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5G KPI ( Key Performance Indicator )

5G KPI ( Key Performance Indicator ) : Some telecom friends are very excited to know about 5G KPI, often asking questions related to 5G KPI. Currently this topic was being ignored but finally article has to be written. As of now there is no 5G network, it is a bit difficult to practically explained about the KPI of 5G.

You must have read all about 5G network and its speed. You must have also heard that with the coming of 5G network, the life of human beings will change, every task will become easy. The speed of 5G can be up to 1000 Mbps.How you will benefit from this speed depends on your work.In this article, we will talk about 5G KPI, I will try my best to give you easy and better information.
KPI of 5G network details

What is KPI ( Key Performance Indicator )?

A Key Performance Indicator ( KPI ) is a measurable value that displays how effectively a network is serving a user. In simple words, we can say that KPI shows the fitness level of the network.

Currently 5G is the new topic and it will be very challenging for the telecom operator. We can expect the new matrix to make the network KPI prominent and defining it is going to be a challenge for the network operator.

5G KPI will under following categories:


In the second way we can also say that 5G KPI is mainly based on three broad categories.

➤Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
➤Mission Critical Control (MCC)
➤Massive Internet of Things (Massive IoT)
Now we try to understand it through the below given table-
5G KPI System details
5G KPI System

Now we will discuss about the some above given category in short.

Accessibility KPI : It is likely that after a request from a network prompts the user of a service to proceed within the specified conditions. In 5G, successful registration for network slices is an indication of moving to UE. If users or customers cannot register in the network slice instance, they cannot use any network services in the network slice instance. It is focusing on the KPI network view and is the main matrix for measuring access KPIs.

Integrity KPI : Integrity is the property that data is not unauthorizedly altered and service integrity is the degree to which a service is rendered without excessive loss.

Utilization KPI : This describes the mean number of KPI PDU sessions that are successfully established in the network slice instance. It is necessary to evaluate the mean PDU session number in the network slice,it provide to indicate the system load level.

My telecom friends, when 5G network will launched commercially, then I will again modify this article once again. and I will try to provide a better information to all of you about the 5G KPI. Do tell me how you like this information.

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