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5G : Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network Services.

5G : Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network Services: The whole world is excited about 5G network services. Telecom Industries of the whole world want to overtake each other in the 5G race. Telecom equipment manufacturer, telecom operators, smartphone makers and even users are also very excited for the 5G services. We all know very well that after the failure of 3G, 4G service has not yet been fully provided everywhere in world. Where 4G service is provided, there is a considerable decrease in 4G speed. What do you expect from the incoming 5G network services?Have you ever thought of its advantages and disadvantages?
All over the world mobile users are approx 8.98 billion. 2.5 billions are smartphone users means only 36%. There are more mobile and internet users in Asia, but in many countries of Asia so far there is a lot of 2G users. Do not surprise friends, For example, we take India, we all knows that 75% of India's population is dependent on farming.Now tell me what is the requirement of the 5G network service to the farmer?While not enough 4G services have been still provided in India.Then how much importance will the Indians give to the 5G network service?
5G network services detail and Advantages Disadvantages
5G network services

What is 5G Network Services

5G means fifth generation of wireless technology, we can also say that next generation of mobile network it provide faster speed and more reliable on smartphone and other devices. Average download speed expected 1GBps. As per telecom industries 5G speeds 200 times faster that 4G LTE. 5G will provide download and upload ultra HD and 3D video very easier for the users. For more details you can READ MORE HERE.

If there are many advantages of the 5G network, there are many disadvantages along with it. Now one by one i'll write about the advantages and disadvantages of 5G networks.

Advantages of 5G network services

1. Expected data rates about 10GBps or more can be achieve. 5G network provide very high upload and download speed.
2. Immediate connection establishment with 5G network by 5G smartphone.
3.With the help of carrier aggregation features higher bandwidth can be achieved.
4. At higher frequencies antenna size will be smaller. Higher data rate can be achieved by MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output).
5. At higher frequencies path-loss can be removed by dynamic beam-forming.
6. Due to improvements in 5G network architecture, hand-off is smooth and therefore when mobile user changes the cell, then there is no effect on data transfers.
7. Large bandwidth shaping by high resolution and bi-directional.
8. More reliable, efficient, stable and well-organised. 
9. Expected that provides broadcast data in Gigabit which supports more than 60,000 connections.
10. 5G network will provide uniform, uninterrupted, and consistent connectivity across the world.
11. 5G network technology will be a single platform to collect all the types of network.
12. 5G network will be easy controllable in compare of previous network generation.
13. Many such services like you can know the weather and location while talking to someone else.
14. Also a surprise facility will be provided by 5G network services that you can control your PCs by handset.
15. 5G network services will make education very easy - Students sitting in any part of the world can participate in the classroom.
16. Medical treatment will be much easier & economical by the 5G network services− Patients can get treatment from any doctor in the world according to their illness.
17. From the miracle help of 5G network services it shall be very easy to monitor - a government organization and investigation proposals can monitor any part of the world. It will be possible to reduce the crime rate from the world.
18. 5G network services will make easily visualizing of universe, galaxies and planets.
19. Don't smile..5G network services will make easy to locate and search the missing person.
20. 5G network services will make possible to detected quickly natural disaster including tsunami, earthquake etc.

Disadvantages of 5G Network Services

5G Network Services has many advantage which I have mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages of 5G network services which I would like to describe below-

1. For the installation and maintenance of 5G network required skill engineers and technicians. 5G equipment will be costly. 5G deployment and maintenance phases can increases the cost.
2. 4G handsets can not be transformed into 5G handsets, so to take advantage of 5G network services, you have to buy the 5G handset, which can be costly.
3. I feel that 5G technology will be not for a common man.Because a common man would not want to spend a huge amount on the 5G handset.
4.  A major change can be expected in the telecom network. 5G technology under the development process and will take more time before it is fully operational without any issues.
5. It is universal truth "high frequency- high loss" so 5G mmwave will suffers from many such losses like- penetration loss, attenuation due to rain, foliage loss etc.
6. However, the research and concept of 5G technology has been done to solve all the radio signal problems and the difficulty of the mobile world, but most geographical areas lack certain safety considerations and technical progress.
7. Most of the old devices will be not competent to 5G. therefore, all of them should be replaced with new one and it will be expensive deal.
8. May be required high cost for the development of infrastructure. 
9. Telecom network operators can charge huge amount from users to provide the 5G services.

What network service do you need depends on you what you like.Before taking advantage of 5G services, all of us need to think about how much 5G services can benefit our lives.

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