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Inner reality of 5G mobile in USA

Inner reality of 5G mobile in USA: 5G mobile or 5G mobile network has come in some countries of the world,in those countries USA is also a country where 5G mobile is working.Whether we all customers ready for it or not, it does not matter to mobile operators.It is true that 5G mobile is working in USA, but how many people are satisfied with it and taking advantage of 5G mobile?. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business strategy in the USA, the 5G mobile service is still difficult for many people in the USA.

Total population of USA is approximately 326,767,000, in which the consumers of smartphones are approx 248.68 - 251.688 million.We can say that smartphone penetration rate is approx 77% in the USA. Maybe you are thinking that every person in the US will start using 5G soon after launch.But this is not possible for any country, because every country have some rich and poor people.According to a report I have found that 50% of USA will not be 5G mobile subscribers.
Actual status of 5G mobile network in USA
Inner Reality of 5G mobile in USA

Working status of  5G mobile in USA

Major service providers of 5G network of USA have started their 5G service in select areas/cities of USA, and even if you live in one of those cities, most phones do not yet have 5G support built up.It is absolutely true that 5G speed has remained the only one theoretical so far. In the cities of which 5G has been launched, neither 5G speed ​​is getting nor 5G network is supporting mobile.Yes you can enjoy theoretical 5G Speed.We will further discuss the cities where the 5G service has started in USA.

In fact the common man of any country of this world does not have much need of 5G mobile, 4G mobile and 4G speed is enough for the common man. To avail the 5G network, the 5G mobile will be required which consumers have to take, maybe this is the equation of business of mobile companies “you should be forced to use 5G mobile without need".

I have no hesitation in writing that there are 50 million poor people in the USA. It means 50 million people have no need for 5G mobile.14% people are poor of the total population of USA.In USA same 14% people will not be able to buy 5G mobile and take advantage of 5G network,40% of the general public do not even need 5G mobile and 5G speed.Then, in such a situation, it is not easy to climb the 5G mobile at peak.

Now it will not be right to say what will happen next but however here are the places in USA where you can try to see the ultra-fast mobile internet theoretically.

Verizon 5G service provider in USA

USA 5G service provider Verizon's 5G rollout is still mostly theoretical at this point. Particular areas in city Chicago and Minneapolis got 5G mobile network service in April, while the official announced was more 20 cities that which will be serviced shortly after this year. I am mentioning below the names of the USA's cities in which 5G network will be provided soon.

Washington D.C., Denver, Colorado,Providence, Rhode Island,Detroit, Michigan,Indianapolis, Indiana,Boston, Massachusetts,Atlanta, Georgia,Cleveland, Ohio,Columbus, Little Rock, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Ohio,Charlotte, North Carolina,Memphis, Tennessee,San Jose, California,Phoenix, Arizona,Houston, Texas,Dallas, Texas,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,Kansas City, Missouri,San Diego, California,

In addition, Verizon is also ready to provide the 5G services in the New York City in the near future.

AT&T 5G service provider in USA

The trend of the whole world is towards 5G mobile, it seems 5G mobile is going to do a great miracle in the life of a human.At present AT&T is also moving forward in providing 5G services in USA. AT&T launched its 5G network in the end of 2018 and went ahead with other mobile companies, but got a little hold.Dubbed "5G +", AT&T's network is mainly for 5G phones instead of the NetGear NightHock 5G mobile hotspot device. As time progresses and the 5G mobile will be available in USA. But still all these mobile companies have a lot to do.

For now, USA cities where you can enjoy AT&T 5G service but here i am unable to confirm the speed of 5G mobile. Right below I am mentioning the names of USA cities where the AT&T 5G service is available.

Los Angeles, California, San Jose, California, San Francisco, California, San Diego, California, Jacksonville, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, New Orleans, Louisiana, Charlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Nashville, Tennessee, Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Waco, Texas.

In some places, Verizon and AT&T are also ready to support each other.Samsung Galaxy S10 5G mobile was launched by Verizon but AT&T plans to support it and launch at least one other Samsung 5G mobile by the end of 2019.

"Sprint" 5G service provider in USA

Sprint 5G Service Provider commercially launches in four cities of USA very explosive but major carrier closed out May. It Is expected to five other cities will plug in the network according to the Sprint in the coming weeks.We can say that there are four 5G service providers in USA which 5G services are providing or are willing to do.But so far no success has been achieved to provide 5G services to any service provider. 5G mobile sales have increased in the name of 5G service and 5G network is also being charged from the customers.

Very soon Spring will provide 5G services in nine cities of USA. Below I nominate the names of those cities-

Atlanta, Georgia , Kansas City, Missouri , Houston, Texas , Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, Phoenix, Arizona , Chicago, Illinois.

In some of the cities mentioned above, 5G services are being provided by Sprint right now but Sprint claims that if this proposed merger with T-Mobile is approved, then it will be able to cover 5G services more areas of the USA country more quickly.

T-Mobile 5G service provider in USA

T-Mobile of USA is in a slightly delicate position with its 5G network. It has not been officially launched anywhere in the USA, despite the fact that the company is open with its plans to create a comprehensive network in US T-Mobile, plans to bring 5G services to 30 cities of USA.

At the end of May, its network in Manhattan was secretly functional, if someone used an open Galaxy S 10 5G Nevertheless, the carrier will probably not announce specific dates or places until the merger of Sprint does not reach any regulatory conclusions.

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