begun trialling 5G speeds of 1Gbps. Ofcom for its part sees 5G as achieving real world speeds of between 10 and 50Gbps.

What to expect from commercial 5G services
November 2016, in partnership with Samsung, it achieved a data speed of over 2.5Gbps.
October 2016, with Huawei, it notched up a cumulative 11.29Gbps of data throughput (and sub 0.5ms latency) in an outdoor trial using 23 simultaneously connected devices.
May 2016, with Nokia, successfully tested live streaming of 8K video over a 5G network (the transmission rates weren’t disclosed).
February 2016, with Ericsson, it achieved a cumulative 20Gbps of data throughput in an outdoor environment with two simultaneously connected devices, with a downlink bit rate of over 10Gbps each. In separate tests the two companies achieved data throughput of over 10Gbps at a distance of 70m from the base station, and of over 9Gbps at a distance of 120m.
February 2017, in partnership with Korea’s SK Telecom and BMW Korea, realised a peak downlink data speed of 3.6Gbps.
December 2016, AT&T launched what it claimed was the first 5G business customer trial in the US. It had reached speeds above 10Gbps in early tests with Ericsson.
October 2016, in partnership with Telia, demonstrated 5G capabilities in a real-world environment over a live outdoor network with peak rates of 15Gbps per user.
September 2016, demonstrated 5G capabilities in a real-world environment over a live network in Australia with Telstra, achieving aggregate speeds in excess of 20Gbps.
March 2017, achieved maximum speeds of 70Gbps in a 5G demo conducted with Norway’s Telenor in the E-band, which acts as a supplementary low frequency band to enhance the user experience.
February 2017, with China Mobile, published the results of their 5G Dual Connectivity work claiming user throughput of over 22Gbps.
February 2017, unveiled its 5G New Radio (NR) solution which, in tests of three scenarios, achieved over 10Gbps

I am feeling very good to saying that 5G will be the first time such lightning fast data downloads will be possible on a mobile device.It all not surprising because in the US, the likes of AT&T and Google Fiber offer 1Gbps connections but only in select markets.In fact, comparing 5G download rates with 4G is a somewhat spurious exercise because of the huge disparity in speed rates and the fact that peak download rates will rarely be maintained for the duration of a 4G download.

We can not ignore one important issues that which type of mobile can support the 5G network so i want to tell you which type of mobile can support the 5G network. Five most exciting 5G smartphones we're expecting in 2019.

5G Mobile phones
Apple, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus and Huawei already chomping at the bit to launch astounding 5G-enabled flagships.Below 5G smartphones are coming in 2019.
Samsung Galaxy S10 
Huawei P30 
Sony Xperia XZ3 
iPhone X (2019)
Other 5G mobile also in the market-Nokia 6.1 Plus, Redme 6A.

I fully hope that in coming year 2019, we will enjoy the speed of 5G network because of the 5G phone wars are coming.The next-generation of cellular technology, 5G promises to change your life with a massive boost in speed and responsiveness. But be mindful that the early batch may suffer from some of the issues that plagued early 4G phones.

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