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Must know how will be 5G mobile and which company will be first launch 5G mobile

Posted By: technopediasite

People have strange mentality, yet 4G mobile and phones have not been properly launched & unused by general people, people have started asking about the 5G mobile & phones. Often people ask the questions, when 5G mobile will launch? when the 5G mobile is coming in the mobile market.

I have one question for those people.. Did you ever get the sufficient speed of 3 G? Have you ever got 4G network speed? I think no....never. 3G is enough & very very sufficient for the general peoples but network operator are failed to provide.

Well when 5G mobile will be launch and how will be 5G mobile, I have collected a little bit of information, which I am sharing with you all. In some countries 5G mobile will be launch in 2019 & in some countries will be launch in the end of 2022. 5G networks have not been built yet by the telecom operators, Equipment makers are now competing to create 5G network equipments and become the first providers in the market.

What will be benefits of 5G mobile

1. The 5G network will be based on the network speed, it will be easy to watch online videos, video calling and online service.

2 . Through the 5G Mobile, all the people of the world will be able to connect easily and it can be more easy through the 5G Mobile, which will be the benefit of a connected and built one society in the world.

3. 5G Mobile has the ability to access the online services easily, mobile will be not stuck. people will not upset as well as the online service that has been hacked into the network.

4. The problem of video buffering will be eliminated through the 5G mobile, the because 5G will be faster than the speed of light.

5. 5G mobile will get a huge increase in online services through your smartphone, being able to take advantage of any online service in the world.

Is this service not available in 3G or 4G? But the network operator company has not been able to provide speed accurately. Under the Business Strategy, there is a temptation for just general people 5G mobile.

Some people have started writing this from now, how the 4G mobile will be changed in 5G mobile. How to Use 5G SIM Card in 4G Phones?  Can i asked a question? How many people have changed their 3G smart mobile into 4G?

The first 5G mobile will be in the mobile market

ZTE Gigabit mobile is the first mobile entire in the world that will support 5g network. It is not yet launched (just announced).The expected price of this mobile is around $ 349.99 for Global market. But Huawei clamis that it will be first to lounch 5G mobile in india.

Here we're going to run through the five most exciting 5G smartphones we're expecting in 2019, with massive makers like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei already chomping at the bit to launch astounding 5G-enabled flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S10's 5G credentials come from reports detailing how Qualcomm and the South Korean maker have recently announced a 'strategic relationship' agreement, which specifically mentions the "transition to 5G".
5G mobile
We know Huawei is working on 5G smartphones as Walter Ji, President of Huawei's Western European Consumer Business Group spoke to T3 about it in an exclusive interview. The senior Huawei exec confirmed that 5G would feature "if not for P30, then for sure it will be in the Mate series next September.”
HUAWEI P30 5G mobile
5G mobile
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently confirmed at Mobile World Congress Shanghai that the company is "working with US carriers" to bring a 5G smartphone to market next year. And as OnePlus only launches one main flagship refresh per year that means the OnePlus 7 is set to be that 5G phone.
OnePlus 5G mobile
5G mobile
4. IPHONE X (2019)Finally, only this week did a report surface that claims that Apple is currently in talks with MediaTek over the supply of a 5G modem & ready to launch the 5G mobile in 2019.
IPHONE X (2019) 5G mobile
5G mobile

I hope that by 2019 you will be waiting to spend $ 400. We all are ready to enjoy the fun with 5G Mobile.How did you feel about this post please drop a comment in comment box.

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